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    Hello and thank you for taking your time to check out DankMC’s recruitment thread.

    DankMC is an up and coming Minecraft Network that will feature game modes such as SMP, Factions, Skyblock, Prison, Kit-PVP and more!

    What do you get for being a staff member on our network?

    ⇾ You get to work with a dedicated and passionate leadership team.

    ⇾ You get the opportunity to develop many skills and attributes.

    ⇾ You get to gain in-depth knowledge of moderating on Minecraft and how to be successful doing so.

    Our staff ranks are as follows (Achieved via applying, promotion and dedication to the server):

    ⇾ Helper

    ⇾ Jr Mod

    ⇾ Mod (Being on a Moderator Team)

    ⇾ Admin (Managing a Moderator Team)

    The following are our leadership ranks (achieved by being recruited onto it or other business)

    ⇾ Manager

    ⇾ Developer

    ⇾ Owner

    DankMC’s staff management is not like any server. You don’t just simply apply, get accepted and now you’re on your own. Everyone who is accepted on our server will begin as a ‘Helper’. For a month you will be closely working alongside a mentor who will guide you and help you to become a ‘Jr.Mod’. During your whole time as a ‘Helper’ you will receive progress reports from your mentor every week. After a month of being ‘Helper’, you will sit a quiz that will determine a score based on the knowledge you have gained from the ‘Helper’ stage. If you pass the quiz, you will become a ‘Jr.Mod’. You will be able to be a Jr Mod for as long as you want until you think you are able to join a Moderator Team. Our server offers the following Moderator Teams;

    ⇾ Community Management: A group of moderators who are in-charge of the community. You will work on coming up with new ideas for the network. You are at the forefront of the community so all voices that want to be heard by leadership will go through you first. This team is managed by the Community Management Admin.

    ⇾ Forum Moderation: A group moderators who are all about the forums (website). You will be processing player reports, appeals and support tickets. This team is managed by the Forum Moderation Admin.

    ⇾ Staff Management: A group of moderators who are in-charge of being mentors to new ‘Helpers’. You will also be assisting in the process of recruiting new ‘Helpers’. This team is managed by the Staff Management Admin.

    ⇾ Event Gang: A group of moderators that are in charge of coming up with events for DankMC and hosting them. This team is managed by the Event Gang Admin.

    ⇾ Social Media: A group of moderators who utilise DankMC’s social media platforms to post regular updates and news. This group is also in-charge of working alongside our Content Creators and helping out with applications. This team is managed by the Social Media Admin.

    Please note the following about our Moderator Teams:

    ‣ By not being on a team doesn’t mean you cannot contribute to other things outside your team. For example; if you are on Social Media, you can still help with Events but you just won’t be on the forefront of doing them.

    ‣ *In most cases* you can only be in 1 Moderator Team at any given time.

    ‣ You can switch up Moderator Teams if you wish, this is to be discussed with your present teams Admin.

    The following are our open positions

    10x Helpers

    1x Forum Moderation Admin (Moderator Team Admin)

    1x Social Media Admin (Moderator Team Admin)

    To apply for any of the positions above, simply join our Discord server and make your way to bot channel to create an application (say ‘-apply’ in the channel). If you wish to apply for one of the two available Admin positions, please make a support ticket (-ticket) instead of an application.

    DankMC is also recruiting Content Creators; If you are a YouTuber, Streamer or any other type of Content Creator, join DankMC’s Discord server and create a support ticket (-ticket) to enquire.

    DankMC is also recruiting Builders; If you have previous experience in this area, join DankMC’s Discord server and create an application (-apply).

    Thank you,

    DFGamer - DankMC’s Manager (Reposted by me, AcousticGuitars)

    DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/WnZaHxz

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