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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    It's a shame how 1.3 nerfed the zistonian battle signs (Enchanted signs) :(
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    posted a message on [SURV] Survival Cell
    Looks unique. Might try it.
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    posted a message on [SURVIVAL] Moon Colonization
    Wow. Looks like it has potential! I'll try it. Where's the download link?
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    posted a message on Fall damage - wierd numbers
    Wha...? THIS IS IMPOSSIBRU! All blashpemy!
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    posted a message on How to punch a tree
    For a second I thought some n00b was asking how to punch a tree.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Mojang is pretty lazy at the moment. They're not considering community ideas and are using this doomed to fail scheme, the blender technique.

    1. Get a promised feature or a community idea.

    2. Throw it in a blender.

    3. End result is in the new snapshot.

    It's exactly what happened with the end and the skylands. Chuck them in a blender, get the end. Placing clocks/maps? Item frames! Enchanted saddles? Carrot on a fishing rod!

    Terrain sliders are the latest features from the cursed blender. I'd love to see dinnerbone reply to this. :3

    Quote from Stygander

    for those of those whining like little babys maybe if you took two minutes to look around there are mods in development that allow for more terrain possibilites, yes they require a little work to get working right, but they still work



    If you had played since before 1.8 you would be agreeing with us. Based on your insult to us I can see that you've been playing since 1.0 and haven't even seen the old generator. "OMG CRAPY

    Downgrade to 1.7.3 and compare the old generator to the new one. Link to MC nostalgia is here.

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    posted a message on 1.3.1 "Open to LAN" not working correctly?
    I had the same problem when I was playing the portal gun mod with a friend. It turns out you just need to let it through firewall. This can be done easily.

    1. Click on the search thing on the start menu.

    2. Type firewall and click on the program, "allow a program through firewall".

    3. There's a load of check list boxes that allow you to allow programs through. Make sure every one called java (TM) Platform SE binary is checked.

    4. Play LAN and have fun! (It's an important step!)

    Hope this helped!
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    posted a message on Minecraft's genders and what Notch unintentionally revealed


    I don't mean any offence. (I was just joking a bit, since Notch was saying it in that matter (No, I'm not seeing him as a role model))
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    posted a message on Minecraft's genders and what Notch unintentionally revealed
    Recently I checked "The word of Notch" which is the rarely updated page of rants and other things by Notch. I came across Notch speaking about the genders in minecraft. He said that everything in the game was male (Witches...?) and that it half-jokingly meant everything/one was gay (Too bad homophobes). While thinking about this something hit me: If everything was male, how come there is an ender dragon egg...?

    The first theory is that the ender dragon is a parent guarding his egg due to the mother's absence. The fact that you never see the mother dragon means that there could possibly be a sequel to minecraft, featuring the revenge of the ender dragon mother. Did Notch mean to hint at this or did he mean it? Or did it mean anything?

    The next theory is a cross species chicken egg with an insert of growth hormones and ender DNA. It's that or family business.

    Any thoughts on this? And don't say "WHO GIVES A [profanity="[profanity="fuck"]"]?!?!?!?" Well I say if you're gonna be like that, get out of here. People are interested in this stuff, it's better than going crazy over the kardashians (Who gives a damn about them anyway? Just a family of women who think the world should know about everything in their lives. They allowed a TV show to be aired about them for crying out loud)

    (I almost made a mini rant on.... No, I can't say it for the sake of keeping flame wars away, even a little sentence detailing something I almost did could start a flame war. Anyways, it was going to relate a culture's actions to the kardashians in terms of showing off and expecting them to be the center of knowledge and attention. Will that start a flame war? I hope not. Damn, this is a mini rant now. Gotta stop...)
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Excellent mod! It would be great if you added ore-depth restrictions (Correct me if you did). Perhaps increasing the underground limit to get a bit more of the mine in minecraft...?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Aerocom's Extra Crafts
    Add recrafting to logs, stairs and slabs. This mod looks promising.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Logic
    You can walk on blocks of leaves as if they're stone.

    Gold tools are weaker than wooden tools.

    Diamonds can be destroyed by cactus, but cactus cannot be destroyed by diamonds.

    Melons generally grow to 1 square metre big, in a cuboid shape. So do pumpkins.

    Punching crops destroys them instantly.

    Almost every creature dies in a poof of smoke.

    You can fall through a ghast without any resistance whatsoever.

    Pets teleport.

    You trample crops by jumping on them, but you can't when you're running all over them.

    Crouching hides your name.

    You can kill a dragon with eggs and snowballs.

    Saddles magically disappear from dead pigs.

    And finally...

    Green exploding monsters.
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    posted a message on Are witch huts and cats still set for 1.4?
    Quote from PsychoIncarnate

    Dinnerbone just tweeted about theoretically fixing teleporting pets

    Finally, I'm fed up of sitting cats teleporting to me in my creative world randomly.
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!

    Quote from Pawpoz

    Mage (inspirated by Rincewind from Terry's Prachett book's : ) )

    That's good and funny literature for you!
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    posted a message on A name for modded minecraft
    We have vanilla, so why don't we have a name for modded minecraft? I think it would one of the flavors of ice cream. Who else shares this opinion?
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