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    in-game name: Faaye

    age: 32

    favorite part of the server: I was very impressed with the spawn, and all the helpful tips available to help with the plugins available.
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    Thank you. :)
    I've logged in once and I'm very happy so far.

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    Name: April

    In Game Name: apricot_rain

    Age: 29
    Country: USA
    Favorite type of play on vanilla Minecraft: I really enjoy exploring, looking for the perfect place to call home, once I have found that building up the home, caving, and farming (I've never been on a server where I didn't end up with massive non-redstone farms)

    I've also always enjoyed helping with large build projects or just mini-minecraft parties that sometimes happen when someone is working on a project and other people join.

    Least Favorite Aspect of Online Play: I really like online play when it comes to minecraft, the only thing that stops me from being interested in say a public server is that your a lot more likely to find immature players. I know things can get silly and goofy sometimes no matter what age people are and that I love. What I don't like is when people don't know where to draw a line, or if they are told to stop and they just continue to be childish or cruel to other people because they get some kind of kick out of it. So trolling users maybe is the fast answer to this question.

    A bit more about yourself: I am the store manager for a popular pizza store. Due to that my availability is always a bit crazy, but I've always liked minecraft. Its an escape and stress reliever I haven't had enough of lately so I'm looking to get back into it. I'm fairly shy, it might take a little bit of time for me to open up. I would love to join this long running community, it sounds like the kind of community I'm looking for.

    Referral by Apollo player, if applicable:

    Not sure if it counts as a referral exactly because Vaw has never met me, but I posted on a different server listing earlier today and received a nice mail saying he though I'd fit in here. I'm not one to usually apply somewhere then dismiss that application but after reading through some of this thread, and looking at your website I feel like I'd feel more at home here than the other server I applied to, so I removed that application to try here.

    Thanks for your time!

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    I know this hasn't been posted long. But I think after looking more I may have found a place that I'll fit into more age wise that might help with my goals down the road. Really sorry for posting this then editing it out, but I figured letting you know was better than letting you whitelist me when I'm not sure about joining.

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    - IGN:

    - Age:


    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from?
    My name is April, I live in MI and I am a manager for a pizza store.

    - Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?:

    I play minecraft to have fun, to get away from real life for a bit (when I can which isn't always very often)
    I love mining and building. Sometimes when I'm just trying to get away I even enjoy just putting on music and collecting quartz or some other material for a project. I love farming too, seems like whenever I play I make farms bigger than I could ever need, but I enjoy collecting and replanting.

    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?

    I fully agree with them, and I think they are very fair.

    Why do you want to join specifically this server?

    I've always been picky looking for servers. I don't have a lot of time to play, but when I do play I want to be able to trust that I will enjoy myself.
    I feel like this is the kind of server I will enjoy playing, its a more mature atmosphere which I like.
    I also like that you guys understand motivation can go up and down. With my current job, and depending on everything going on with it, its likely there are going to be days I'm just not in the mood. Its been a few months since I've played, and I know a lot of changes have happened. I think work is in a better place for me to be able to play more often, but that still could only be once or twice a week some weeks. Hopefully that is okay.

    Anything further you'd like to say:
    Just thank you for your time.
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    We are still accepting new applications.

    I personally am looking forward to expanding our community. :)
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    ArcanicExplorer, I am afraid that is not the reason you were denied, either of the two times you applied.
    Applications were also reciently just closed again, after accepting a few new people. So it might be best if you tried to look for a different server. Rather than continue waiting for us, if that is what you were doing.
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    Age – 26

    Gender – Female

    IGN – apricot_rain

    Do you have Skype? – I do yes.

    Do you have a mic and feel comfortable using it? – I do have a mic, I don't have any troubles using it, but if its late at night here I may be more quiet as to not disturb anyone else in the house. :)

    Country – East Coast, USA.

    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server? If so, explain why.
    I have not.

    About Me:
    I am a fairly shy, quiet person. I love reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I would like to join this server because I haven't had much luck finding a server that has a mature community that lasts. My luck so far with servers hasn't been great, I join servers to play with other people so when everyone stops playing its like your playing single player again, that's not what I'm looking for.
    The fact that you are looking for long term players appeals to me greatly.

    I have been playing minecraft a little over a year, I love caving and farming. I have slowly become more experiemental when it comes to building, I'll link to some of the more experiemental buildings at the end of this. Other than those, I usually just build simple but nice square houses with a triangle roof. I'd love to attempt something larger I just need some insperation as to what before I do attempt one.

    In the year that I have been playing, I played single player survival for quite awhile before I decided to try a server. The first server I joined was a Feed the Beast one, I won't lie for that one after 2 months I stopped joining on my own due to a personal reason that made me unsure I still wanted to be part of that community. I did join it again a month or so ago but that server will be closed soon. My first vanilla server about 2 weeks after I joined, the few active people that were there stopped logging in, and as I said then its like single player so I lost my spark there. Perhaps that reflects badly on me that I was not patient enough to see if they would come back? I'm not sure. The most recient server I've played on is a sizzlecraft sub server, I've been there about 2 weeks, and still play that when its availiable.

    If I am accepted I'm sure I'll be on a few times a week, for hours (3+ knowing myself) at those times. Depending on real life and work some days I cannot get on minecraft, or cannot play as long as I'd like to.

    Thank you for your consideration, If you have any questions feel free to message me with them, and I leave you with a few links to the simple builds that I am proud of anyway. :)
    Town Hall This is a town hall that I built, but I feel its fair to say that the community helped with the design ideas.

    Tangled Tower Inspired Build This is a WIP (roof missing) build that started out as a tower to match the one in the movie Tangled. I ended up changing the top quite a bit, I thought I had a screenshot with the roof...but it would appear I didn't upload it, so...that's unfortunate.
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    Thank you so much for that. :)
    Also thank you for choosing to own and staff a server like this. I had a lot of fun my first day, and cannot wait for more. ^^
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    In game name: apricot_rain

    Age: 25

    Time-zone: Eastern, though I feel I should mention I work nights, so a lot of my gameplay is after midnight my time...unless its my day off. So my log in times will not reflect my time zone well.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? I've been playing since October of 2012, which I know is not as long as most but I do love it.

    In a sentence or two, please describe your previous experience(s) on other servers: I have had good experience on servers. I love the communities and friends I have made. The 2 main servers I've been on, one I stopped logging into because it was a feed the beast, and I felt once you hit a certain point there was no place to go from there and I had not been involved in a town or much community builds. Another I still plan on logging into, but it is having a lot of server issues in staying online (host keeps migrating for some reason), and until that gets fixed player interaction is limited. So I was hoping to find another server to also call home.

    Have you ever been banned or asked to leave a server? I have not.

    Why are you interested in this particular server? I am interested in this server because it has rules that will limit the chances for greifing and immaturity. Don't get me wrong a bit of fun and joking around with friends is fine and good, but sometimes it gets out of hand and then no one is having fun. Also because it is obvious the rules are not set just to look like they are there, someone is taking time to pay full attention to our applications and noticing those who have not paid enough attenion. I do like that.

    You only get one chance to apply; did you read the rules carefully? Yes. :) :) :)

    (Optional) Please describe the coolest thing you've ever built in Minecraft. If you have screenshots, please provide them.
    I am not much of a builder I will say that right off. But quite reciently I helped build a town hall for a city on another server, and I had a lot of fun. So I do have screenshots of that, the design is not 100% mine, but a group effort. But I did build up most of it, and I do love it.
    I hope to have a fun idea to build something a bit crazier than my normal builds if I do become a part of this server. :)

    Thank you so much for your time. ^^
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    Why do you want to join?:
    I've been intrigued by the idea of playing multiplayer, so my friend (Maseukeu) and I went looking for a server we thought we'd like. :)

    How often do you play?:
    On my own maybe 4 days a week depending on work. Usually for a half hour or so but there have been the occasional 4 hour play times where I wonder how I managed to spend that much time playing and not notice. ^^

    What should I know about you?:
    I'm not much for pvp so I doubt I'd be doing any of that unless someone else was attacking me/stealing anything I may have found. :) I would never attempt to destroy someone elses projects for any reason even if it was within the rules.
    I am a complete newbie at multiplayer minecraft but this looks like a fun place to start.
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