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    hello fellow minecrafters.

    recently me and my friends have made a vanilla server with enough ram to keep up our awesome progress.
    in this server no-body cheats.

    -if you decide to hack or cheat, then your only dominating your own fun.
    thats why we have no plugins at all, no mods, just minecraft.

    -our community is a fun community, but we would like some more fun players like you in our server.
    thats why i am asking to all of you out there.

    Do you want to play with us?

    to keep it simple without unmature people and griefers its whitelisted and you have to apply to join as we are accepting applications.


    application form:

    Name -
    minecraft IGN -
    date of birth -
    why you want to join -
    have fun

    cya there!
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