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    posted a message on Mobs not spawning in Nether Fortress. 1.14

    yeah same. no fresh spawns in my local fortress. blaze spawners are working and regular nether spawns are too. sigh.

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    posted a message on MCPE PVP 4 FINGER CLAW?

    only way to fly. too bad they don't have custom button placement : / mcpe controls are so bad i just split screen and use my thumbs only.

    can do six fingers on modern combat 5(both thumbs and both middle and index fingers in the upper left and right of the screen...) XP but it starts to get glitchy... but its great running down pc gamers on a phone : P

    would do six on gtasa too but its input is limited to three simultaneous inputs. i still set it for four to six finger input and am just careful not to press more than three fingers at a time.

    mc really needs not only custom button placement but designated action buttons as well. a virtual joystick in place of that silly cross pad would be great too... but for whatever reason, the designers have never played any other mobile shooter/action games... so they don't realise what a joke pocket editions controls have become...

    the versatility of a small touch screen really makes it the next gen game pad. now if only the game makers would realize that...

    *steps down from soap box*

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