About Me

I am Nelson.
I am currently, forming a Minecraft server. With a staff community of only 2 people, myself and the co-owner.
It is forming well, hopefully will be running smoothly within the next 2 Months.

If there is anyone out there willing to help fund the server and/or sponsor it that would be fantastic.
I am aiming at a player base of 20-60 players.
After trying and failing to build servers within the last year I believe this will be the one. The one that will succeed. The one that I love most and enjoy the most.
I enjoy Minecraft alot, how ever I do also Enjoy other games too. Such as CS:GO, Rust, Rocket League, Overwatch and many more games.


I enjoy funny memes on Facebook.

Hobbies of mine include Fishing, Going Out With Friends and occasionally going to garage sales.
Gaming is too one of my main class things I love to do.

Location Los Vegas <3 <3 <3

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Minecraft Explainable/HilltopHoods Xbox =~(_!NONE!_)~= PSN =~(_!NONE!_)~= Steam _momo_man_

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