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    posted a message on Evil things you've done?
    Burying a priest in the desert and lighting another one on fire for disagreeing with my ideals.
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    posted a message on Listless SMP - A Mindcrack Style Server
    • Age : 16
    • Would you play FTB or Vanilla : Vanilla
    • Do you have Skype : No
    • How long have you played Minecraft : Since Beta 1.3.
    - - - - - - -
    • Time zone (+/- GMT) : Whatever Southeast Asia is.
    • YouTube Channel (If any) : No
    • Would you participate in community events (e.g. King of the Ladder): Yes
    • What is your opinion of pranks : Pranks are good. I've actually been looking for a while now for a server that can distinguish between pranking and griefing.
    • Why do you think you would be a good member of Listless SMP : Usually on servers, I find one or two guys, and work with them to build something really nice, like a town or an underground base. The last time I tried that on a hardcore faction server, though, my town eventually was raided. So this seems like a server where people are really close, and that means little to no griefing. That sounds good.
    • If accepted, how often and long will you play : From about 4-9 PM on weeknights, and 5 to 11 or 12 PM on weekends.
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    posted a message on ClassicCraft - Small Whitelisted Minecraft Server
    What is your IGN? :Arsonwelles
    How old are you? (You may say "under/over 18" if you do not want to disclose your age publicly) :16
    What experience do you have with servers? (100+ people, 20+ people...)? : I've played on some small, non-whitelist servers before, but getting griefed isn't very fun, so I'm looking for a small community server where you don't see disgusting half-griefed houses dotting the landscape.
    What is your time zone? : Southeast Asia
    Will you be making videos of the server? : Probably not
    What do you enjoy most about minecraft? : Trading, Villagers, and living amongst them.
    Have you ever been banned? : No
    What will you bring to our server? : Well, generally I'll do my best to cooperate with other players, and I've always wanted a server where you can prank someone without getting called a griefer, so I'll try my hand at that, too.
    Why do you want to join? : I just want a small Minecraft community that I can get to know and screw around with. These guys sound like a good choice.
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    posted a message on Best Armor: Pumpkin or Helmet?
    Pumpkins. Easily mass-produced, and nobody likes endermen.
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    posted a message on Dodging skeleton arrows
    Maximize distance between you and the skeleton. Try circling him, so he's constantly adjusting his aim. If you're in a forest, weave in and out of trees, and attack him when he shoots one.
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    posted a message on Torture Chamber and General Dungeon
    Well, when building torture chambers, first of all, you're going to need some redstone or other blood-like material on the floor. And if I were you, I'd light it with redstone torches for that creepy dim. And here are some basic torture devices.

    Here's a nice little villager ADHD test. Just don't fail it.

    Traditional Japanese bamboo torture. Read about it (or better yet, don't.)

    Wow! The meat here is really tasty! I wonder where it's from? Nah!

    And here is a Chinese water torture bed! Just put a block of water above the ceiling, and profit.

    Hope I helped!
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    posted a message on Why is everyone so obsessed with this game?
    Personally, what I'd like to happen is after a while, the popularity dies down, forcing all the TNT-and-mob-egg Creative newbies out of the community, and leaving a small yet intensely dedicated fanbase.
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    posted a message on Resetting the nether for quartz generation?
    Quote from Bashful_Giant

    In *theory*, yes. However, just to be safe, I'd close your portal before deleting the file, and keep a backup in case it all goes tits up.

    The snapshot is easier than never to download now through the Curse client, so you could always just download that!

    Which file would I delete if I wanted to do this? DIM1 or DIM-1?
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    posted a message on Resetting the nether for quartz generation?
    I have a very successful world right now, and I am in the process of entering the nether. I just have one problem, though. If I were to enter the nether and explore it now, then I won't find any quartz (I'm not on the snapshot). So, if I don't really do much in the nether, and delete my nether world file when the update comes out, will the world regenerate with quartz?
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    posted a message on SYNESTHESIA: A Roller-Coaster Experience
    You awaken on a deserted island. All that you can see is a long, stretching minecart ride, that goes far off into the distance. Seeing no other options, you reluctantly hop into the minecart and begin your journey...

    Just kidding. This rollercoaster has no coherent story, just a series of bizarrely themed areas loosely strung together. Here are some pics.

    The starting area.

    The excavation zone.

    The underground shrine.


    Download link:


    So, yeah. Since it's not finished yet, if everything is well-received, I'll turn this into a "pass-it-on" style project, like I've always wanted to. Don't forget to comment!
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    posted a message on Do you like the new way bonemeal works?
    No, not really. I had always seen growing bread with bonemeal a last-ditch survival tactic, or something to be used upon starting a world. Looks like i'm going to be eating apples for now.
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    posted a message on Five ways to get rid of a worn / bad tool
    I'll usually just toss it into the river to let the river spirits purify it.
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    posted a message on Hopper Tubes? 0-Tick Repeaters?
    Couldn't you already make 0-tick repeaters with pistons?
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    posted a message on princess/ mr dirtman gate
    I'm unclear on what exactly this device is supposed to do.
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    posted a message on Strangest Places you've slept
    I may have fallen asleep in the Coliseum once. I was so jetlag I can't remember.
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