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    posted a message on 1.14.4 - The Octavian server - Vanilla server - Ages 16+ - Now with custom RPG lore!

    I would love to join your amazing server. I'd like to try building again. However, I don't think I can quite match the quality of what's already built.

    Minecraft IGN ( Ingame Name ): adrianmarti

    Discord Name ( Can be sent through pm ): AdrianPassion

    Age: 25

    Country: Norway

    Hobbies: Gaming (duh), Coding, Movies

    Things you like to do mostly in minecraft: Survival

    Why you are searching for a new server: A friend of mine, KvaGram hinted me about this server.

    A photo of your best recent builds ( whether it be vanilla, creative or even modded ): I created a YUUUGE castle, but that was on an old server from Minecraft Beta that's long gone.

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