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    yes it sometimes is to do with an entity.
    There are different reasons each time.

    Often I will go out at night and hunt monsters (for XP, ender pearls, ect)
    But often it will crash mid-fight. Which is unusual. I am only ever 4 or 5 chunks from my house where these items are stored, so that's why I thought it was to do with the amount of items.

    So it's like it spawns a monster that, in turn, corrupts the game?! As I could understand data corrupting if, while saving or backing my world up to a USB (I do that incase something goes wrong such as I die with all my level-30-enchanted tools, or something like that) that any of my hardware experiences a fault. But I don't see why that would occur since I have encountered no faults with any other operation of my computer.

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    Is there a limit on the total number of items that can be stored in the world?
    I revisited some of my favourite mods that haven't been updated in years - craftable ores + a mod that, among other things, has a duplication furnace.
    I after 2 months of on-and-off playing, I have amassed a grand total of 8192 emeralds, 10624 gold ingots, and 19584 diamonds!
    Now, combined with the other items that I have kicking about in the world (stores of building materials, food, ect) I must have over 40000 items. And I'm getting crashes. Now, I don't actually care too much about the crashes, after all it's a really old version and I heard the bug causing it has long since disappeared (memory tick - the game used too much memory). Also it's high time I done something more productive with my time :lol:

    But would 40000 items surpass any limit? As it's not on a server. And as I said, I've been playing on and off for 2 months. So I can't imagine it's a world issue. Just curious as to what the actual limit is

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    Hi there.
    Just got back into MC after nearly 3 years of not playing it.

    I remember this mod fondly from when I started playing, 7 years ago.

    It's a real shame it's only on 1.7.10 (The version I used when I last played back in Sept. '16.

    I would greatly appreciate this being updated. Even just so that it's compatible with the current version, without adding anything to it.

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