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    posted a message on The Earth SMP (Claim a country, create your own cities!)

    1. IGN: bigcart12

    2. Age: 18

    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft? 10 years

    4. What are you good at in the game? I am an all-around kind of player but I mainly like making farms and builds

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    posted a message on Zitriex SMP | 18+ | 1.16.4| Vanilla | DynMap | Whitelist | Discord | Searching for active players! | Community Focused |

    IGN/Username: bigcart12

    What should we call you?: Bigcart

    Age: 19

    Country + Timezone: USA EST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: College student with too much free time and loves Minecraft

    How active will you be?: Almost everday

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: no

    What do you think you can bring to the server?: my own building style and a freindly player who just likes to build

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    posted a message on ⚡Synergize SMP⚡ [Vanilla] [Whitelisted] [1.15.2] [Datapacks]
    Minecraft IGN: bigcart12[/b]
    Name You Go By: bigcart or cart[/b]
    Age: 18[/b]
    Timezone: EST[/b]
    Discord: Bigcart#3941[/b]
    Will You Use Voice Chat: yes[/b]
    Why Do You Want To Join: been looking for a hermit craft style server for a while to change things up from singleplayer[/b]
    Minecraft Experience: been playing for at least 6 years really just enjoy the game[/b]
    Anything About You: pretty big marvel and starwars fan[/b]
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    posted a message on Minecraft relm !8+ [vanilla] [java]

    IGN: bigcart12

    Discord: Bigcart#3941

    Age: 18

    would love too join but the link is invalid

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    posted a message on [1.15.2] [Hermit] Hermitcraft Inspired Realm!

    Username: bigcart12

    Age: 18

    Country: USA

    Describe yourself (Don't be too short): about o graduate highschool been playing Minecraft for at least 6-8 years now

    What type of activities are you interested in Minecraft: i dabble in all sorts of thing but are mainly focused on having auto farms and smaller but nice builds and enjoy playing the game in general

    What is your schedule: i am normally on from 1-9ish EST unless i have work which is normally on the weekends but get on to play after that

    Your Discord: Bigcart#3941

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