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    People using melons to start slime zoos could lead into other mobs being captured as well. Imagine a spider enclosure and you have to somehow get a sheep in to feed them. You could have endermen on display behind glass eating whatever endermen eat. Minecraft zoos would be a cool addition to the game and allow for a new facet of community building as well as a new point for griefers to exploit. "Ahh! The spider cage is open!!!"

    I hope this suggestion gets some attention, at least a cursory glance and a "Hmh, interesting." from somebody. I miss capturing slimes, and the wolves just seem to get more in the way than they are useful.
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    Quote from Ketran

    My God this is stupid. How is there a link between a melon and a slime? Dogs eat bones, and wolves are related to dogs which is why you can tame them.

    I think melons are slimy. Connection made.

    Besides, who said anything in minecraft had to make sense? Maybe I'll try to go outside and punch a tree with my bare hand until part of the trunk flys off and the rest of it floats in the air...

    The main goal for me would be to make the slimes not despawn, however that is accomplished. Feeding them melons or something would give it a "zoo" like feel were you have to keep your distance from the large ones and yet still click on them when they are jumping about more than usual.

    And it may be stupid in a way, but remember, we're just talking about a thing in a game. If you don't want a slime zoo, don't feed them.
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    I like slimes, and in my ocean world, I've found more slimes than wolves anyway, but was saddened when they despawned after I captured one. I don't think slimes should be tamed in the conventional fashion, they don't have "brains" but I would like to keep them from despawning so they could be kept on display of sorts. There were some other threads suggesting slimeballs, but I think they were pre 1.8, so did not have the option of melons.

    Now stop and imagine a slime with melon seeds floating inside it.

    The mental image has some lol's, yes? I don't think we should even change the slimes behavior to passive or tamed, rather I suggest it makes they more aggressive they they were before. Holding melons in hand would put the slimes into a "WANT" mode where they jump higher and approach faster to get the melon and/or you. This could make capturing the big ones interesting, but it sounds like more fun to me. If you right click on the slime with a melon slice, some of the seeds appear inside the slime, and now the slime does not despawn for a time. The seeds could be dissolved over time and the slime despawns as normal if not fed regularly, but I figure a slice on a tiny slime could give you around 4 minecraft days, bigger slimes may need more feeding or dissolve the seeds faster, and you might be able to "load up" a slime with melon slices to keep it around longer if you're planning a trip and don't want to take it with you.

    To be clear, the tame is in quotes as I don't think the slimes should become friendly or useful. I think slimes should remain the aggressive mob they are now, just a mob we can keep around.
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    Thank you.

    Quote from NOTCH »
    “Achievements will NOT be chores like “cut down 10000 trees”, but rather challenges like “ride a pig off a cliff”. Stats, however, will be used to keep track of how many trees you have cut down. The long term plan is to show achievements and stats from the profile page on minecraft.net as well, in case you want to brag.„


    1000 tracks in any given cardinal direction ... that's somehow NOT a chore to do? Dear god. I tried this my self on several of my worlds, going around lava, trying to build it in the sky ... this was not fun to even TRY to accomplish. I got preoccupied trying to finish this silly rail thing to get the one achievement I hadn't gotten yet, and quit playing, because it would nag at me that I still needed to do it, I should be working on my railroad ...

    Now, I cheated, got the achievement, and can go on not caring. Riding a pig, that was fun. This thing, it was DEFINITELY a chore.
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    When I read that weather and lightning was going to be added to minecraft, my first thought was "Cool! And maybe we can have those things where lightning hist sand!" - because I didn't know what they were called either.

    Before I just started posting, I figured someone else had already brought it up. And they had ... from quite a while back: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=181942

    Even if it is something from that thread that gets used or not, the idea of lightning hitting sand and producing something is a thought provoking one. Rather than go all uber fishing rod of death, I would rather they be decorative, much like real life.

    My suggestion would be that a lightning strike on stand produce a fulgurite that looks a lot like a glass flower, and can be picked up and placed like a flower, but no grinding for dyes. Maybe give it an idle tinkling sound at random intervals or something so it has a little more zen.

    That's it. Just a pretty thing.

    I don't want for much, but it would be very cool if something, anything, happened on contact from lightning to sand, and pretty much everything else lightning might hit.
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    Quote from Cryect »
    Yeah, I will likely release a new version for Beta this weekend. Have to separate the code out which is inter tangled with some other code.

    Quote from legendslayer »
    This mod sucks i do everything it says and every time i black screen

    Reading. It's Fundamental.

    It's not beta ... yet.

    The Miners helmet is beta, however, as a new craftable item, you risk losing your worlds when you update to a new version of minecraft. This may or may not be so risky on worlds, which is why I'd prefer torches, so I am anticipating this update. Now be patient or code it yourself.
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