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    Quote from Redd56»

    so... here it is 2018 and.... well i wanna make a modpack with this included, considering its open source thats fine right?

    The following may be of some use to get you started with a server:

    You should test everything normal and above and below normal Y Limits.

    I loaded the cubic chunks mod into single player and successfully played single player with the following mods:




    using MinecraftForge version for Minecraft 1.12.2

    The mods files are on https://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods always click on "view project page" then on the "files" link in the menu for the correct downloads for your versions of minecraft.

    The cubic chunks mod does not seem to be found on curseforge.com when I just searched for it! This is a problem. The jar file I have was given to me by someone else and does work. PLEASE would the care takers of this mod please post usable versions on curseforge.com and go ahead and mark them beta versions please!! Their DISCORD seems to have the latest downloads under INFO. see also this link https://jenkins.daporkchop.net/job/CubicChunks/

    Minecraft forge is at http://files.minecraftforge.net/

    Of-course for the sake of links Minecaft can be found at https://minecraft.net/

    When you are logged in to minecraft.net there is a download link.

    possibly after logging-in try https://minecraft.net/en-us/download/alternative if you wish.

    Perhaps variations of this or even newer versions of this might work.

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    Quote from Joshua8965»

    Is there a way for this mod to keep the bedrock limit in a world but still have limitless height.

    info: the max height and depth should be exactly 32767 which is maximum integer value.

    I also like the idea of being able to specify a bedrock layer depth. On this thought, I am wondering if the current cubic chunks actually has a bedrock layer at all? does it?

    if it does have a bedrock layer does it generate any blocks below that level? I would hope not but ... ?

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    The mod SpawnCommands Teleport is now tested and working in an alpha version that is compatible with Cubic Chunks or other similar mods.



    This version was tested successfully on a Minecraft 1.12.2 multiplayer server.

    This version of SpawnCommands automatically detects if the mod Cubic Chunks is loaded and will change the configuration option for you to support the new Y coordinate range.

    Useful to me for testing was this info:

    in the server.properties change

    and this change


    not sure if this one is necessary,

    the files to put in the mod folder that i was given were



    and the one i added above is


    I have no idea if the malisiscore is needed but its what i received and tested and it all worked together. I tested locations above 256 and below 0 successfully building and mining.

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    I just released an alpha version of the mod "Spawn Commands Teleport" that is supposed to support this mod (cubicchunks).

    This was requested by Zeldon567_ and I am happy to help with this request.

    The download link is:


    The following wrong link is what i originally posted here but there is a tested working version out now and linked above.


    The file name is:


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    NEW RELEASE Jan 2018

    Version 2.7.0

    Updated for new versions of Minecraft

    Added new commands: /ti /ok /away /up /dn /top

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    Well... lol. life...

    #1 i haven't pursued making this specifically compatible with lan games,
    nor have i tested it in lan games. But someday I want to.

    #2 As of the last of june and first week in July I was busily upadating
    Spawn Commands Teleport Mod for all the newer versions of Minecraft. I
    had completed the update for mc1.9 and 1.9.4 and tested them. Then on
    July 8th I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Turns out it
    was a big heart attack and am now in a rehab center recovering with
    yesterday getting on the net for the first time in 3 weeks. so if its
    not one thing its another. lol.

    #3 You are very welcome to use other mods. You might want to consider
    one called "forge essentials" i believe it has a /spawn and a /home
    command but arent as good as mine. :D but they do work

    #4 I do intend to release the new versions all at once. It should be
    fairly easy to code the new versions above mc1.9.4 sinnce most of the
    code is the same. Intentions are great but there is an old saying that
    "plans rarely survive life"

    #5 Also there are some new features that are already working in the
    new version of Spawn Commands Teleport: a simpler way to approve a
    teleport ask: just use /ok instead of /ta ok. Also a teleport invite
    command as oppose to as teleport ask to teleport to them. (/ti) it
    preapproves their /ta request. all they have to do it type /ta.
    also for operators the commands /top /up and /dn.



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    Death Quotes Mod

    for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.11.2

    DeathQuote Example

    When a player dies the game announces to all players that you died and from what condition such as "swimming in lava". This mod adds a funny amusing quote just above that message.


    It's fun to tease your friends about their Death Quote when they die in multiplayer!

    The default set of quotes contains over 619 of them! You may add to the quotes file or change it completly. If you don't have a quotes file in the /config/deathquotes.txt it will create the default one for you. Please do post your quotes files for others to use. :)

    If you update your existing DeathQuotes mod you need to remove the existing deathquotes.txt file from your /config/ folder and restart your server/game once. This will recreate the file with the new death quotes list. If you have customized your quotes file you may just keep it as it is and it will not be affected.

    These quotes are from a bunch of Minecraft players. To the best of my memory contributers include (in no order) General_Enigma, blackops1498, Talsera, Jabberwock29a, DjDerpsalot, Chadligula, Greytail, Grengoshix, Skarrjn, SuperTeddy, Skater2448, MrProblemsolver, myself andrenoel, and my mom (really). We had a lot of fun coming up with them and enjoyed playing with this on our own servers for some time.

    This should work in single player and in multiplayer servers from Minecraft version 1.7.10 all the way to Minecraft 1.11.2

    Have fun! And have more fun when you die. lol

    Reviews: minecraftsix.com, minecraftside.com, mc-mod.net, file-minecraft.com,

    Videos: , . [lang fr?],


    As with any forge mod, just drop the downloaded jar file into the /mods/
    folder and restart the game server. Be sure you selected the download for the version of Minecraft you are playing. The lastest version of this mod is 1.2.0 for each version of Minecraft from 1.7.10 through 1.11.2 click here for the best page to select your download.


    As mentioned above, if you update your Death Quotes mod to a newer version and hope for the new death quotes to be used, you will need to remove the existing deathquotes.txt file from your /config/ folder and restart the game once. This will create the default one from your updated mod with the new quotes. If you have customized your quotes list you don't have to do anything and it will remain the same. To support customized quote lists this mod will only create its default list if no list exists during game startup.


    Yes, you may use this for anything.

    Yes, you may distribute this.

    Only needed on the server side for this mod to work on multiplayer servers.

    Works in single player as well.

    This is a forge mod, no bukkit is needed.

    Source code is included in the jar

    The Official web page for this is on curse.com here.

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    Quote from FoosZ»

    I have a problem I am experiencing on my new crackpack server. I have installed this mod AND the ForgeEssentials mod in addition to the already configured crackpack mod pack. My problem now though is my non-opted players cannot use the /sethome command. I have configured the ForgeEssentials command permissions so that command.sethome is default: true I have also done the changes needed for home location names to work (at least for the ops) Can you think of anything I must be missing.




    Both mods are probably trying to create a command with the same name, such as "/sethome". This is a conflict.

    I am not sure if you can disable the commands in ForgeEssentials that are in conflict or not.

    You can rename or even disable any of the commands in SpawnCommands by editing the config files. BUT if you try to use some commands from each of the mods it will not work well for the /back command in SpawnCommands. /back only tracks teleports done using any of the SpawnCommands ones.

    Also I believe the Essentials mod has a way of authorizing commands for user groups. You might want to look into that documentation.

    An interesting note: The ForgeEssentials is based on the Bukkit mod version of "Essentials mod" and that was also part of the inspiration for this mod. At the time these commands were not available to Forge mod servers. Use what works well for you.

    Just some thoughts on this. Ask more questions if you wish. =)


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    Quote from Yage»

    Good morning. the first to congratulate the creator for this mod so good, simple and efficient. :)
    I wonder if there any way to disable the teleport between dimensions (I'm using galacticraft and do not want him to travel to planets / ta or return to the overworld with / home). Thank you very much for your time, greetings

    Thank you.

    That makes sense. It should be a feature. But so far it is not one.

    The only dimension restriction so far is the one that prevents you from teleporting out of "The End" dimension if the dragon is alive there. This option is configurable.

    The coding for your idea could be easy. However when I have been coding I've been working on updating this mod for the newer versions of Minecraft. My life has been interfering with doing so as well. Your idea is a good one.

    As for details... if one were to code this... Does Galacticraft have an unlimited number of planets to go to or a small finite list? Would we restrict dimensional travel to just the valnilla Minecraft ones such as the end and the nether and the overworld? How would we determine which dimensions to allow dimensional travel to? Is there a way to detect which ones are for Galacticraft only? Perhaps a simple setting for blocking all dimensional travel. Just some thoughts.


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    ok the company that runs this forum is not at all interested in being competent or caring for their users that post messages here!

    For YEARS they have not fixed this very editor i am using to post. Please note in the previous post how it shows "[b]" when it should just be bold. This editor will even delete parts of what you type depending on how you bold or color things. I really with they would fix their software. Its been years of this and it is very angrifying!

    ok well there is a preaching moment but the problem is maddening and not beiing fixed for years now.

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    Yes :)

    Quote from kaputtea7475»

    Hi, Can you help? I have been trying to do /sethome home but it keeps saying lots of different things (in the pic). I have been in the configs changing false to true and i tried to look at the permissions config but i dont know what to change. It keeps saying that im not op which i dont know how to change. Any ideas?

    By default Spawn Commands Teleport is not configured for that but can easily be changed.

    First open [b]the base .minecraft folder[/b] you are playing in. In single player vanilla minecraft on windows o/s this is often found here %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft On linux its usually under your users home folder. I say "often" and "usually" because the game allows you to set it up in other locations. Minecraft game launchers such as FTB or ATLauncher or Curse or others have their own folders for it. For those you can often click or right click before the launch to open its base folder. If you are unsure how then ask here about your launcher. I or someone might be able to help with that specific launcher.

    Next you need to find and open the [b]SpawnCommands configs folder[/b]. This is where you will need to change a couple of settings. Most forge mods put their config files in the folder named "configs". Since SpawnCommands is specific to the map you are playing on, its config files are stored in its own folder under the folder your map is saved in. For [b]single player[/b] its usually under "saves/yourGameName/SpawnCommands-config-folder" For [b]multiplayer[/b] its almost the same but usually "world/SpawnCommands-config-folder".

    if you are in a single player game and the image is showing that "you are not an op" then you will need to change one setting in the miscellaneous config file. Open the _miscellaneous.config[/b] file with a text editor (notepad or similar plain text editor). Change the setting
    to true as shown here. This should immediately clear up the issue of you not being an "op" in single player.

    If you are in multiplayer and it is showing that "you are not an op" You need to become one. To do so at the game "console" you need to type the command "/op yourplayername" which should automatically look up your user name on minecraft.net and properly add you to the ops.json file, For hosted minecraft you can usually sign in to their web based interface and access the "console" from there. This makes you an official game operator. :D

    In the image you shows that you cannot use the "/home myNamedLocation" command. One change in the "_miscellaneous.config[/b]" file as shown here:
    Change it to true as shown and it should work immediately.

    ALSO if you are horribly worried that you have messed up the configs... Just stop the server. Delete the config files. The start the server again. It will automatically create the default config files again. No worries. :)

    Please feel free to ask with any questions more... Happy to help.

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    Quote from swesensei»

    Life has a tendency to get in the way of the fun things! =)

    I'll explain a bit more detailed about what I'm doing, just so you have the information, no need to fix anything;

    I'm running a minecraft pixelmon server and we use your mod to get around faster. We also use a permissions mod called SimpePermissions that you can group up the users and then just add or remove different commands to them. Like for /say it would be minecraft.command.say or heal your pokemon would be pixelmon.command.pokeheal. So i tried to remove aln.SpawnCommands.CommandHome and a couple of different variations from my self but I still could teleport home, hence my first message to you. =) On the pixelmon wiki they call this permission nodes and seems to be a common name when I've been googling about it.

    Pixelmon Wiki Commands:Permission Nodes

    Good luck with life!

    Sounds good.

    The /home command can be set to operators only. I do realize it would be best for it to be compatible with the permissions mod. Eventually a link to the permissions mod you are using might be helpful then. In my head Im thinking about how the permissions mod enables or disables commands so that I could make this compatible with it.


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    Quote from swesensei»

    Is it possible to add permissions to the commands through a permissions plugin? Like SpawnCommands.command.spawn for example, tried a couple of variants but never got it to match the real name of the node (or it just isn't possible and I did match it). Great mod either way :)

    if you are looking for the java class names etc for individual commands, the source code is included in every jar file. Are you looking for this "aln.SpawnCommands.CommandSpawn" ?

    Currently it has a permissions file that sets a general permission "level" of "no" "op" "enable" or "all" for each command. "no" would block the command from being registered on startup. "op" would require the user to be an operator to use this command. "enable" would by default block the command unless advanced commands are enabled by an op. "all" means all users can use this command.

    As for a by user or group permission it is not currently coded into this now. It sounds interesting to support this. Anything is possible. If everything were workinig well for my life at the moment I would be interested to check this out in more detail. At this time my life is interfering with my ability to even update this mod to the latest version of minecraft. So my focus when I have the time and ability is to get this version upgraded to 1.9 1.9.4 and 1.10 and 1.10.2 =)

    It sounds like a good idea.
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    Quote from Oniromancie»

    Ok now for some reason it works, but I can't do /help anymore. It says: An Unknown error occurred while attempting to perform this command.
    In the console it showed this:

    I am very happy it works now. :)

    There was a version of this that did have a /help problem. Make sure you have the latest version as linked in post number one here. (offical download link here on curseforge). BUT based on your evidence I will specifically check out the /help problem in this latest version. It is possible i reintroduced a mistake. Thank you.

    As for the error message about the block type not existing... this also sounds like an older version problem but i do know it will not affect game play or cause any problems at all. I will also check it out as well to fix the display of the error to only display when it is appropriate. This specific error should not even be displayed since it has no effect on the game anyway. Thanks.

    I am very curious what happened the first time it errored about the missing class. But who knows lol. I plan to reply here with what ever i find out. I am very glad its working now.

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    Quote from Oniromancie»
    Hi, your mod seems great and my friends and I wanted to use it in our 1.8.9 Pixelmon Server. I tried to open the server after putting the 1.8.9 version of the mod the "mods" file and I got this erroe: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: aln.SpawnCommands.SpawnCommands
    So I removed the jar file and the server worked again. Did I did something wrong or its just not compatible with Pixelmon/Bibliocraft?

    cool. thanks!

    hmmm. I did test it in a forge server. BUT im not ruling out other problems. Would it be possible to see the rest of the log file for that part? =) I would love to see what class it didnt find etc.

    So far i do not see any reason it would interfere with anything unless there is another command defined with the exact same names as its commands. If this is the case the commands in this mod can be renamed in a config file.

    I hope you can get the log files. if you paste them here please use a "spoiler" or perhaps use pastebin.com I actually prefer the console text over the error log file or crash report. the console shows more. but i will take what ever is available.

    If you find a solution let me know. im happy to take a look at this.


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