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    posted a message on 1.8 LAG/Out of Memory FIX/SOLUTION!!
    it's telling me this java 7 file is not a valid win32 application.
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    posted a message on Minecraft virtually unplayable after 1.8
    yeah having this problem too. minecraft has always worked fairly well for me, and the game actually runs about the same now - just for 2 minutes at a time before it crashes suddenly due to insufficient memory. uninstalled all old versions of java and put in java 6 update 27 (that's what the java site defaulted to.) just tried installing RE 7 from that link a few posts up but my computer isn't recognizing the .exe for some reason. also there's no x32 version that i can find, just x64, but i'm not getting far enough in to find out if x64 would work. i dunno. tried pretty much everything i know of so far to fix this.
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    posted a message on Missing blocks from my Castle Wall...
    this sounds awesome
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    posted a message on Endermen are Underpowered!
    they should probably just have more HP. they seem to take a pretty standard number of hits. also they'll be decidedly creepier/cooler when they actually build **** with the blocks they pick up. you'll be sitting there morbidly fascinated with the abstract **** they're building, trying not to let your crosshair touch them, then you forget for a second and BOOM - the eyes light up and it's staring at you.

    good concept for a mob overall but yeah i agree it needs a slight adjustment.
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    posted a message on Hunger: The reason it needs to be possible to Disable it
    minecraft pvp, lol

    however, i do think there should be a non-food, craftable method for quickly restoring health on the run IE bandages, medicines, balms, etc.. maybe something that uses materials that aren't super common, so it's more economical to eat and wait for natural regen, but better in an emergency to use the insta-heal? think this would address the problems with both approaches pretty well. would also 'encourage exploration' which is allegedly the main goal of this patch.
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    posted a message on Why can't notch work to save his life?
    i do kind of agree that the rate at which content is added to this game is pretty bad. i don't doubt notch does his fair share of work on this game, and i wouldn't mind the slow pace if i thought he would indefinitely keep working on it. but i don't think he will. i get the sense he's getting bored of working on it. there's a long list of features, many of which are simple mob or item additions, which has been sitting around and barely has a dent in it. the list of features for 1.8 and 1.9 is pretty impressive but like always, half the content will get pushed back, and we're approaching 'official release', which i can only imagine will mean notch will begin to prioritize his other projects. i dunno. it's just kind of a bummer. i don't consider this game even close to finished but it seems like notch does.
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    posted a message on Why Your RPG Ideas Will Not Work For Minecraft
    great OP in this thread. i'm gonna respond to it chunk by chunk cos i won't remember all my thoughts otherwise.

    Quote from Kira »
    [b]Why Your RPG Ideas Will Not Work For Minecraft
    :SSSS: Classes[/u]
    [color=#FF0000]TL;DR: Why would you choose to only be good at a few things, when you should be good at everything?[/color]

    yeah, and the thing is, people will naturally take up rolls on their own. on the SMP server i play on, there's one guy who's building the rail system and anything else involving redstone because he's the only one who knows about it and cares about it. i mine out tons of resources for the others to use because i like exploring naturally spawned cave systems and fighting mobs while i get the whole thing lit up. also i do a lot of the landscaping cos the others find it boring to do. there's a couple guys on our server who just throw up huge buildings on a whim and let other people polish them up with details or find uses for them.

    :SSSS: [u]Civilization[/u]
    You should be the one to make cities, not have them ready to enter as soon as you start up.

    exactly, another reason why minecraft should be all about controlling your environment however you see fit, not having it controlled for you by arbitrary restrictions.

    :SSSS: [u]NPCs and Humans[/u]
    [color=#FF0000]TL;DR: Adding Human-like Humans to the Game would take too much effort, and no matter how hard you try, they would either have to be inhuman mutes or drones for labor and activities, and it still wouldn't be human enough.[/color]

    i'm actually behind the idea of NPC 'villages', but this is why i think the pigmen/zombie pigmen idea is really good - these things will naturally seem alien and i mean, how do you talk to a pig? they become more part of the world for you to discover and i'd like to see a somewhat more uncommon version of the pigman tribe idea implemented into the overworld, maybe centered around some crude buildings. maybe with other varieties of 'humanoid creatures' as a possibility too. it wouldn't be unlike how dungeons work, but with some different properties. that's quite different from picking up quests or whatever though. i agree that this isn't the sims. games that simulate human interaction are usually completely focused on that task and it has nothing to do with what minecraft is about at its core. if you want human interaction in minecraft, start an SMP server.

    :SSSS: [u]Leveling[/u]
    Minecraft already has a strategy/balance formula put into it that can be worked on a player to player basis

    yep. going from punching trees to using wood tools to using stone tools (which i still opt for at times even when i have iron because iron is much more valuable) and so on, the game has a built in 'levelling' system based on how well you've manipulated the world around you and how far up the tech tree you've progressed. this could maybe be improved and expanded upon, tweaked, etc to give the game more shelf life, but it doesn't have to have anything to do with an RPG-style leveling system.

    :SSSS: [u]Currency[/u]

    :SSSS: [u]Pointless Stats[/u]

    [color=#FF0000]TL;DR: There are too many stats to manage, and I feel the need to pointlessly max all of them out![/color]

    :SSSS: [u]Repetitive Inventory[/u]
    [color=#FF0000]TL;DR: All the "different" weapons aren't that different, all the new items are weaker,faster, long-reaching, complicated or stronger versions of something that already exists.[/color]

    at this point in your post, i feel like the only thing i have left to add can address all three of these points: there's no need to complicate the game like that. all of minecraft's charm comes from the fact that you can do just about everything to the world around you, and standing back to admire it after you'd done it (whether that be some cool design that just looks awesome, or some clever design that mob-proofs your fortress). it has absolutely nothing to do with dinging 80. there are reasons i'm choosing to play minecraft instead of WoW, and one of them is that progressing through the game isn't driven by totally contrived devices. i mined until i found iron. i can see it there in my inventory, now i'm putting it to use, now i have better equipment/rapid transit/any of the millions of possibilities for what i could do with the resources i worked to obtain.

    i know a lot of people are making genuinely imaginative and potentially feasible suggestions in this forum, but i feel like the ones who are taking a full-on RPG angle don't actually have any clue why this game is so charming.

    :SSSS: [u]Possible Solutions to Addressing RPG Implementation Problems:[/u]
    :GoldBar: No Limitations, Improvements Only - That way that you don't have to have your progress impeded by a couple of levels or stats, and you can do whatever you set out to do without grinding for experience. This would also mean that continuous work could possibly have benefits (ergo example: Mining with Stone Tools makes you mine things faster with said stone tools for awhile, Fishing a lot increases the likeliness of a fish being caught). This would be a nice improvement, without all of the restrictions and encumbrance that the regular system applies to the game.
    :GoldBar: Expansion on Smaller Areas of the Game - Since Minecraft has a lot of different activities to do, expanding on more of the more simpler activities (such as fishing, farming, and ranching) that do not have more dedicated to it and are heavily dwarfed by much larger portions of the game can greatly benefit from the implementation of more rewards or more diversity.
    :GoldBar: Combat Improvement - Most people find more of a thrill from the combat part of the RPG games, since a lot of them dedicate a lot of their gameplay to the combat aspect. Currently Minecraft has 3 main combat styles: Ranged (Dispensers, TNT cannons and Bows), Melee (Swords and Tier-based Tools) and Area Based (Lava, TNT-Mines and Cactus Traps). Adding more world-based diversity amongst the different kinds of combat that can be used will aid others in enjoying the game beyond what can be used now, and allow for more creative defenses and traps to be made and help move most battle styles out of the "Melee Only" categories. Leave Weapon based Paper-Rock-Scissors and Archetype Metabattling to other games. Since Minecraft allows you to create and modify the world around you to suit you, the world should be able to become your weapon as well.
    :GoldBar: Secondary Implementation - Minecraft should not work around the RPG implementation, the RPG implementation should work around Minecraft. Converting, changing or removing parts of the game to suit the engine may cause many problems and radical backlash against the implementation of the RPG system, but if the additions simply act as a layer that is put onto the game that will tweak a few things without radically taking over the game, more people who are normally against RPGs can see that it's not as bad as they hope, and people who don't know what an RPG is can easier understand how the game works without having to constantly remember actions from another game to see if they are doing something correctly.

    all of this is really well said, especially the bit about expanding on areas of the game that are already there. we're seeing a bit of this with the new railcart track pieces, new uses for items that had few or no uses originally... the fact is that there's lots of room for details to be added to existing functions of the game without completely redesigning how the whole thing works. the problem with minecraft isn't the fundamental way that it works - everyone loves this game the first time they play it. the weaknesses it has are in depth and replay value. i really don't think the way to fix those problems are to slap on elements from the most repetitive and frustrating game genre in existence.
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    posted a message on How Dye Should Work
    cool, so there's some consensus that flowers should be used. now how do we make sure notch sees this? paint/dye will be cool, but less so if you can almost create it out of thin air.
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    posted a message on New Notch Blog Post
    Quote from MasterCrenox »
    I can't wait until he makes his decision about doing the paint or not.

    i'm hoping it's pretty likely. dyes have been on his list of things to do for awhile so it's probably more a matter of if it makes this content patch or a later one.

    mostly i'm just excited for the new content in general - it's been awhile.
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    posted a message on Wait... Beta?
    With Beta comes a larger focus on polish and content

    http://notch.tumblr.com/page/2 (Minecraft Beta: December 20, 2010)

    yes, there will be content added. don't really think notch cares what the wikipedia definition of 'beta' is.
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    posted a message on How rare is clay?
    it's pretty easy to find if you're willing to travel a bit - just ride a boat around, sticking to shallow water. everytime i do this for a day i find 2 or 3 clay deposits. problem is they're just not that big so if you want to build something massive you'll be doing this for awhile.
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    posted a message on dragon ideas
    different dragons for different biomes makes me think of viva pinata :iapprove:
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    posted a message on More to survival.
    Quote from Ole »
    Way less pigs spawn.

    i actually thought of something like this when i started a new game today - i wanted to play a game where i didn't settle down, i just traveled and kept the important stuff, and thought that it might be cool if food sources like pigs spawned way less frequently, but dropped more food when you did find them. maybe hunger and health could be different bars, and health damage could only be healed using first aid materials, or gradually over time - food just maintains your hunger bar, which if it reaches zero starts causing health damage.

    also overexposure to cold, which can be prevented with cold weather clothing most likely craftable from wool.

    this kinda stuff almost begs for a whole other game mode though. i guess that could be hardcore mode.
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    i voted an option that asked me to comment on this. so uh, i guess i'll just go down the compendium in the OP commenting on stuff.

    accessing the aether:
    the only thing i would suggest here is that the portal be constructed from something other than lightstone.. mainly because the dust it drops feels like something that should be used in crafting, rather than the block being the end in itself. i think it should be made from a block type found only in the nether that pops as a whole block - a sort of nether version of obsidian. maybe marble could be found at the very high and/or very low levels of the nether? or some other block type if that's not nether-ish enough. i don't really like the idea of using an airship. not that airships shouldn't be in the game but that using them to get to the aether would be kinda like building a ladder to heaven.

    crystal: the whole percentage drop system for this with glass as an alternate drop and being different for specific high end tools seems overcomplicated and frustrating to me. i'd just say you need one of these tools (diamond, gold or enchanted depending on which 'tech path' you want this material to encourage) and leave it at that. i mean diamond itself is one of the most useful materials in the game and even that has a 100% drop rate if you use a good enough tool. also i'm not sure what its use is supposed to be - is this natural lighting just extending the range of an already existing light source? that'd be a pretty cool way to light a room. also as for the 'light/motion sensor' crafting purpose, i imagine it being something that activates a redstone circuit, but in response to movement within a certain range? which can be directed by blocking some sides of it with dirt or whatever? that's sort of how i'm imagining it.

    darkwood: love the idea, the nether definitely needs more block types. not too keen on the crafting uses suggested here though. i guess if the brightness in the aether is that much of a problem then it's useful, but it's really, i dunno, stylized? i'd kinda like something more intuitive even if it is from an alternate dimension. this stuff would theoretically be available by the ton in the nether, so it'd be kind of weird if it served such a niche purpose. can't imagine it having much use in the overworld either, so unless you planned to spend massive amounts of time in the aether, it'd go to waste. but maybe you're onto something by trying to design alternate dimensions that actually encourage you to stay there awhile. i dunno. my first thought on what to use it for would be as a more efficient fuel source than coal... not as exciting as it should be when you finally get to the nether after all your hours of digging and building. ideally these new materials should sort of strike a balance between the excitement/exotic-ness of the dark torch idea and something more useful in the overworld.

    um so yeah... i liked most of the ideas. these were the only ones i can think of comments for right now. my main complaint in general is that a lot of this stuff put together sounds like a different game. nothing about the nether feels un-minecraft - just kinda bare, and hopefully it'll get filled out over time. i would like that and any additional dimensions to be cool and somewhere you could spend a lot of time if you wanted, but it should still feel like minecraft.

    anyway i know i'm not exactly brimming with creativity in these comments so take them with a pinch of salt.
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    the nether does need more going on in it, but i'm sure that will come. at least i hope so. i figured the nether was put in the game in its current state to test it before adding more stuff. new mob types should be easy enough...

    Quote from gigaman »


    belly of the whale and all that
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