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    posted a message on lyx factions - 24/7 - automated shop - over 100 active players - join now and get started

    lyx factions is a survival pvp based server where you build a base and fight others players, there is a fully automated working shop, quests that work kinda like raids you can get low,medium or high quality loot depending on the difficulty of them, there are going to be plots,mines and kits in the future.

    We also have admins that are always active and looking to help new players and making sure the server is fair and legit.

    GT : Aselyx ( π“žπ“¦π“π“”π“‘ )

    Realm Code : IAiMSfD0Mxw


    Its a realm so its open 24/7

    Comment your gamertags down below, to get invited

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