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    Mechanics proposition - Alpha dragon system:

    In the world you could very rarely find what I call the "Great Lair"
    (fire dragons - volcano / ice dragons - grottoes inside the glaciers / storm dragons - mountains reaching the clouds)
    In the lair you could meet a dragon that has reached a new stage of growth ... 6th stage, in addition to incredible size, would stand out with more developed horns and spines on the back, clear signs of old age (jagged wings, something like a beard from spikes, ETC) and previously with Alpha instinct.

    Alpha's instinct would be that such a dragon would have total control over all dragons within a radius of forty to eighty chunks. Dragons living on the territory of the Alpha would have to hunt and carry their prey to the Great Lair (it would be possible for a dragon to catch the player in the clutches and take him to the Alpha's lair) Sometimes the Alpha dragon may be dissatisfied with the brought prey and may devour the dragon that would bring it (otherwise cannibalism), Alpha would thus cause fear among his flock, killing the Alpha, you can get an effect that I personally call "Dragon Respect", would be that dragons living in the territory of the dead alpha can treat the player as an alpha and allow the player to enter with impunity nests and would allow you to ride ... it would only work in the former Alfa.

    The Alpha Dragon would be a kind of mini boss or even a regular boss (like an end dragon), so what would a boss be without a good loot?
    In addition to the standard bones, scales, heart, meat and skull of the dragon (of course in the "enlarged" version), you could get the Dragon Pearl, a powerful artifact that, combined with the dragon scepter in the crafting table, would be able to increase the power and power of the player ... would create player of the great magician. depending on the species, there would be three types of pearls:
    - fire: power of fire and lava
    -Ice: ice and water power
    - storm: the power of winds and lightning.

    Of course, I'm sorry for my full of possible mistakes English

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    Would it be possible to add to the modification a creature that does not fly and does not swim, but which walks on land and which can be tamed and mounted like a horse?
    I have two examples of creatures:

    Idea number 1.
    Fiend - very well known from the game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. In my country it is called "Bies", "Czart" or "Rokita".

    (interesting fact: the name "bies" translates as "causing fear")

    He would be about the size of a dragon at the 3rd stage of growth, would have elk horns and initially would have an aggressive attitude towards the player, but you could tame him with the help of two new items ... Snares for beasts and something for bait ... Hippogriff's meat. To mount it you would have to put on a special saddle adapted to the monster.

    Idea number 2.
    Sleipnir - eight-legged horse from Norse mythology. it would be twice the size of a regular horse, of course eight hooves, and it would appear in black, white and silver, with red runes written on its skin.
    It would have momentum mechanics, which would mean that after some time riding on it, it would accelerate and in full run could catch up with the dragon and run on the water (a bit strange I know, but it could be).

    Sorry for my English, I'm not very fluent in this language

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