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    Quote from JetRivas747

    Ban?......Ban..Are you for reals LOl you wan't something banned for calling you a jackass and being rude? That is just out of wack. Maybe a tempban not a ban I suppose we can Ban people who avoided the swear blocker once, A kick is not necessary let's ban them I have quite a list of who. xD

    Seriously Bdk only just became Trusted and now he is telling everyone what to do and how to live their life, especially with regards to the rules He isnt an Admin so he should stop acting like one. Jet thanks for standing up for me there aren't many GOOD people in keystone besides the Admins/Mods :P just saying
    Quote from Kingphilip42


    King i already appealed but you never took my side of the story into account, i know i dont always do the right thing but this time there was more to the story than you think, i will wait out the ban because i am tired of hearing people talking over me and having a punishment that was not the same for the others and there is more to me than you think
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