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Been playing a long time now. almost always in peaceful mode. I like exploring and treasure hunting and trading and villager metrics. I like to build and landscape too. My other games are things like puzzles and solitaires. I stream onto mixer, then upload the stream file to youtube.


I spend a lot of time recovering from one health crisis or the next right now so my pets are my whole world. One african grey parrot and two hairless dogs, a chinese crested x chihuahua mix and a standard xoloitzcuintle dog. I also enjoy making things with a wide variety of mediums and projects from fiber arts to a skoolie conversion and many stops in between. I've got a 3d printer and I'm only a little afraid to use it.... I also do a lot of cookery stuff, canning and reducing and what not. So I'm a well rounded individual, and retired from house painting for income.

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