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    posted a message on ~[Tales of Tasia Recruitment Page! All Are Welcome]~ [Writers,Builders,Teraformers,ect.]
    There is indeed quite a young, perhaps all too proper walnut to be conceived from this tale of desperation and woe. Could ya? Couldn't ya.

    Halfo dese could be whaddaya had none more... eeehhhhhh...
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    Quote from Runebrire_Team

    Accepted. We could use your talents to get our staff a bit more... inspired. Welcome aboard.

    Fantastic. I'll admit that I was refreshing this page for about half an hour.
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    Name: Alex

    IGN: Echidnas

    Skype name: treebearalex

    Age: 16

    Time Zone/Location: EST (NYC, NY)

    What job are you applying for?
    - Administrator/Moderator
    - Gameplay mechanic

    It’s probably also beneficial to mention that I would also be interested in helping out financially in some capacity, as this seems to finally be a server project that’s going somewhere and isn’t ‘youtuber-list,’ etc.

    Why do you want to join?
    I currently own a small survival server that has been up for over a year (proof below) and has remained professional and fully self-supporting the entire time. I’m not applying to be a moderator because it’s a public position of power, I’m applying for it because I believe that I’m good at it.
    What this looks like is a server project that won’t fade out after two months of overzealous activity, and that’s a very exciting thing. This is something I would love to be a part of in any way, and my prior experiences with configuring and managing several complex servers attest to my ability to do so.

    What have you done in the past? What are your skills?
    I’ve mentioned that I own a little survival server. In that position, I have variously created a fairly simple website (www.vitalicraft.com) fully configured my server (http://goo.gl/efDyr [PMC link]), and maintained a competitive well-organized multiworld server for around a year.
    I’m not an incredible builder, but a couple small cities/builds I’ve made are listed below, and I would certainly be very happy to help with that aspect as well.
    I think the thing I’ve created that I’m proudest of is my staff hierarchy, which is efficient and remains as lean as possible to maintain the server. My issue with this is that the server I run is getting a little small for me, and I’d like something larger scale. Working with builders and staff who have serious potential would be absolutely fantastic for me.
    I would also consider myself a writer not without a small amount of ability.

    My internets username is ace4968.
    A couple of things I’ve made in the past...

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    posted a message on VitaliCraft Survival -- Awesome community!
    Join us at!

    VitaliCraft Survival -- Adventurers Welcome!

    Exploration and Venues:

    We are a new server, and greatly encourage new players to become part of our community! We are ever growing and want to humbly invite you to become part of our community, and grow with us! We have hundreds of unique areas for players to explore, and spread throughout the map are treasure chests, containing riches for you to find! The chests will dispense one treasure per person, so every player has the opportunity for their own unique quest! Mobarenas are also available, with a brand new facility containing three simulation arenas that just opened. PvP is also available, so if players desire they may go to special arenas to compete against one another. We even have Parkour, with a special course and an entire city built for free-running!


    Among the most impressive of our pre-made builds are a Renaissance-style floating city, an Edo-Period Japanese city, a fantastically sprawling, moody, upper-class residential neighborhood, a large and trim spawn town, and many, many more! Become a part of our community instantly, and help us expand some of our huge creations, and eventually work your way to splendor! We observe players on an individual basis, and pay attention to your hard work.

    We offer a very rare survival opportunity for our players, encouraging teamwork and community, and have helpful admins and friendly players who will always be supportive and help you on your journey, allowing you to further yourself in your adventures more than ever before! We have very extensive anti greif systems that can assure you that your hard work wont be ruined, including self-protection and land claiming and easy rollback.



    One huge planned feature is a home made quest system. These adventures would not be plugin aided, and would involve puzzles, traps, challenges, and treasure hunts, all for glorious prizes! Our first quest should be opening shortly, which might include its very own custom city! We may require builders for this, so be sure to show us how well you can do!

    Hint: Check back to this section in near future!


    We would love to get a little financial support from players to pay our dues for running the server. As a token of our appreciation, we use buycraft, and all of our donator ranks will be on the website [UNFINISHED].

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    posted a message on PIK servers : Factions : PVP : Iconomy : Teamspeak : Mcmmo : Mob Arena : 1.1 : 50 slots!
    Age: 14
    Name: Alex
    In game name: ace4968 (I applied to your admin thing, sorry I didn't see this!)
    Have you been banned before: Nope, never on any game and proud of it!
    3 sentences why you think we should allow you:
    I spend LOTS of time on mine craft every day, about an hour (not a lot for some people, I know). I'm quiet and I don't complain, but enjoy braving the dangers of grieving. I'm going to be on your server almost daily, and certainly want to really take a leadership role in helping expand your server and building cool structures and stuff. I'm not afraid to work hard to get some materials and respect. I enjoy architecture and game theory, as well as programming. If you like, you can check out my application to your other post earlier, it says a little more about me.
    Did you read the whole forum post: notch

    All the best,
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    posted a message on Looking for admins will get paid if you are great.
    Have you been banned before:
    Nope! Never been banned from any game. I try to be quiet and respectful.

    Do you have teamspeak or skype:
    Yes, I have Skype and can access it often.

    How much time can you commit to the server:
    I can't truthfully say 'a lot.' I'm not interested in money at all, however, as you'll see below. I will make it on every day for perhaps an hour, although on weekends more like three or four hours.

    I am fourteen years old.

    Can you spell/use grammar:
    I'm a bit obsessed with it, if you must ask.

    Know anything about some plugins:
    I used to run a small Hamachi server with some friends, but it's the same principle. I installed and maintained all of our mods as well as the server itself.

    Type out why we should make you an admin (please try to have 3 FULL sentences):
    Well, I am currently engaged in a student position in my school as a programmer, so the technical aspect I believe I have covered. I do lots of network troubleshooting as well, especially for friends and the like. I was really excited when I saw this; this is exactly the kind of thing I would love to look forward to every day. As I briefly stated above, I am totally uninterested in anything financial: the only (only!) reason I'm interested is for the experience of helping people out and maintaining/moderating a server in a game that I love. Speaking of which, I have clocked easily 500 hours in minecraft, which I am willing to admit is not comparably huge, but significant. I enjoy architecture and electrical engineering, both of which fit neatly into the minecraft setup. I strive to be as fair, helpful, and impassive to other's anger as possible, and also try hard to be steadily available to people. I also would like to mention that I have got at least six friends who play minecraft who are trying to find a nice, small, survival server. They are all very mature and intelligent, so I would say that they'd make a valuable addition to your server. If you haven't already chosen someone, then I consider myself to be willing to take this on. Also, please note that I am not interested in payment, so you could alternately add me as a secondary admin, a position in which I would be similarly satisfied.

    Thank you very much for considering my application,

    My Skype name may be obtained by PM'ing me, sorry for any inconvenience. I don't really want a lot of people calling me to troll.
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    posted a message on java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable
    Help! :sad.gif: I still can't get on, although now I'm getting "connection refused" again.
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    posted a message on java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable
    I don't really tend to ask for help like this; I try to fix things myself first. But this is awful and irritating. I've seen topics about it before, but if anyone can help me out with my error, I would be incredibly grateful. I'm new to the forum, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. So:

    I've long wanted to make a full server for me and some friends, off of Hamachi. Hamachi isn't an option for some of the people I play with, so I took the leap and port forwarded. i watched a couple YouTube tutorials, then did it pretty smoothly with few bumps along the way. I set up the server software and forwarding with a NetGear router with all updates installed. I have my server running on a desktop running Windows XP, all updated and stuff, but I'm playing on a 2010 MacBook. The PC is directly plugged into my router through a 250 mb Ethernet cable. I set it up last night (Fri. 13), and invited my friends to join. They did so, and it worked perfectly. That's right, I didn't screw it up right away. Everyone was on for almost 9 hours straight, then I packed up the server. The computer notified me that a Java update was available, so I installed it then shut down the computer and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and restarted the computer. I opened up Minecraft_Server.jar (same as last night), and it seemed to work perfectly. The HD hummed busily, and I sat down to play. But when I attempted to access the outside network (public IP), it gave me the following, verbatim message: "java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable". I've seen some posts that add a '...: connect" onto this, so I wanted to clarify that this wasn't there. By the way, I do have whitelist 'off'. I've also tried it with whitelist 'on' and my username added, and it still doesn't work. I have managed to narrow it down a bit, as if I type the IPv4 (LAN IP), it connects perfectly on my laptop. I have opened port 25565. I've also tried a total restart of everything along the line. I reinstalled the server software, which didn't work, but obviously that wasn't the problem because it wouldn't have worked with my laptop. I'm willing to provide literally any information about my configuration if it could help the brilliant wizards here solve my problem.

    Also, I forgot to mention this: I tried clearing my ARP cache and repairing my network. Once, I tried it, and it just said "connection refused," but now it's changed itself to same old, same old.
    Also, there are tons of Guests lurking around here. Please join the forums and chip into my and other's problems!

    Has anyone else ever had one of those obscure, insolvable problems to which references can only be found on a sketchy forum last posted to in 1999? That's the case with this. Refreshing new fixes would be massively appreciated. I'll try to keep this sort of updated.

    Thank you in advance!
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    IGN: ace4968
    Location: NYC, New York
    What will I add: Love building and interacting in the community.
    Did I vote?: I will, as soon as I figure out how. I'm new to the community.
    How I found the server: Browsing around on some server lists, and this kept coming up.
    Activity: Probably daily, more time on weekends but at least an hour a day.
    Other: I keep it clean, and consider it my responsibility to contribute.

    And I agree to the rules.
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