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    posted a message on Minecraft Region Fixer.
    Hi, I have some problems with the fixer. I tried using it on my 1.8Beta world but the program said there was no file in the directory. So, I take a look at world.py and find out it seems that it only reads .mca. Does the new version still support .mcr? or Is there any older script for .mcr?

    Thanks in advance.

    Note that I'm using Window Server 2003 and I don't know why the exe is not working so my only option is to use Python script.
    Also, there're some reasons that I have to use .mcr without converting to anvil.

    EDIT: Solved, I just forgot to try out older .exe . My bad :(
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    posted a message on [Solved][mc1.1] Transparent Skin
    Currently I'm working on "Transparent Skin" mod for my server's client side mod pack to enable more transparent part on the skin. As far as I know, transparency works for "local" image but transparent part in downloadable texture (eg. player's skin) will be replaced with black. I'm looking into how the texture is allocated and setup to figure out how the transparent part is replaced but still have no clue. Can anyone help me with this or give me some hints?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Solved, just found the color replacement code in ImageBufferDownload.java
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    posted a message on [Closed] Swapping texture while rendering
    I've tried to make a mod which let me use more than one "block sprite sheet" (eg. terrain.png) and the problem
    is that I can't get things working.

    I have getTexture() for each block which returns texture file path and in WorldRenderer
    I edit code in updateRenderer() for swapping texture like this
    (note that re is RenderEngine)
    if (block.getTexture() != null)
          GL11.glBindTexture(3553, re.getTexture(block.getTexture()));
    flag1 |= renderblocks.renderBlockByRenderType(block, l2, j2, k2);
    if (block.getTexture() != null)
          GL11.glBindTexture(3553, re.getTexture("/terrain.png"));

    but when I play tested , texture was the default one , nothing happened.

    Could anyone point me the way out :sad.gif:

    Anyway, I can't use Forge because my mod is not compatible with modLoader and I've done
    things too far to turn back to modLoader now

    Figured it out! the problem was glDisplayList not support glBindTexture
    Have to do custom rendering pass and the problem solved

    just a vending machine
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    posted a message on [Need help,MCP] Disabling player inventory
    Could anyone point me out how to disabling player inventory in SMP 1.8.1 ?
    (I'm modding using code from MCP)

    My idea is to reject packet that client tells server about inventory opening (not sure if this will work)
    but I did some searching in MCP project about bringing up GUI and packet and
    cannot find any clue about this.

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    posted a message on MCP vs Bukkit
    I'm just curious about what is the preferable way to mod the server
    between using Bukkit API and modding server directly with codes from MCP
    considering only server performance.

    Also note that I already known how to modding server directly but I don't
    know how to use Bukkit API right now.

    It would be great if you can give your opinion. Thanks in advance :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [Fixed] Could not find the main class (Server)
    My friend has Minecraft server downloaded from minecraft.net (the official one v 1.7.3) and it's working properly.
    But after he takes my modified server jar (mod added) ,which was running fine on my computer ,
    and run it. The server is not working and telling

    "Could not find the main class : net.minecraft.server.minecraftserver. Program will exit"

    What would be the problem? I cannot think of one since it worked fine for me. Also I've checked out FAQ
    on this page and there was no solution.

    Note that I modified the original server jar (v 1.7.3).

    ps Apologize if I posted this on the wrong forum.

    Dont want to bump the topic :smile.gif:

    Quote from Rollese

    Is he starting it from the same batch file as you did?

    Both of us do not use .bat to run the server, just double click jar.

    Anyway, The problem is fixed. It's just an "version issue", I compiled
    my mod with Java 1.7 while my friend uses Java 1.6
    To solve the problem is easy, just recompile the mod with Java 1.6 and
    things work fine now :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Need help with MCP reobfuscation
    Quote from DoomHobo

    So no error reports? Are you sure nothings in your reobf folder? Any more info you can give?

    Thanks for replying and yes , there is no error report and nothing in the folder.
    I just remembered that in minecraft.jar there is also Ellian's material detector when doing the process.
    Don't know if it is a cause of the problem because now I try upgrading client to 1.7.3, put in only
    Modloader then modding and MCP works normally

    In addition, before I tried everything I said in the first post. MCP 4.2 obfuscation just throw
    out some random things (many obfuscated classes I did and didn't edit) and printed out some errors
    so I decided to use newly extracted mcp 4.2 and did all I posted

    @DoomHobo @red_royal
    Thanks for your replies :biggrin.gif:. I've moved to mcp 4.3 and all things work fine now.
    (Don't want to bump this topic so I edited this post instead)
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    posted a message on Need help with MCP reobfuscation
    I'm currently working on some mod for minecraft 1.7.2 using MCP4.2 to decompile the jar.
    Everything is fine, I've tested the code using MCP startclient.bat already.
    But when it comes to obfuscation. I get nothing in the reobf folder.
    Note that I run reobfuscate.bat after I use recompile.bat and no error was
    shown in reobfuscate console and also my mod is based on Modloader so the minecraft.jar
    I used contains Modloader.

    I don't know what I've done wrong, please help. Thanks

    ps. Sorry if the message isn't clear. I'm not so good at English.


    Using MCP 4.3 and things work fine now.
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