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    posted a message on City and Art [24/7]
    Ah ****.

    The city looked so nice :biggrin.gif:

    Anyway. Ill take a look at it. Might revert back to a different map.

    When did the griefers come? And thanks for banning them :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Can't Use Scripts
    Check your email.
    I sent you an autoclicker that doesn't make your computer go crazy.

    Well, it at least works for me :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on unfair banning at theones lava
    This might be unfair banning.

    I got banned couple hours back for checking out how the lava map works.. From the top.

    Someone blocked some lava with blocks. So i deleted them. however, in the middle of me deleting them. An admin teleported to me and it probably looked like i was trying to block the lava.
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    posted a message on City and Art [24/7]
    ..:: City and Art ::..

    Server Status:
    http://minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=24 ... 7e67147595

    24/7 Server: Spawn Jail WILL BE LOCKED when no Op's are on.
    Votekick and voteban are enabled.

    ~Simple concept~

    Build your house, buildings, parks, ect on the RIGHT side of the map. Which is the CITY side.

    Build anything else or your pixel art, sculptures, upside down colorful pyramids, ect on the LEFT side of the map. Which is the ART side.


    DO NOT Hack
    DO NOT Grief

    DO Build on the APPROPRIATE side
    DO Have fun :wink.gif:

    kudos to mail2345 for hosting it.
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    posted a message on Does your server not work? - The list of possible solutions
    I have port fowarded before and got my server working numerous times.

    However, i just got a new modem today. DI-514.
    I used Port Forward Checker to see if the port is open. It says it is open!

    However, when i try to connect to my own server. It gets stuck on the connecting screen and eventually tells me that the server could of shutdown.

    My server does show up on the server list. If that means anything.
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    posted a message on Horrible Bill's Cave
    explain how to make custom heightmaps
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    posted a message on Mass NPCs
    I think hes talking about the AI director in L4D. And how it spawns zombies at you in different amounts based on how much HP you have and stuff.

    @Zuriki nice 666 posts u devil
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    posted a message on Ideas for New Blocks, Light, and Otherwise
    Quote from Icalasari »
    No Build Blocks: You slave and slave and slave at a maze, and you soon finish it. Then somebody builds up and escapes. Cheater. Well, no more. These would have a 5x5x5 radius, in which nothing could be built. A simple idea. Admins could make a suped up version by typing the command /area. This command would change the radius of the blocks they build from 5x5x5 to 25x25x25. Admins would be able to build in the radius, just in case if there was a mischievous griefer

    That is a great idea. Maybe dont give it to regular people because greifers will inlay them in the ground and everyone will be flipping out because they cant build :/
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    posted a message on Quarter blocks
    I was thinking about that.

    But.. It would make minecraft so detailed and complex. D:
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    posted a message on Underworld/Overworld
    I was amazed with the screeny of the map. I brushed over the rules and jumped right in 8) yesterday

    However, after ~15 min of building a pillar. I tunneled to find a way out.

    I got banned of course ( I just read the rules x[ and understand that there is actually a natural way of getting out and tunneling/building cant get you out. )

    Hope my ban can be repealed. I fully understand the rules and that I tunneled/pillared and, i won't do it again.
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    posted a message on Make a undestroyable limit!
    He is bascially asking for someone to make a border around his map of Admincrete.
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    posted a message on advice for a new server
    I would stress this point

    "- Keep an eye on your console window/server"

    If some of you do not use a server script with voteban/kick. Have a timed message saying "Report griefers by saying _______ is griefing." So players would say.. "iGrief is griefing."

    Those messages pop up in your cmd. Admins dont have to be walking around the server 24/7. This works even more with trusted/smart OP's because then the OP doesnt need to /tp to everyone: every second..
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    posted a message on Server wont load level.
    sometimes this happens

    the file is already a DAT so you dont need to rename it server_level.dat or it will be server_level.dat.dat bascially

    so if it is already .dat rename it server_level
    if its not.. rename it server_level.dat
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    posted a message on PaperMinecraft!
    its definitely not regular printer paper. Not photo paper.. Or it would be glossy. Hm.... I would think it is like construction paper.
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    posted a message on Map request - Space
    Quote from AlexVMiner »
    I shall attempt this too. :biggrin.gif: I could use it for my own server, if you don't want it.

    EDIT: I am angry. I made the level, but it is upside down because osici decided to throw a curve ball and flip the editor around. 15 minutes of work for no reason.

    aha when he flipped the axis around.. i kept clicking the Z-Y or something thinking it was at a different setting.
    takes awhile to get used to.. but its basically the same :smile.gif:

    -- on topic now :smile.gif: --

    stars made of white or yellow "cloth" would be cool. also, craters in the planet and asteriods.

    just some suggestions if anyone is willing to take this on.
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