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    MC Hunger Games v1.6_2 BETA

    The first* Hunger Games plugin!
    *as far as project creation dates go


    MCHungerGames is actually quite simple! Just make your arena, add tributes, and go!

    MCHungerGames is designed to make running Hunger Games-style events much easier. Sure, there are some nice servers and plugins that have achieved this, but they constantly require Moderators/Admins to be on, and paying attention.If you don't know what Hunger Games is look
    here for the series by Suzanne Collins, and here for the namesake fictional "Hunger Games" event

    • The Reaping
    • Hook into factions
    • Rewards
    • Script-able game events (eg. Fires, Floods, Poison Gas)
    • Arenas that aren't limited to rectangles!
    • Arena size based off it's radius, therefore sphere shaped arenas
    • Force-fields around arenas!
    • Multi-arena support!
    • Multi-world support!
    • Realistic-Chat like features!
    • Customizable spawnpoints for tributes
    • Coundown when a game is started!
    • Cannons fire when a tribute dies!
    • Join command for players to join arenas by themselves
    • Commands that edit all this in-game!
    • Soon (Litterally, in the next 24 hours) - automated games!
    How to use:

    (Preemtive - © Suzanne Collins , The Hunger Games series)

    I've noticed some people are posting their Hunger Games plugins here and not on Bukkitdev/Bukkit forums. So I decided maybe I should do the same and reach out to those who don't know of dev.bukkit.org
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    posted a message on ..,,::;;Lands of Paroria;;::,,.. A New Age of Minecraft RPG. (May 10th REHIRING)
    I applied on the bukkit forums first

    Quote from (from bukkit.org) acuddlyheadcrab »

    IGN: acuddlyheadcrab
    Time Zone (or Area, Uk\Usa etc):
    GMT: -8
    Do you Agree to terms:
    References (past mods\plugins youve made):
    ChatWarn, SpoutMeow, GMforAll, and 4 other small plugins. Also a minor craftbukkit mod
    Extra Information:Maturity Level 1-10:
    Dedication Level 1-10:
    TeamWork Level 1-10:
    Why do you want to join the team:
    I want to do something server-related again
    Any questions you'd like to ask:
    Is there any specific time-agenda? :Diamond:

    - acuddlyheadcrab
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    Quote from noda1212

    Read the instructions T.T

    Quote from Everyone

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    Quote from acuddlyheadcrab

    Hey guys so i found out why the server's been disconnecting people lately.

    It's because, somehow, my internet speed has gone way down.
    Was once:
    Upload Speed: ~10
    Download Speed: ~15

    Is now:
    Upload Speed: 3.76
    Download Speed: 13.36
    So now it can only host about 10 people at a time :sad.gif: I am trying to find out why the speed has gone down, and also looking into remote hosting, dedicated server, ect...

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

    Quoted from other thread, again =P
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    The idea of throwing rocks makes a lot of sense to me! But alas, i dont think it will happen, because there are already snowballs and arrows. Having another thing to throw would be over complicating the game development. And they cant really take away arrows or snowballs because that would make people angry and not make a lot of sense...

    Basically what i'm saying is that THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE...er.. TWO HIGHLANDERS.
    (where highlanders= projectiles. Yeah i went there.)
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    (moved to another thread long ago)
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