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    posted a message on working minecraft instance fails on systemd script ("no screen session found")

    Hi, I'm running a minecraft server on my ubuntu 20.04 box at home. I've got a server up and running, but I'm trying to create a systemd service for it to run automatically. Cloudflare isn't super happy with me posting all the code, so I'll summarize:

    • Minecraft server works when launched from shell
    • user minecraft in the group minecraft owns /opt/minecraft and the server in it
    • After creating the service, it always fails, and logs reveal it says "no screen session found"
    • This problem persists among 4 to 5 different systemd service scripts I've tried.

    Any ideas? The full details of the question are posted over here: I thought to write here :) thank you all very much for your time reading and any thoughts you have.

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