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    GardeniaMC is inspired by the animated series Winx Club. The anime is about six fairies that attend a school named Alfea. Cloud tower, which is the rival school for young witches, is a constant problem for the fairies as they are polar opposites. The six fairies are in constant conflict with the Cloud tower witches & the other dangers of the magic universe. Red fountain, the school for young warriors, is very close with the fairies and often assists them with threats that come to the entire magic universe. Just for quick reference, I have attached a video!

    The server will provide PVP, events, minigames, a vast economy, custom plugins & quests for the public. You will be able to choose your path upon entering the server!

    I do not own this video

    The server is still under development and it would be nice to start recruiting staff for it! I am currently only accepting Admins, Builders, and Moderators. If you have any experience in any of these fields, please read the information below and then message me directly on discord with these questions answered! Thank you <3

    1. What role are you applying for?

    2. Your age?

    3. What experience do you have with being the role you are applying for and how long did you do it?

    4. Answer this question only if you are applying for Admin or Mod if not, please skip: Tell me about a situation in the past where you had to deal with a player not following the rules. What steps did you take to handle it?

    5. What makes you a unique pick over all others applying for this role?

    6. What is your time zone?


    Hit me up on discord if you are interested and want to learn more! Autumn#3785.
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