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    Ashtons Magic Pack 1.7.10 Forge

    Hey guys its Ashton and this is the minecraft magic pack for 1.7.10

    forge. The modpack is based around magic adding unique mods for

    the best playing experience.

    The modpack itself is really low usage as when i record while playing

    with the pack i never go under 60fps. This is a very fun modpack so I

    strongly Recomend downloading it.

    The List of Mods Include:

    1. twilight forest

    2. thaumic horizons

    3. thuam craft

    4. techno magi

    5. optifine ultra U C1

    6. more materials mod

    7. enchanting plus

    8. enhanced boims

    9. DrZharks MoCreatures Mod

    10. Botania

    11. bloodmagic

    email : [email protected]

    website : ashton2120.weebly.com

    Download link : http://adf.ly/1RcrR5

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    ok thanks for the tip i will get to that shortly

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    it is just was thinking of a name

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    Ashtons Advanced Warfare Pack 1.8 Forge V 2.0

    Hey guys its Ashton Again Today I Have Created A minecraft modpack

    Based on combat. The modpack is mainly based around flans Mod As it

    has most of the mods i required for this project .

    I hope You Guys Enjoy this New Modpack it has taken me awhile.

    The list Of Mods Include:

    1)Optifine Ultra D5

    2)Tree capitator

    3)Cyanos Lootable Body's

    4)Not enough items mod

    5)Flans Mod

    List Of Flans Content Packs Include:

    1)FC Pack V6

    2)Mecha Parts

    3)Modern Warfare pack

    4)Nerf guns pack

    5)Simple Parts

    6)Titan Pack

    7)WW2 pack

    Website : ashton2120.weebly.com

    Email : [email protected]

    Download Link : http://adf.ly/1RGlTs

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    Ashtons Mo Everything Modpack Minecraft 1.8 forge

    Hey everyone this modpack is the mo everything modpack designed to be

    around adding things into the game eg. more blocks, armour, weapons,

    better gui, mobs and more.

    the list of mods include:

    1). Gender Mod
    2). Better Hud by NukeDuck
    3). DrZharksMoCreatures Mod
    4). InfinityCraft
    5). Luckey Block Mod
    6). Master Chef Mod
    7). optifine ultra D5
    8). Mo Items & Armor
    9). More Materials Mod
    10). To Many Items

    Email: [email protected]
    Website: Ashton2120.weebly.com

    Download Link: http://adf.ly/1RA6ev

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    posted a message on Ashtons realistic minecraft 1.8 modpack

    Hey everyone today Im posting a new minecraft mod pack for 1.8 forge.

    This is my first modpack and i want people to start downloading and playing

    so feedback is very welcomed. The modpack itself is very easy to run with

    optifne built into it. Any request for new mods would be greatly apreciated.

    But remember the pack is designed to be for realism in minecraft.

    the mods include

    1. Tree capitator
    2. cyanos lootable bodies
    3. dynamic lights
    4. item physics mod
    5. mineralogy
    6. multimine mod
    7. optifine ultra D5
    8. ragdoll corposes
    9. simple minecraft 00002
    10. update checker
    11. vintage minecraft
    12. not enought items
    13. insane foods

    :download link:


    Website: ashton2120.weebly.com

    If you Would like to contact me directly then please email me at

    [email protected] case sensitive

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