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    posted a message on New member here. Developing my 128x texture pack.

    I'm a fan of photorealistic, but I appreciate Alvoria's commentary; very balanced and encouraging.

    I LOVE the chest, and the overall feel of the atmosphere.

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    posted a message on readable books as in-game guides -- have you made or used any?

    gigaherz made a Guidebook mod that facilitates creating books that players can read while playing, adding significantly to the immersive experience while allowing the player to reference topics like enchanting and brewing. I've heard that FTB made guides that pull from their wikis, so they're always up-to-date, but I haven't figured out how to access any of their guides while in-game. Guidebook was used to make Mystcraft, and Astral Sorcery uses something like it, but I'd love to find out which other mods utilize books (as readable texts with pages and paragraphs).

    Specifically, I want to make guides for several mods (think IC2 and HarvestCraft) but I don't want to duplicate efforts unnecessarily, so if you know of any mods that have in-game books-as-tutorials, please list them below.

    I'm well into guides for MorePlayerModels, CustomNPCs, TeaMod, and IC2. Where should I post them, when finished? I thought I'd make separate resourcepacks for each, and upload them to PlanetMinecraft. I haven't looked into the process for Curseforge yet.
    Would anyone want a single resourcepack containing all my guides? What's the best way to share a glimpse of the WIP?

    Critiques welcome!

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