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    Hello! I'm VERY interested in creating a seriously modded, feature-rich RPG Minecraft server. I've done a lot of googling around but honestly, the information seems to be all over the place (and in some cases very conflicting!) making it daunting to understand for a "beginner". As such, I had some questions I'd love if you all can help clarify for me:

    - If I made a "modpack" that would be essential for players to have to download before being able to play on the server, does this also mean I'm essentially giving away all the custom mods on the server, and anyone could (theoretically) create an identical server by just utilizing my modpack? Is there any way to protect against that happening and protect my custom mods that I don't want to be "public"? Like only giving the "data" that the mods need in the modpack instead of the mods themselves?

    - Can players still run their own mods which modify the game on my server? Is there any way to "synchronize" ONLY the mods the server is running with the mods a player's client is running?

    - On a side note, if I decided to make a server with no mods but only plugins, could any of the above problems be solved? How limited is a plugin-only server vs. a modded server? Do plugins still provide a lot of freedom?

    - In terms of creating custom maps, what are the best tools available for making a map from scratch? Is it at all feasible to just create a map by manually placing block by block or is that just simply way too slow compared to tools that are out there? This would be an RPG server, so only select blocks would be destructible.

    - Outside of knowing the programming language Java, what other technical knowledge do I need to create mods or plugins for Minecraft?

    Thanks very much for any help that can be offered!

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