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    posted a message on Xaero's World Map 1.16.3 Forge [Fabric | 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 | 1.8.9 | 1.7.10 | more]


    I see forge has updated to 1.9 :-) , Can`t wait for a 1.9 version.

    Your minimap already helps a lot, thanks.

    Feature request.

    1. Ability to export the map to an single image file (jpeg or png) with options to choose what to show (Depth to render / Way-points / way-points list an co-ordinates ...)
    2. Ability to overlay an image (marking roads/town borders....)
    3. 3D view like the April fools trendy update 3D map - http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/60345-the-trendy-update-pre-release-goodies
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    posted a message on Multiple Input Support | Split-Screen | Keyboard | Gamepad | Touchscreen

    I support it.

    For the time being I use http://joytokey.net/en/.

    Setup I use

    Left analogue to move around,

    Right analogue to simulate mouse movement,

    R1 = Right click

    L1 = Left Click

    Topkey (1 / Triangle) = Inventory

    Start key = menu

    Bottom key (3 / X )= Exit out of menu / close window.

    R2 = Voice chat (Ventrilo) key

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    posted a message on Best sing/poster ever

    I saw this on facebook and though we all should see it

    Taken from https://www.facebook.com/boingboing/photos/a.10151118038581179.438569.27479046178/10153243539051179/?type=3

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    posted a message on Authentication servers are down.
    So not my end or server end. Its Moyang side. Thier website server is up and down according to a few different trackers.

    HTTP Error 502
    Down for ±1m

    16:58 UTC Minecraft Website is back online, it was down for 26 minutes
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    posted a message on Where is the iron golem comes from?
    From: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Iron_Golem
    Iron Golems spawn naturally in villages, provided there are 10 villagers and at least 21 houses (counted as doors). It is possible for Iron Golems to spawn in player-made villages. The chance of spawning is 1 in 7000 per tick which averages around one every six minutes.

    Making a farm for them is conmen as its a nice way to get a lot of iron.
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    posted a message on Authentication servers are down.
    Good day.

    It has now been more than 24 hours that the authentication servers are down for us.
    I am talking about the server after you connect to a server in your multi-player server list.

    No news about it , just a few post on an necroed thread and looking on tracking sites the website server says its the one with issues , not the authentication server,

    Any ETA? Any reason why it is down? Any idea why we get an 1.8.1 pre release news post but no mention of "authentication servers are being worked on"
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    posted a message on Thebombzen's Mods
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Love to Mods. Autoswitch just makes Mining so much Faster.

    Would it be Possible to add a Hoe to Autoswitch for MCMMO.
    Standard config would include - Wheat,Mushrooms,Roses,Nether warts,Catus,Sugar Canes,Lily Pads,Vines,Pumkins and Melons.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Translations for 1.1.0
    I would just like to THANK YOU ALL.
    I am helping out in the Afrikaans translation now.

    It is nice to know that my Favorite game is now available to almost all in there mother tongue.
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    posted a message on WorldEdit - Do really big things in-game! In-game map editor and more
    Quote from drats666

    would be helpful if there was an actual download link for this instead of just information.

    Stop being blind and READ.



    To use WorldEdit, you will have to install Single Player Commands. WorldEdit comes with Single Player Commands so you don't have to do much to use it, however, you can update WorldEdit separately.

    Once you have Single Player Commands, you can update WorldEdit by getting new versions of it here:


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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    Quote from Spartan844

    Can anyone confirm that with Millenaire 0.6.5 and Minecraft 1.6.5, the only things the Village Wand lets you spawn villages with are obisdian, moss, and lapis? I tried creating an independant town with a netherrack block, but it says I can only create towns using Obsidian, Moss Stone, and Lapis Block.

    I was able to create an independent town with the netherrack block - almost died as the fort spawn on me. (Used SPC and the compass to get out)
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Quote from simo_415

    Single Player Commands V2.8_2 for BETA 1.5_01

    I will do my best to update Single Player commands (for Minecraft 1.6) by the end of the weekend and do better testing of it this time before releasing, so please be patient (if you are in this thread you might get it before anyone else as well). If you really want to run Single Player commands the whole time I would suggest NOT updating to 1.6 until the mod is released.

    Also, rather than ask modders when their mod(s) will be out be considerate and offer encouragement - updating mods between Minecraft versions is a major pain in the butt and some kind words of encouragement can really help.


    Thank you Simo for your quick responses and always updating this mod quickly. And now notch screwed you modders around with 1.6, 1.6_01 and 1.6_02 all in less than 8 hours. Good luck and \_|) (digital Coffee cup) for you.
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    posted a message on Montropolis RPG(TOWNY,iConimy,LWC,MCMMO,NonPVP)
    Reserved for Images.
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    posted a message on Montropolis RPG(TOWNY,iConimy,LWC,MCMMO,NonPVP)
    Welcome to Montropolis gaming cominity's minecraft RPG server.

    We are a group of player who started playing minecraft together and branched into other games.
    This include Minecraft , league of legends , runecraft , battlefield ,ArmaII ...

    The MC sever.
    Connection info for those who will rather see than read
    Website: http://www.montropolis.com/
    --includes forums and donations link
    Server: minecraft.montropolis.com - No port needed.
    -- or use mumble://mumble.montropolis.com:64738?title=Halfmonty&version=1.2.0 after you selcted a username.
    Mumble : mumble.halfmonty.net port: 64738 - Voice chat http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
    --ask an admin ingame for the password

    Just a little history about the server.
    I joined the server when it was still FFA (I now its before September 10, 2010 - Alpha 1.1.0) and it still around. So it here to STAY.
    Over the months and Notch updates the server has once been down for more than a day. We will run temp maps in vanilla mode while we wait for Bukkit updates. In all this time we only lost 1 admin and 2 of are other admins went to other games we play. This server survives on Donations and love.

    General info
    We don`t have a whitelist so anyone can come and view the server.
    We use Towny, LWC , ListBlock and WorldGaurd to potect against griefers.
    We have 60 slot open and on the occasions it got filled there was no lag reports.
    Rules include: Don`t grief , Don`t spam and don`t use bad language in General chat.
    We have a fill tutorial area.
    As we are going for an RPG feel no items will be given to players. We have no nether world yet but most nether items are taken care of thru MCMMO and digging.

    We are going for an RPG like experience without quest.
    In other words killing mobs at night. Getting skills from doing stuff. Collecting and trading for resources.
    For the basic part we use MCMMO which gives you skill bonuses like double drops from mining.
    It also allows you to gain money from killing mobs.
    The money system we use is iConomy. This gives you money for being logged in and killing mobs which you can use to trade for items with other players.
    For your safety we have included LWC which allows you to magically lock or password protect your doors . chest , furnaces , dispensers and for some odd reason signs.
    We also have town protected with Towny.This allows only player who belong to the town to edit the blocks in that town. (last check we had 7 active cities and 19 protected ones. - some are relics we copied from old maps).
    2 of our admins has also been trained in the magic of stargates which allows them to setup portals between towns and key places. Rosedragon is moslty responcible for town to town portals while Axeblade346 (me) aids her in it.

    So come and look.

    Who do we have on the server that is noteworthy.
    Occasional visits from the owner Halfmonty, better know as youtuber HalfMonty11.
    The artistic Admin Rosedragon who makes all kinds of in game art like the dragon Angera she made for me.
    Her job is to make flash games http://www.aorchard.com/
    Then we have Ceulemans who is one of the co-programmers of one of the most widely used bukkit plugins

    Donations get you
    Link is on website after you logged in.
    $5.00 [ name/color change ]
    $10.00 [ unlock all achievements ]
    $15.00 [ personal waypoints (pending) ]
    $20.00 [ donations of $20 earns your own town ]

    This server use:

    LWC image placeholder
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] MumbleLink [Forge] [SMP] [LAN] [Mumble] [TS3] [Realism] [Directional VOIP]
    Thank you for a Great Mod.

    Just I favor can you perhaps send me a .Schematic (World edit) file of that awesome mumble Logo you made?
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    posted a message on [MOD/TOOL] Ingame Texture Changer - NO EXIT TO MAIN MENU
    - In-Game Texture Switcher - by Th3Guy
    I requested a mod like this and it ended up that there was one already.
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