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    Trees are square.
    This is a round tree.
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    Theres no config that allows you to turn off orbs, and no plugin to implement since its a vanilla server.
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    In-game Name:


    Gender:Male, wtf is this Omegle? You sexist? YOU GONNA SAY NO CUZ IMMA CHICK D:?

    Country:USA FTW Land of the cheesburger

    Why do you want to join the clan? Because that ice mountain is sexy.

    Did some one recommend you to us? Yeah my friend ariachred. He is right here with me. In my head.

    What clans/servers have you played on previous? I was techinically kind of part of fallen legion and I have played on over 50 servers- More than I can count!

    Do you have any suggestions for the clan(Ex, ranking system, servers)? They need to mine me some moar goddemn diamonds.

    Have you ever been banned? If so, why? Yes, "Breaking and entering" when I wasnt aware it wasnt allowed.

    Tell us what kind of fun experiences you have had in minecraft. Making a castle, carved into a mountain of ice, chilling with my home bro's madhatter44, Crozzle, TG_Crusader and ruthlessly destroying the factions that crossed us.

    Other info you would like to share.
    I like pancakes.
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