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    posted a message on [Adv] Criswelvania Resurrection v15.0 WiP
    Quote from Kingpixels »
    It takes 22 hours to download.
    I'm not even kidding... :Pig:
    Tho I saw the youtube videos this place must be great.

    mine takes 4 minutes lol and i have a **** laptop
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    posted a message on WizardCraft a magical server (v4.0)(rp) (bukkit)
    Why I want to be a part of this server: i love custom servers like this thant arnt all about building
    What I can contribute to this server: well i have a wild imagination if i am to become a builder and i follow rules
    How long I've played Minecraft:almost a year
    Why will you never greif: because destroying other peoples hard work is not how i role and i would never want anyone to grief me and i wouldn't want to be banned
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