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    posted a message on The Voxel Box ║ Open Server Day on April 6th, 2013 - Anyone may Connect!
    This thread looks great! Glad to see we're back on the forums.
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    posted a message on The Voxel Box! [Creative] Open to guests!.
    Quote from Darttagman

    oh my god breathe taking simply breathe taking. You must have this for download!

    Unfortunately, we don't release the map for download. You CAN, however, apply online and come explore the server whenever you please :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from przerwap

    Actually, me and Gilt wrote a 3-point triangle brush :wink.gif:

    Whelp, looks like it's time to build a life-size Burj Al Arab.
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    Hey guys-- here's my latest creation, a double-scale airbus A380. It has a full interior, both floors, first class, shower/spa, bathrooms, bar, and of course, a jazz club :tongue.gif:

    --More info below, after pictures--


    [>>-i>] This was built on an SMP server-- unfortunately we don't make our save file public but if you'd like to explore the plane you can hop on the server, find me (aitren) and ask for a teleport, I'd be happy to show you around :biggrin.gif: (IP is thevoxelbox.com)

    [>>-i>] "But Aitren, why is there no landing gear?" Now there is! It's been updated ;P

    [>>-i>] The work for this plane was spread out over the course of 4 days, but in total it probably took me about 6 hours. I had a lot of tools at my disposal (VoxeSniper, worledit, flymod) to get things done efficiently :wink.gif:

    [>>-i>] The texture pack I'm using is the official VoxelBox texture pack, a modified version of the painterly pack. You can download it here.

    [>>-i>] The dimensions of the plane:
    Nose-to-tail: 146
    Wingtip-to-wingtip: 160
    Height (inc. tail): ~40 (I'll have to double check this, I made some edits)
    Fuselage Width: 14
    Fuselage Height: 16
    -Note* The plane is 1:2 scale with the real-life A380 (1m = 2 blocks)

    :--+: Update! :--+:
    By popular demand, the plane now has LANDING GEAR! Enjoy :biggrin.gif:

    And here's a little bonus picture of the plane on the latest cartograph :tongue.gif:

    Any thoughts or feedback is welcome :biggrin.gif:
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