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    posted a message on 📣 TMV.ZONE 📣 Chill Survival Server 🌳 Hermitcraft-like Community 👋

    MC User: jacko12132

    Discord: no u#0923

    Why: I want to join a server with a lot of people and I've watched a ton of SMP Live and want something similar to that, and none of my irl friends want something like that so I decided to find some, and I found a few and we made a realm but it's nothing like what I really wanted, and I like to play with people that are serious about it and enjoy it as well.

    Timezone: EST

    When: I usually play anytime between 7-10PM EST most days, it just depends on my mood and if I have a lot of hw.

    shoot i missed "tell me about yourself" um, well I'm 16 and a Junior in high school and I really enjoy building and terraforming to nature, and while I can't really build structures above ground without tutorials, I'd say I'm decent at making somewhat underground bases.

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