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    posted a message on New explosives
    Just a thread for new explosives. send here.

    An examples:
    shaped charge:
    Explosion follows a rectangle pattern instead of a box pattern, with charge at center.
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    posted a message on Oceancraft
    Maybe make a "pressure suit"?
    You need:
    Air pump(doubles as a pump if we ever get pipes, :RedShroom: =redstone)
    [] [] []
    :Iron: :RedShroom: []
    [] :RedShroom: :Iron:
    Hereby represented as :Portabella:

    [] :wood: []
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :wood: [] :wood:
    Hereby represented as :Glass:

    To craft:
    :Portabella: :|:
    [] :Glass:

    You would place this on a solid block next to water, and a pump and a suit will spawn(suit spawns over water). When you enter, the suit sinks like a rock. While in the suit, you have infinite oxygen and spawn pipes from you to the pump. When the pump or pipeline is broken, you exit the suit atomatically.
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    posted a message on ALIENS!!
    Could saucers occasionally drop futuristic stuff?(Oops there goes my blaster)
    You know, stuff like refined handwavium.
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    posted a message on NecroCraft
    Hey, if anyones conplaining about the gold-to-win thing, we already have Netherrack. maybe use that instead of gold?
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    posted a message on Early-Industrial Tech
    How do you upload a picture? I have an excavator design.
    Operates like so:
    1. You place it anywhere, like a block
    2. It mines one block at a time and stows it in the excavator inventory
    3. It selects the block to mine depending on value
    4.When it breaks, it destroys itself and spawns a broken excavator item
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    posted a message on AndrewJohn1995's and GreyAcuman's Rangecraft (OFFICIAL THREAD)
    Maybe a repeating crossbow? less damage, but speedier
    :|: [] []
    :|: :|: []
    [] [>>-i>] []
    where [>>-i>] is crossbow
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    posted a message on Oil and it's uses.
    Waitaminute. Liquids in minecraft are designed to flow via replicating itself. Imagine that with oil. eek.

    This needs some rules:
    1.Do not replace an oil block if it is removed via a bucket until the next day.
    2.inflect damage slowly if you or anyone else enters it.

    And now some good properties
    1.When waters is above oil, oil replaces the water above it and around it with the same spread rate as if it was oil.
    2.When sand/gravel and oil mix,oiled sand/gravel appear and the oil disappears. This creates one block(not a source block) of oil if shoveled and serves as an indicator of oil.
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    posted a message on Quakes: A New Mob Idea
    Maybe a crouch/compact animation when the quake preps a quake(ha ha)?
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    posted a message on New Mob: The NETHERWYRM
    Got some if you don't:
    rumble: Wyrm digging.
    sssss: Wrym swiming
    Deep throated KAVRRREEEEM: Wyrm exiting the soil/lava
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    posted a message on Mob suggestion: Statues
    A suggestion: it turns into a gold statue(drops 2 gold) when it kills someone with gold armor.(Greek mythology)
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    Got some mob ideas(normal/Aether one)
    Bug Bomb(better name pending):
    The Bug Bomb is a big, fat, red bee that flies around slowly until approached, at which point it explodes.

    Sky Wyrm
    A long chinese dragon (1block of thickness to 5 blocks length) that actively hunts down the player and will even go into a search/chase pattern based on the previous known position and possible 8 block length paths of your character if it loses sight of you.
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    posted a message on Energy System
    Useable, but not the loss of health. It could force you to snooze and regain some energy if it runs out(Takes longer on anything other than a bed or a chair).
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    posted a message on AirCraft (LOL) (Poll added!)
    Got an design.
    To craft, you need:
    An engine :
    [] [] []
    :|: :|: :|:
    [] :Furnace: []

    2 wings (this makes 1):
    [] [] []
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    [] :wood: :wood:

    and a Hull (log=boat):
    [] :wood: []
    [] :log: []
    :wood: :wood: :wood:

    Crafted together like so(both logs=hull, wood equals wings):
    [] :Furnace: []
    :wood: :log: :wood:
    [] :log: []

    And you get a plane.
    The plane has one slot for fuel. When you enter it when it is fueled, it starts up.(Note: the plane's a fuel hog, and even more so at high throttle.
    To steer:W:nose down, S:nose up, A and D steer(not roll) left and right, space to throttle up(plane throttles down when you don't press space, but will speed up if you dive). The plane can't nose up past a point that goes up as she gains speed, and has a permanent nose down limit of 45 degrees. If a mob damages it once, down she goes, in pieces.
    Thrown in more airborne mobs and this is viable.
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    posted a message on I BELIEVE I"VE STRUCK GOLD ON THIS IDEA
    1.Out. no need.
    2.Again out. It just detracts from the experience.
    3. Very good, although we don't need the faucet. If the pipe transports water regardless of height...
    4. Good, although keeping the north star still on a moving night sky is going to be tricky
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    posted a message on Minecart weaponry
    Minecarts are great for getting stuff around, and for coolness(at least twenty youtube vidoes, maybe more), but not for much else. Is there any way to expand the usefulness of the railroad?

    The answer: Yes, via minecart weaponry.

    Please note this means several possiblities, so I will explore some in further depth. But first: Do minecarts deal damage when they run into someone? If not, this should get coded in. No one has ever survived a train collision without feeling the hurt in the real world.

    And now the weapons:

    *Sword cart
    This would be a cart with a blade sticking out the front. An iron sword and a cart are needed. These deal minor damage(0.5 hearts a "hit") WHEN STILL. The damage per hit increases with speed.

    *Flamin' cart
    Same as above, only wood/coal instead of the sword and needs to be lit. Catchs blocks(and people) around and above it on fire.

    Catapult cart
    Cart with a catapult on it. You would need: a cart, 4 sticks in a T shape, and 2 wood blocks on opposite(both ways) ends of the T. Acts like a dispensor, only you can directly control it: put some stuff in, jump in the cart, and aim it like a turret. A "delivery block" is launched when the left mouse button is clicked, and spawns the item upon impact with any solid something. TNT ignites on delivery, however, and delivery blocks deal 2 hearts of damage if they run into you.
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