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    Hello, I have been wanting to run a modded Minecraft server with my friends for a while now, and I need to know a few things.

    Currently, I have a laptop with 8GB of RAM installed. I read a previous forum about someone wanting to know about running a server, and someone commented saying that if they ran the server at home, it would have an increase on power bills, part failure, network attacks and drama with their ISP.

    They also mentioned that these problems wouldn't happen if you choose a reliable server hosting provider, although to my knowledge those are usually quite expensive and there are a few ways to get a free (modded) server anyway.

    Would I be able to run a modded server without those problems with my laptop maybe if I installed more RAM?

    Or would I have to have a PC stronger than what I have now, would those problems be resolved and how strong would the PC have to be / how costly? $700? $1000?

    (Accidentally double posted, sorry)

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