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    posted a message on [ 1.6.2 ] Mc-Sg | Hunger Games | SuperCraftBros | Survival | Creative | Spleef | Parkour | Skyblock | 2222+ players | 24-7 | 21
    My username is AdamJonesay, may I please have member?
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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!
    We are doing a stress test, please join if possible. We need to see how many people the server can handle.
    Stress test is over
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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!
    OMG, 1.4 :D Updated to 1.4
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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!
    :D We have introduced spleef! If you wanna play type /warp spleef!
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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!
    Quote from vietduong128

    not much suggestions. if you need any help -like with making a forum for the server- then just ask me, i have a blank forum with categories to be added. It's pretty pointless unless someone wants to use it for something

    Ah thanks, we already have a website going, hopefully we can get a better more customizable website, but the current website is located at.

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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!
    Thanks for the comment, do you have any suggestions for the server? :D
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    posted a message on Goldenap.pl 24/7 Survival!


    Video by [Trusted+] Azen,

    Make sure to read the rules below!

    Wanna talk to others on the server!

    Our TeamSpeak IP is:
    IP subject to change.

    Rule 1
    Griefing is NOT ALLOWED. Griefers can and will be caught, and earn themselves a permanent ban.
    No exceptions.

    Rule 2
    Your buildings can be protected by a [Big Apple] or higher. Simply ask them politely, and they will do it for you. Be an architect and build something nice! Things which haven't had effort put into them won't be protected.

    Rule 3

    Don't ask/beg a [Trusted] or higher to spawn items for you, as they won't because it is not permitted. Don't waste your/their time and you have a good chance of being punished if caught. People caught spawning items for others will also be dealt with. It may lead to a demotion.

    Rule 4
    YELLING IN CAPS is not at all appreciated. Doing so may earn you a punishment, if done consistently.

    Rule 5
    Don't be a **** to others. It's not cool. This includes things such as: racism, sexism, and overboard trolling. A punishment will be earned if caught.

    Rule 6
    If you are caught using any cheats or hacks, you may be permanently banned.

    Rule 7
    Please do not start any religious, cultural, or political debates. This server is to have fun on, not to argue on. So please do not do it. People who break this rule will be warned to stop, if they fail to do so, then further action may be taken.

    Rule 8
    Do not ever ask for ranks. If you do you may never be considered for a promotion, and may even be demoted. Play for fun, not for ranks. (Also, if you catch someone breaking this rule, it would be cool if you told a [Big Apple] or higher.)

    Rule 9
    If you catch anyone breaking any of the previous rules, please tell a [Big Apple] or higher immediately if one is online. They are here to help moderate the server, and will deal with the rule breaker.

    Now once you have joined you may go to the end of the rules and type:


    This area is subject to change.


    Default Rank


    Donated 5 to 9 dollars


    Donated 10 to 19 dollars


    Donated 20 to 49 dollars


    Donated 50 to 200 dollars


    Donated 50 to 200 dollars


    A trustworthy person



    [Big Apple]


    [Golden Apple]


    [Ultimate Apple]


    Thanks to Jonesy for creating the Minecraft Forum Post.

    Thanks to Golden Apples, Big Apples, and the Ultimate Apple for Moderating and Admining the server.

    Also! Thanks to Apples like you for playing and making the experience better for players!
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    posted a message on BeastNode.com: SSD-Powered Budget and Premium Plans Starting at $2.99/GB with DDoS Protection!
    Let's bump this thread up, I have never seen service any better then BeastNode's Service, blazing fast support, free webhosting under the .beastnode.net domain, as well as lag-less servers ran off SSD! I mean, you can't get better, sure there are places like CubedHost that are cheaper, however their support is less than BeastNode's. Spend that extra 2 dollars or so and go with BeastNode. I have been with BeastNode for about 5 months, I only had 1 hour downtime out of 5 months! *Steve Jobs voice* "I really think your gonna love it."
    Props to BeastNode for the great support and lag-less servers.

    EDIT: Something I forgot to note, they reply to you on all their networks, whether it be MinecraftForums, Facebook or the built in WHMCS Support Ticket system!
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    posted a message on [1.8.1 beta] BetterGUI [0.12 alpha]
    BetterGUI alpha 0.12

    BetterGUI is making less clutter for the average minecraft user. I am making this mod with the idea for more features on the ingame (Pause Menu)GUI. Like adding more features for the Ingame GUI for less clutter, less pages of settings, and more options.



    Download: Dropbox or Mediafire.

    Send Suggestions and Things you want in this mod to [email protected] with ONLY this is the subject. "BETTERGUI"
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