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    Thanks for the kind words friends, but alas the life of Isolation is over. I'm saddened to end it, I had good fun with it, but as you can all obviously tell I've moved on from Minecraft and texture packs in general. It's kind of sad, I feel like I'm letting go of my baby... I'll honestly call this texture pack one of my proudest creations.

    I need to apologise, it's been selfish of me to hold onto this pack for so long and continually getting people's hopes up. It really was just hard to let go...

    But as of now, the pack is officially discontinued - as a result, I will release the final version of my texture pack for all to download. It's not complete nor up to date with the current Minecraft, but it has extra blocks I've worked on as seen in the Works-In-Progress images, and it's set in the style of a resource pack, so it should be somewhat compatible with the modern Minecraft, I haven't tested it too recently.
    In the .zip you'll also find a WIP folder - it has the .psd files of some of the stuff I was working on, most of it you've already seen and/or it's included in the pack. I could never get connected textures to work properly...

    And some final notes.
    Feel free to download the pack, mix and match it to suit your needs, hell even make your own textures if you want to add to it. All I ask is that out of courtesy towards myself and Isolation, you don't redistribute the pack for commercial profit. The work is still under a Creative Commons 3.0 license in any case. Unfortunately I'm sure someone will, but figured I might as well say it here.

    If anyone would like to officially continue the pack, you can feel free to send me a personal message, or message me on my Youtube account, where I'll be more likely to receive it. We'll take it from there


    Thank you all for the wonderful ride and introducing me to my love of digital and graphic art! Currently studying graphic design and animation at University myself, and you all played a part in my journey!
    So, without further adieu, here is the link to the final iteration of Isolation. Enjoy guys!

    [As a sidenote, it's possible I'll continue this at some point in the future if I get back into Minecraft. So if you see a random update in a year's time: hoo-rah. But can't promise anything, as it stands now, this project is dead.]

    Night is falling. You sit alone in your cabin, your heartbeat echoing throughout the rickety walls. Yet as you sit there, you hear another sound outside. Footsteps. You're alone, cold, in a small shack... and you hear dragging, uneven footsteps, arriving at your door.

    Welcome to complete and utter

    How did Isolation come into the world?
    About half way into my Rainforests [/media]
    SCREENSHOTS [Imageshack sucks]

    Gold: A strict level of security. Having this on your pack indicates that your textures can only be used after written permission is obtained from the creator of the pack. It also indicates that adf.ly links on remixes are never acceptable, under any circumstances.

    I am a retired admin of the Texture Artist's Union, a group of texture artists banded together to give each other support and criticism on their textures and work, and providing help where required. We are a very friendly and supportive community, so I highly suggest you give the page a look! Just click the emblem above to be redirected to the TAU page, read the membership criteria and sign up!

    Want to support my texture pack with publicity? Copy the code below into your signature to get this cool banner!

    Remember to post your thoughts in the comments! If you have any suggestions, feedback or bug reports please post below! (also, it helps keep the thread on the front page, meaning more publicity...)

    Currently Working on:

    (in order of priority)
    -Updating pack to Minecraft 1.7.2, as well as overhauling many textures and
    -Finishing Items
    -Finishing Mob Skins
    -Original Artworks

    Works in Progress images:
    NEW MELONS! I'm really happy with how these turned out. Carrots and Potatoes!

    Updated wheat!

    New dropper and updated dispenser!

    New hay bales!

    Updated Netherrack and Nether Brick (I'll probably update those again later, still not happy with them):

    0.1 - Initial release.
    0.2 - Added textures for watermelon, flowers, nether textures, jukebox, iron bars & torches. Tweaked some textures.
    0.3 - Added missing 1.9 textures, added cactus, redstone torches, large mushrooms, pine leaves [fast & fancy] & monster spawner. Created a banner.
    0.4 - Added many new textures, tweaked a lot of textures to add a scarier effect. Terrain nearly completed.
    0.5 - Completed terrain, rails and wheat aside. Tweaked a lot of textures, including diamond ore, lapis block, log, flowers, pumpkins, and dirt, among many others. Added book.png for enchanting table. Added all 1.9.4 blocks. Other small changes tweaked/changed.
    0.6 - Added rails, added wooden, iron and stone swords, tweaked multiple textures.
    0.7 - Added zombie skin, added most GUI, added much more items, added pickaxes, added final two swords, added 1.0.0 textures.
    0.8 - Added custom water and lava, added a complete GUI, added rain and water particles, added all shovel textures, tweaked diamond ore colour, created a new iron ore texture, added a few more item textures, added an art file, added grass biome colours, added a sign texture, overhauled web texture.
    0.9 - Added all axes in items.png, added buckets, added slightly more items, overhauled pumpkin texture, added creeper skin, added 1.1 textures.
    1.0 - Updated items and terrain to 1.2, added more items (ender pearl, steaks, mob eggs, and more), added hoes, and added two new mobs (enderman and skeleton).
    1.1 - Added new terrain blocks for 1.2.4, modified sandstone texture, side grass (fast and fancy), snow side texture and mushroom grass texture, added two new paintings, added more items, added LITE version of texture.
    1.2 - Added support for Minecraft 1.3, changed pumpkins, changed bed texture, added new items, changer underwater texture and colours, added new and improved biome shading, added custom sky colours, added custom fog colours, improved LITE version of texture pack, added all villager mob skins, modified stone bricks (mossy/cracked), new birch wood, changed unused textures to instructions, gave emerald block an animation.





    A big shout out to drfrozenfire who, even when sick, still managed to create an amazing water and lava texture for my pack, something I am extremely grateful for.

    Shout out to Reec3ty, who made an adventure map highly involving my texture.

    Thanks to user Alanay, who made some lovely birch planks for me in time for the 1.3 update.
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    Quote from grar


    Nothing I can really criqitue, fits your pack really well, and the colouring is lovely. Do you have a shader on, by any chance?

    Also, improved my Quartz Ore. Planning on CTMing when I figure it out. Thoughts?

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    Quote from KatanaGrizzly
    how about some kind of heart?

    Quote from Deonyi
    Apple, try making it a congealed block of blood. Although, I suppose a heart would work with the entire blood pumping energy idea.

    A heart pumping energy through blood? This is wonderful! I think I might change redstone dust to veins now, or make it resemble some dripped blood more! Veins or blood splats... hrm...

    (retired my admin status for the TAU, by the way, for the main reason that I'm often inactive and I don't know how long my activity lasts, so I don't want to be some part time admin and not fill the duties I was once able to do efficiently)
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    Quote from SharkyGAMER

    Looks amazing! Really like the theme and overall style. A very unique pack!

    Thank you!
    I've actually opened the pack up in Photoshop again... working on an update.

    Though considering the massive delay since the release of version 1.2 of Isolation... I want to make this a massive release with a LOT of changes. Here's hoping I'm not biting off more than I can chew! I seem to enjoy doing that.


    I made a daylight detector... though I have no way of testing if it looks good in-game, seeing as Isolation isn't a resource pack (yet). It's supposed to be solar panels... my creativity was lacking. But I suppose it looks okay for a start? I need to convert my texture pack into a resource pack to try these textures out in-game.
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    Outback biome? Desert, but with patches of grass and trees? Please yes.
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    There are too many things wrong with this thread. Let me point out the major ones.

    1. There is no description of what the pack looks like; we have no idea what we are in for. This is not a good thing at all.
    2. There are no screenshots or anything.
    3. The title is improperly formatted in nearly every way.

    No, I will not explain how to do any of these things. Go look at the forum rules and there will be instructions on what and how to do things. Not trying to be an ass, but this is simple stuff, man.
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    Quote from DeutscherCrafter

    This Texturepack is bad :(

    Such wonderful feedback, I love how 13th can really improve from the extensive criticism you gave him on what you thought needs to be improved.
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    Made a cake, what do you guys think? C+C requested as always ladies and germs~!

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    Quote from 13thMurder

    just don't copy them, but feel free to have at the concept :P

    But of course my sir, you know I wouldn't copy :P
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    Quote from herobrine_killer

    hey it is my first texturepack :(

    No excuse for laziness and then claiming said textures are your own 'hard work'.
    Copying and pasting textures from an old terrain file to a new one is not difficult to do - anyone with a hand, mouse and editing program can do it.

    If you can't take this criticism, then leave. Because we are telling you the reality of what this is: lazy and false claims.
    Also... not sure why you recoloured the apple. It was red in the game files during that time.
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