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    *Cough* counter strike *cough cough*
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    CoD is an overpriced franchise that isn't even worth the $60 for a game. Every other CoD is a slightly modified version of the previous game with a different number slapped on the cover. Not to mention the general audience for the CoD series is a bunch of 6-12 year olds who don't know the difference between life and CoD. The game is fun to play but it has a HORRIBLE community and the devs never listen to them and just crap out another game that is the same as the last. That's why there s so much hate for the franchise.
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    The AKGaming Server

    Welcome to AKGaming, a community where we like to keep things simple and legit. If any of you are like me, then you have spent many days trying to find a true vanilla server to play on. A server with absolutely no plugins whatsoever and has a friendly community that is willing to help any new or old player. That is why I made the AKGaming server, a pure vanilla server with absolutely no plugins, zero cheating/hacking and a friendly community. If you enjoy this idea and want to be a part of a completely vanilla server, then fill out this application in the comments section so you can be on the whitelist:

    In Game Name: (minecraft username)

    Age: (real life age. Do not make this up, age does not effect judgement at all)

    How long have you played minecraft?:

    Why do you want to join?: (Please spend some time on this. Give us ~3-5+ sentences about why you like this server idea/server in general and why you would be a good player (How you play minecraft smp)

    You can also apply in the comments section of this video:


    Everything is allowed. This means all language is accepted (Given the players are mature enough), PVP is allowed (Yes you can kill people all you want, just don't go overboard like spawn killing, murder spree ect.), stealing is allowed (You don't hide a chest, well then its your fault your crap was stolen), and griefing is allowed (to some extent like you can inflict minor damage to break into a house or building, but don't burn down the house or destroy the building)


    The only way you can get banned is by participating in excessive griefing/pvp.

    If anyone catches someone cheating/doing any of the above actions then PM me with a name, and if possible, a screenshot of the event.

    Server Banner

    Server IP


    Hope you enjoy the server and good luck!
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