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    I discovered this (not with this pack though) - I had to figure out what parts went where & make my own

    Also what's changed in 1.14 & 1.15 is that in 1.14 We had graphics for 'normal_double' / 'Trapped_double' chests, however in 1.15 these don't exist anymore & now we have 2 graphic per double chests 'Normal_left /normal_right' and 'trapped_left / trapped_right'

    If you look at my example pic you will not only see that parts have moved around but they also seem to of been 'flipped' - look at the chest lockplate for example

    The way I had to figure it out was I created a chest graphic where each part of the chest was a solid color (red/blue/green etc) & put it into a resource pack.
    I then went in game - select the resource pack & placed a chest down.
    - Then I made a note which colour was on which 'face' of the chest (eg Lid-top was red / Chest front was green / left lid was yellow etc)
    - Then I opened up the 1.14 chest graphic & copied/pasted the relevant part of that chest onto the appropriate solid colour of my 'tryout' graphic
    - Saved graphic, compress into ZIP & re-tested in-game
    Thats when I discovered parts were 'flipped' - so I had then had to re-edit/flip those parts, rezip & re-try

    I fixed it myself. Wasn't actually that hard. But what about the banners? As far as I know, they were changed from grayscale maps to transparent images. Does that mean the texture will be changed completely in order to make them work again?

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    Quote from pootdotexe»

    Will there be an update for 1.15? If there's one in progress, how long should we expect to wait?

    I don't think so. It's been a long time now since 1.15 was released. Usually, the update would be published just a few weeks after the update. But this time, chests work differently and banners need to be changed from a grayscale map to a transparent image. Also, 1.16 is around the corner and probably Flows HD will jump straight to 1.16. I'll guess the four new blocks and a few new items weren't worth it to create an own update for them. With 1.16 however, a lot of new mobs, blocks and items are added. Probably that's the reason why we have been waiting for so long and with the new update we will finally get Flows HD 1.16 just in time

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