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    For all those people who wanted a Random Tp mod for their servers ever since Cauldron was taken down, here you are! It avoids placing you on Cactus, Lava and Fire!

    This mod allows you to randomly teleport around the Minecraft dimension that you are currently in. This is to serve as a replacement for other Random Tp mods which have become unusable due to the copyright strike on Cauldron.

    Working proof:
    Gif of Random Teleport working

    Config file:

    Config File

    Command Syntax: /rtp

    Download: http://adf.ly/1CD5gl


    • v1.0 -- Mod created!
    • v1.1 -- Fixed fall damage & removed calls to Scala
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    posted a message on [Server Side] Real Time! Make Minecraft time run at Real Time!
    This mod was developed because I wanted a more realistic minecraft, rather than a day/night cycle which lasted 20 minutes. Real Time can be used in the client to effect Client worlds, but it is not needed on the client if the server is running the mod. Real Time changes the time in every dimension, so it should have all mod support. If not, please tell me and I will try and fix it.

    You can still sleep at night and it WILL quickly set the time to day. However, every 30 seconds, the time will reset to your System clock, making this method null as I doubt you can do anything useful within around 30 seconds :P

    Here's a link: http://adf.ly/ucuO9

    any feedback is good :D

    Also, in the console, the mod will output the time it is setting the worlds to, if you wish to see that.

    I also go by alias artman41
    Mod Created

    Fixed server crash and added chat feature to tell players when it is a certain hour e.g 21:00

    Fixed minecraft time outputted to server console
    Added config file
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