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    Quote from DucuMiner

    hey andre just wondering about how long till the coustomizer and what new items will it bring ?

    The customizer is actually built, and the back end is almost ready. We had a setback that we're still working to overcome. Sorry, no ETA right now, but SOON!

    And it will just have the current objects & items when we launch. But once it's up & running I'll add new options frequently. I'd like to have several good choices for the most popular objects.

    Here's a sneak peak:
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    Quote from CowThing

    I made a little something inspired by Terraria and this pack, it replaces saplings with pine cones, acorns, and birch fruits!

    The sprites:

    I'm not sure if the birch fruits are really like that, I just googled it and based it on those images.

    LOVE EM! Great idea. I think I'll have to give these a try.
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    Quote from iamalicefool »
    This is by far my favorite texture pack!

    The wolves scare me though :') their teeth look either sinister or dopey depending how you look at it :')

    Wolves should scare you. They're scary.

    Quote from jgp30125 »
    im loving this texture pack! i love you.

    I love you too then!

    Quote from 8BitGinno »
    Just dropping in to say I love your stuff, man! You're the inspiration for my skins and mob textures!

    Glad to hear it. Those Bob-ombs are rather wonderful, I must say.

    Quote from Mr Tenenbaum »
    I personally like the scientist look, especially the goggles,.. Lol. At least keep it as an alternate, Would you kindly?

    Any Bioshock fans? Anyone? Lol :wink.gif:

    Yeah, that's sort of what I was going for. Definitely will have them as alts. I want all my armor to feel more like accessories than actual armor. I hate having my character all covered up. So hopefully you'll like the new stuff just as much. No eta on that though. My to-do list is a million items long, and this is item 472512.

    Quote from Slycan »
    all this sexiness put in 16x

    Pixels are sexy. Each one was sensuously chosen and caressed into place for maximum stimulation.

    Quote from TPA5 »
    Bloody fantastic mate! This is a true work of art. Also; major props for your website. You have a crazy unique art style, I freaking love it. If your prints were more in the range of a poor student then I would so buy some (Although I understand why they're so expensive, they rock!)

    THANKS! Happy to share my pixels & paint with folks like you.

    Quote from Br1ck »
    hi man luv ur stuff but 1 question why is my tools low resolution??

    No idea. That's very weird, I've never seen that sort of artifacting before. Did you edit the png perchance? If so, use a better program or watch your export quality settings.

    Quote from Mr_Infomaniac »
    How do I edit the terrain file to get the alternate textures. I love the green quilted bed.

    Download paint.net, open the terrain.png from my zip, move & replace the bed texture (make sure it goes in the exact same place), then save the png and place it in the zip and replace the one that's there. Or sit tight and wait for my texture pack customizer, which is in the works :wink.gif:

    Quote from DarkEcho »
    Hey, Andre I was just wondering. I was watching a video on YouTube which had the jolicraft texture pack and the guys windows didn't have the lines through them, like a cross in brown. So I was wondering if you could make your windows like that. (I think the guy edited your windows)Because they look really good without the cross through them. It's easier to see outnof them! So if you could reply to this as soon as you can, thx :smile.gif:

    Oh yeah, there's alternate window textures in my terrain.png. See the above reply for some basic texture editing. Again, you may wait for the texture pack customizer and choose from all my options sometime soon.

    And folks, I'm waiting on the edge of my Wacom tablet for the weather update. Rest assured you won't be without custom Jolicraft weather for long. :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from atari2600 »
    I must say this is fantastic! you officially beat eldspack as my favorite texture pack! now all you need is icons and mobs! congratulations! you win a bookmark on my google bar! keep up the great work! I shall be keeping an eye out for updates all the time! also I live the cavepainting hand and the pumpkins!
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: 5/5!

    Nice. I was hoping someone would call out the pumpkins. They're my favorite part I think.

    Quote from PumaBearLionMan »
    Quote from Lilyo »
    You should use some of your art for the paintings :tongue.gif:

    I definitely agree with that.

    If I can make it work that small, it will be done.

    Quote from Glimmar »
    You have a wonderfully unique cheerful style and I absolutely love your OP and awesome sense of design, probably the best I've yet seen! I obviously prefer 32x32, but I know beautiful work when I see it and this would now be my 16x16 pack of choice if all other resolutions disappeared over night (though I'd prefer that not to happen! :SSSS: ). My son will go bananas over it...traitor that he is! :DBlock: :iapprove:

    How DARE you come here to this thread and even mention the number 32. That's a hate word in Jolicraft-land.

    But seriously thanks! I love your pack too btw. Minecraft & Steampunk are a match made in heaven.

    Quote from virulentRant »
    Excellent, although I want an official armor texture... (I've just been using mine...)

    You got it buddy. Enjoy!

    Quote from Frayfray »
    BTW, I noticed you don't have your own Pictures or Armor set. Are you working on those?

    Short answer, yes. Long answer, yyyeeessssss.
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ NETHER you mind!
    Thanks for the feedback folks. You make me smile.

    I just noticed a glitch in the inventory screen, it had a black square in the background (stupid PNG optimizer glitched up my stuff!). I replaced the 1.1 download, be sure to redownload. And let me know if you spy any other glitches if you please.
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    Quote from MetroFan180 »
    If you want, I have a picture of my Nether Portal in this texture pack that you can add to your OP. :biggrin.gif:

    Love the reddish tone to obsidian, perfectly captures the Nether portal feel.

    Thanks man. Looking at your photo I can see my redstone torches need a facelift. I never use them so I didn't put much thought into them. Stay tuned.

    Quote from icechen1 »
    I love it! One of the best I've seen.

    TY TY!
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    Quote from Lilyo »

    Awesome thanks!

    Quote from Teh96 »
    This is 16x16? Holy ****, is it amazing for 16x16.
    You sir, have earned my vote for quite easily one of the most beautiful texture packs I've ever seen. :biggrin.gif:

    Thanks man, I spent tons of time on this so I'm glad to hear folks like it. Enjoy!

    Quote from MetroFan180 »

    I REALLY love the candles.

    :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+: :--+:
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    Thanks guys. Yeah I do plan on making my own mobs & armor skins someday. Thanks for the correction, fixed. Enjoy!
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    posted a message on ··· The 16p RPG ··· [04/04] - 1.4 update
    Long story short, this is Doku's RPG texture pack, adapted for 16p by SineDevience, and I'm going to pick up where he left off and update this pack for the current and future minecraft releases. I take no credit for any of the textures in this pack, save my own additions like the new blocks and my character skin. My goal is to keep this faithful to the original look & feel of Doku's RPG pack.

    The 16p RPG texture pack v1.10
    · The complete package - everything from clouds to armor to skins to mobs and beyond has been chosen to set the RPG mood.
    · WildGrass support
    · Custom GUI
    · Custom art objects to set the RPG mood (wip)
    · Variable clouds - some days it's overcast, some days it's clear, some days it's just right.

    Easy Installation:
    · Download the zip. Drop it in your minecraft texture packs folder. Select it from the "Mods & Texture Packs" menu in minecraft. Enjoy!

    Advanced Installation:
    · Use MCPATCHER to apply the pack for the custom water/lava animations. But if you're doing this, shouldn't you be using Shadounnet's 32p version?

    Version history
    2.0 - wildgrass update, added default wolves, cookie, title screen & mojang logo (on brand), reverted to older icons
    1.10 - added missing icons (don't know how they got lost before, sorry about that!)
    1.9 - 1.3 update - beds & redstone repeaters, wires
    1.8 - New icons set to unify the icons (most borrowed from Frenden's set, with permission), misc tweaks to polish a few rough edges.
    1.7 - Custom art pack to set the RPG mood (thanks to morhlis for many of his awesome art objects).
    1.6 - added WIP custom art pack, added wip icons from Galago.
    1.5 - changed top of trap texture, outlined many icons that weren't consistent,
    1.4 - custom pine tree leaves & trunk (was using default before), sandstone block tweaks
    1.3 - added sugar item texture
    1.2 - changed wool colours (thanks to budsharpe for providing many of the new textures in this update), changed jukebox side texture, redone Lapis Lazuli blocks, touchup sandstone block, changed flower colours to match new dye system, changed birch block a bit, added trap gui
    1.1 - added dyes to items table, changed birch texture a bit
    1.0 - First update for beta 1.2_01

    To-Do List
    · Possibly change icon design to be non-outlined across the board
    · Custom Pumpkin (already started)
    · Custom cake & cake icon
    · Custom WildGrass (similar, just something other than the default)
    · Some detail screenshots
    · Let me know if there's other stuff that needs modifying

    · Doku - made the 32p pack that this one is based off of. This is his vision, we are just the hands that execute it.
    · SineDeviance - adapted Doku's RPG pack to 16p (and thus has earned the favor of the gods). Have you seen his awesome texture pack?
    · Shadounnet - has taken over development of the 32p version. It's great (if you're into 32p). Check it out here.
    · Zera - for making my favorite armor skins (included).
    · The Painterly Pack - stole their ingenious clouds
    · Frenden graciously offered to let us use some of his awesome icons. Be sure to check out his pack if you prefer cartoony packs!
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    posted a message on [1.8.7]SineCraft v2.2 - 7.15.2015
    I LOVE IT. The GUI is sexy as heck. You do great work Sine.
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