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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
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    posted a message on Looking for Staff for server!
    How Old are you? 14
    Have you been Moderator before?I am actually currently an admin on a server, and have been with this server for nearly a year.
    Do you have Skype? I sure do.
    How long and how often can you be online? At the most about 3 hours a day.
    Do you know how to advertise? It depends on what type of advertising, I am strictly against servers advertising on other servers.
    Do you know how to make players happy? Of course, you treat them kindly they treat you kindly, and we all have a good time. :)
    What can you bring to the server?I have a lot of experience, working with people on server, and sorting situations out. I am very outgoing, and love to help people when I get the opportunity.
    Other Information?Can't really think of any other information currently, sorry.
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    posted a message on ★★ Live to Craft ★★
    Want a great server, with friendly staff and community? Then this server is for you! We are a server with a great history going from 2 previous names, and now to the hopefully final name. "Live to Craft".

    The server have great playerbase, nice people, and staff. You are instantly part of our family as soon as you join the server. Please do note we have a very strict policy about no griefing/stealing/hacking.

    Need a house protected? Please contact a staff member! They have a blue or red name.

    • No hacking.
    • No stealing.
    • No griefing.
    • No cursing.
    • No racism.
    • Don't insult players, or staff.
    • Don't ask for OP or creative/fly.
    • Don't impersonate staff.
    • Don't use excessively long nicknames.
    We will be posting updates to this topic as they come along.
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    posted a message on LedsCraft [WHITELIST] [ACCEPTING PLAYERS] [VANILLA]
    Minecraft Username: ajz2017
    Age: 14
    Location: USA
    Previous Bans: Nope.
    How Often Do You Play MC: As often as possible, when I don't have school, homework, or when I am not out with friends.
    How Long Have You Been Playing MC: Since about June 2012
    Do You Watch Mindcrack/Hermitcraft: Yes, I do. :)
    Would You be Interested in Playing UHC/PvP Maps: I would love to do this, adds some twist to the game. :P
    Will You be Recording/Streaming on the Server: No, I will not, my computer is not good enough to record.
    Do you have Skype? if so what is it? Yes, you can add me on Skype @ ajz2017
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    Very great server!!! Staff is helpful, nice and friendly! They have a nice website with great systems for tickets both on the website, and on the server with ModReq!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Like Server Looking For Applications
    1. Where are you from? Wisconsin
    2. How old are you? 14
    3. What do you feel your best at in minecraft? A little bit of everything I would say, I love building, and making farms. :)
    4. Why do you want to join AFKCrat? I have wanted to join a Mindcrack like server for a while now, and think that this one would be great!
    5. Will you record? I don't make videos, I don't have a good enough rig to do that.
    6: Your Minecraft IGN? ajz2017
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Style Server (Vanilla Community Server)
    -Age- 14
    -Real Name- Alex
    -Skype Name- ajz2017
    -Best way to contact you- Skype
    -Weakness and Strengths- I guess my main strength would be my ability to work together, and help people with things... but when it comes to weaknesses, I like to build my own projects, by myself.
    -Minecraft Username- ajz2017
    -Why you wanna join- I am looking for a great Mindcrack server to join, and play on. I love great communities with nice, and helpful people.
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    posted a message on World War One Minecraft server

    Great Britain

    57th Infantry Regiment
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    posted a message on BeardedCraft 3
    I am an administrator on this server, and I love this server to death...

    Many people say the community is great, and I agree with that, players are nice, so is the staff.

    If you don't believe me, join it for yourselves, and give the server a shot!
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 server looking for staff
    This was from over 2 months ago... but here is my application again:

    Applying for: Either Builder, or Admin!

    Skype username: ajz2017

    Minecraft Username: ajz2017

    Why you want the job: I think I have alot to offer to the server.

    Age: 14

    Are you lying: Nope, never would!

    What you'll bring to the server: I have a great personality, as I said before. I am very good at disciplining people. I have expierience as staff on servers before. I am very helpful, with anything, at anytime! I think that as a position in staff, I can very helpful to other staff members. For example, I can help staff members building, permission, support, with anything! I think that as builder if not accepted as a staff, I can help build new projects, and with some minor redstoning. I can also help with planning projects, and deciding things as where they will go, and what needs to be built.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Skin Viewer 1.2 (supports 1.8 skins!)
    Having trouble seeing the head on a skin....

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    posted a message on Help with GroupManager
    Well, we are having trouble with Groups, whenever I upload these permissions (CLICK HERE), it utilizes the commands, and not the prefixes, please help!
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    posted a message on ElementMC: Survival PVP Server [Great Community][Dedicated Staff][Creative World][Admin Shop]

    Ingame name: ajz2017

    Do you swear never to break the rules, and if you do accept your punishment in a mature manner?: Yes, I do!
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    posted a message on Wheels' Minecraft Server! Survival Minecraft
    The IP would be lovely!
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] ~~~~~ The Survival Games ~~~~~~ { UP TO 24 PLAYERS! } No-LAG [ NO-WHITELIST (FIXED) ] [ OFFLINE ]

    Hello! This is my Survival Games server for 1.4.6 ! He is some pictures of the Games

    Join Here at : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Server is whitelisted...
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