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    Mushroom Stew as the previous posters above me have mentioned is to my opinion the worst food item, except for maybe cakes and cookies. The fact that the Stew does not stack makes it a huge hassle to carry, especially when I prefer to have about 5 to 10 food items on me at any given time.

    Also, even if it did stack, pork and steak are still very easy to make, and bread is just ridiculously easy. I would much rather use bone meal to make dyes, or grow single units of wheat, than to harvest mushrooms as of now.
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    I haven't posted in a while, sorry.

    I've been playing since before there were 500 purchases, I've supported Notch on every single thing he has done even when it was really stupid, and I was proud to say that I was a Notch Defense Force operative.

    Sadly however, Notch is almost entirely in the wrong here, and thus I am resigning my post as Lieutenant Colonel of the NDF.

    Rule number one, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and this sort of High School gossip is something that Notch should have kept in Sweden. If you really think the fact that he was "pressured" to do it is an acceptable excuse, then I sincerely hope no one ever asks you for your social security number, or god-forbid your wallet, because you'd just hand it right over.

    Rule number two, when interacting with a different culture, primary language, or people group, do not ever immediately take anything said seriously. Yes I know Notch speaks English, but it seems to me that he took Simon and Lewis's humor *not my kind of humor really, but humor nonetheless* far too seriously. I don't know enough, so for all I know Simon and Lewis were actually jerks, but this is certainly something that you should never want to assume right away.

    Rule number three, don't insult your fan-base, or the people who create your fan-base. Most people in the Minecraft community understand that I know it's hard to believe, but Simon and Lewis are one of the leading reasons as to why you've been so successful. Yes, you'd still have a successful product without them, but it's still self-harming. Not paying two people who fly down from Britain *whether they were serious or not about getting paid* who have most likely given you hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue is considered an insult as well.

    Rule number four, don't get mad at cursing. I understand cursing isn't the only problem that arose with the two Brits, but when stuff like the Creepy Creeper is allowed that has to be seen by anyone who walks by, and the world "****" isn't allowed for the people who choose to go to the specific panel, you're going to have problems...

    I know all of this has already been stated, but I thought I'd just like to state exactly how I feel. While it was probably a joke, Notch does seem to be a "nerd who doesn't know how to run a company" as you should never make a statement like Notch did if you are in his position. Also I mean no offense by quoting the word nerd, because when you exist primarily because of the internet, or develop games, you are a nerd in most definitions of the term, and if you take offense to it, you have a problem. I am a nerd mind you, and you probably are too.

    Anyways at the beginning of this, I was trying not to take sides, but then I realized that Notch made it very hard for me not to.
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    On the subject of the poll, basically any episode featuring Fluttershy is a-okay with me.

    Also by the way, what do you guys think is bigger, the young female original target audience, or the older brony population?

    I know we only ever hear about the bronies, but it's important to remember that the small children aren't properly represented on the internet.
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    Infinity: Quest For Earth
    is an expansive game, measuring around thousands of players, 200,000,000,000 *or billion* star systems, trillions of planets, infinite possibilities, and so far, no load screens.
    When released, you will be able to explore near endless amounts of expertly made procedural 1:1 scale planets, set up colonies, conquer other colonies, trade goods, become a mercenary, become a miner, or just fly around in a very pretty Milky Way universe.
    I'm not gonna explain much about the plot, other than there's some weird disease, and you have to find Earth for some reason, and that there are three factions, Deltan, Star Fold, and Centauran.
    Here are some sexy videos.
    Nice Preview
    Eyegasmic Video Part 1
    Eyegasmic Video Part 2

    So yah, just think EVE Online, but on steroids.

    The site isn't updated much, the forums are posted on a bit, but the game is being developed.
    Oh yah, and by the way, the whole code for the procedural generation of the huge number of planets, and planet types, were all done by a single person.

    Just thought the people of Minecraft would like a game of similar scope.

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I searched for it and couldn't find it, so I posted this.
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