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    Too Much Sprinkles

    Too Much Sprinkles is a semi-semi-vanilla mod pack, focused on aeshetics, better worlds/biomes, and nature, as well as variation and randomness. Of course, it still adds new mobs and items and stuff, and the focus is to make it feel like vanilla, but better. It's a bit like those "Vanilla with Sprinkles" type mod packs, if the ice cream guy accidentally got way too much sprinkles on your vanilla ice cream, but then it turned out that they were the awesome kind of sprinkles, the kind made of solid sugar, and it ended up tasting a lot like vanilla, but better. But enough with the analogies. TMS has, at the moment, 15 mods, including stuff like core mods that don't do anything other than allowing other mods to work. Here's a list of the core mods:

    -Forge Mod Loader
    -Minecraft Forge
    -Not Enough Items

    And here's the part you'll actually pay attention to regular mods that actually change the game:

    -Lava Monsters
    -Mob Amputation
    -Nether Ores
    -Special Mobs
    -Underground Biomes
    -Wildcaves 3
    -Metallurgy 3

    http://adf.ly/Ovo19 (1.5.x Forge)
    To get this mod pack, just unzip the zip file, and you'll get a coremods folder and a mods folder. Just switch them out with the mods and coremods folders you already have.

    What exactly do these mods do, you ask? Well, I'm hopefully going to get a wiki going soon, but for now, click the link to their forum pages for a full explanation.

    BiblioCraft by Nuchaz

    ExtraBiomesXL by MisterFiber
    http://www.minecraft..._ extrabiomesxl

    Better Farming by iBlackShadow

    Highlands by sdj64

    Lava Monsters by FatherToast

    Mob Amputation by iChun

    Nether Ores by Lordmau5

    Special Mobs by FatherToast

    Underground Biomes by Exterminator Jeff

    Wildcaves 3 by Alexmania, based on mods by other people

    Metallurgy 3 by RebelKeithy and Shadowclaimer
    (note: This page is for Metallurgy 2, but M3 is just the 1.5.x version. It's exactly the same mod.)

    Other Stuff
    There are three mods which I highly recommend for use with Too Much Sprinkles, but for various reasons (either the owner not letting me include them, or them not being in the mods folder, or other screwy stuff) they do not come with TMS. For now. Anyway, it's a good idea to download them to get the best TMS experience. Here they are:

    Optifine by sp614x
    (Make sure you download this after any other mods, unless a mod specifically says to download it after Optifine.)

    MAtmos by Huricaaane

    Sildur's Shaders by Sildur1

    Stuff that's Hopefully Coming Soon
    -An update to 1.6 soon after 1.6 comes out.
    -Support for popular texture packs like Sphax' PureBDcraft.
    -Even more badass worldgen.
    -Better ways to kill things.
    -More mobs.
    -Feed the Beast support.
    -A server made by Jugbot himself. You can check out his website, http://jugbot.com/
    -Other servers! Anyone who wants to make a TMS server, just message me. I'll say yes no matter what, so you don't have to ask me, just tell me you're making one so I know. I might even visit :)
    -Sci-Fi and Elemental metals, courtesy of RebelKeithy and Shadowclaimer.
    -More amputatable mobs, courtesy of iChun.
    -A launcher of our own, so it feels more like a mod pack.
    -Backpacks, lockers, reinforced chests, locks, keys, and other storage goodies.
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