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    • Gamer tag: Usetheforcemax

    • First name: Max-Martin (but call me Max)

    • Age: 18

    • Gender: Male

    • Country: France (but I'm a Kiwi)

    • About myself: Hey! The name's Max. I've played Minecraft solo a long time ago. Never been in a community. I tried playing with a few friends but they weren't serious so it annoyed me. I've played Back in the 1.7 days and I'm kind of rediscovering the game now. I'm a big fan of hermitcraft so I know how communities work.

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    • Usetheforcemax

    • PC Java edition 1.14.4

    • 18 years old

    • Male

    • England

    • Add me on discord : Usetheforcemax#7102

    • I've played since 1.7 but I stopped for a long time. I'm back now but kind of a noob...

    • Just playing a basic survival game with a few people.

    • I don't have a realm but I would be willing to set one up if we are enough people and you are willing to voice chat.

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