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    Quote from Lithimlin

    Hey there,

    I was wondering if it is possible to give the player an item that shoots wither skulls and if these wither skulls could somehow be colored as well.
    Maybe by right clicking with a colored leather cap when you don't wear one and it will detect that and then give the player another leather cap of the same color and deletes the cap he wears...
    But I have no clue how to make it work so that I can make it shoot a wither skull in the direction the player looks.
    It would be great, if someone could help me.

    There is no way to color the wither skulls. Also, all wither skulls spawned from a command block will not be visible. However, if you want to have a mechanism that allows you to shoot depending on the player's direction, you would require hundreds of command blocks using rotational parameters.

    I've created a mechanism that uses those parameters to simulate throwable TNT.
    It's possible to do this with wither skulls; however, you will not be able to see them and unlike being shot from withers, they will loose velocity over time. This could lead to the existence of excess invisible wither skulls that you will not be aware of that exist in your world.

    Here is a filter created by CrushedPixel that will simply your work if you decide to do something with rotational parameters.
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    One can easily conclude that Cauldrons are useless; their sole purpose is to store water. I believe cauldrons should have a better use; so I propose that cauldrons have the ability to create potions with multiple effects. The process is as follows:Currently, cauldrons have four different levels of fluids; Empty, 1/3 Filled, 2/3 Filled, Full
    The basic concept is that whenever you right click a cauldron with a non-splashable potion in your hand, it fills up the cauldron 1 level and will empty out your bottle. The color of the fluid is the color of the potion. For weakness, the color of the fluid would be a rather grayish color:
    If weakness is added, the color of the fluid is gray, as shown here, with being 1/3 filled.
    Now, what if you right click with a potion of poison? The atmosphere of the area around you will a neat effect, sort of that of green fireworks:
    Do you see the green aura around the firework?
    Once you right click the cauldron with potion of poison after the cauldron had been filled with potion of weakness this is how it would appear:
    The green clouds that appeared on the top are of the results of the sudden change. The area around the cauldron is tinted green, like the firework's aura, but much larger(and will only last for a split second like a firework). As you can see the cauldron is 2/3 filled.Now this is what happens when we add potion of harming:
    Final product of the cauldronWe now have our three potions added to the cauldron, if we right click one time with one empty bottle a custom potion will be the result:
    This is the potion you will receive. Click it 2 more other times with empty bottles to empty out the cauldron.
    (The duration of weakness is actually 1:00)You may rename the potion afterwards to whatever you please(with the anvil of course). You may also refill the cauldron with this potion again and then add other different potions as well, that is if there are 2 effects present in the mixture.Now you have a potion with multiple effects!

    Potions with multiple effects are already possible, fortunately, this feature allows custom combinations without the use of command blocks, commands, or 3rd party editors in survival Minecraft.

    This will not work with regular water or base potions, as they do not have any effects. If you happen to mix two opposing potions, for instance instant health and instant damage, a small explosion will occur. This explosion has the same blast radius of that of a ghast fireball, without the fire.

    As a bonus to adding potions to the mixture, you may also add water. Adding bottles of water grant the ability to dilute without the need of extra potions. This will change server economy, personal sales, and markets be able to degrade potions. If you lack the amount of valid money, or trade, the salesman will be able to lower the efficiency of the potion and lower the cost as well. That way, you are able to afford the new potion if you only need it for small duration.

    Here are the specifics of how much each potion is diluted when formed in a mixture. The range of the how much the durability or strength the effect is worth compared to the original is 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6. The exception to this is Instant Health and Instant Harming, in which are the only effects that will have their strength diluted instead of durability.
    This is not one of the harder-to-code suggestions out there, most of this is already possible(fade, multiple effect potions). If you have any questions of clarification, feel free to ask!

    Of course, you it is still possible that you think "This is extremely overpowered!" I have a solution to that, and other clarifications simplified into a bullet point list.
    • A maximum of 3 effects may be contained in a potion.
    • Effect strength or duration will not stack, if placed one or more of the same effect (for instance, if potion of harming I were to be placed on the cauldron three times, then upon removing the potion, the results would remain potion of harming I, and not potion of harming III).
    • Most effects that may lead to an explosion are the ones in involving the corruption of an effect using a fermented spider eye.
    • You cannot empty out splash potions into the cauldron or fill them back.
    • If you have a mixture of two effects, take them out of the cauldron, then refill the cauldron with the same mixture, and finally add another potion into it, the results are as follows: A mixture of two effects + a potion with one effect = success, effects are mixed. A mixture of two effects + a potion with two effects = failure, nothing will happen.
    • Conserves inventory space.
    • Conserves time switching between each potion.
    • Adds a new use for cauldrons.
    • Creates a 'witch-like' theme for the cauldrons.
    • Not extremely overpowered, 1/3 of an 8:00 potion is only 2:24.
    • Once a splash potion, always a splash potion.
    • Saves frustration
    • Benefits PvP
    • Encourages the use of potions
    Possible Cons:
    • May still be considered overpowered for some
    • Explosion may be too powerful (remember, ghast fireballs can't break many common materials, such as cobblestone)
    • ? If you have any cons, please notify me and we can work something out for balance's sake.
    Supporters up to date: 100+

    Credit to Malloon for suggesting a different way to prevent this idea from becoming too overpowered.

    Credit to Deonyi for contributing towards the topic and suggesting increasing the factors to prevent further overpower.

    Credit to fz0718 for suggesting water diluting.

    Credit to Voxelizer for creating another logo for the suggestion.

    Here are further more pictures, I will keep adding periodically.

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    posted a message on Everybody Who Hyped Themselves Up For a May Release of 1.8 Was Wrong
    It's actually amazing that they will not rush this update. We've received feedback from the developers, stating that there may be rabbits and underwater structures. I'll be hoping that those will be in 1.8, and it will probably silence the whiners that say that 1.8 is not a survival update.

    It also means that 1.8 will be much less bug-free, hopefully.
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    The order in which the command blocks are executed are from the lowest X, Y, and Z coordinates to the highest X, Y, Z coordinates. Essentially, you would want to have the command block that sets everyone's score to 0 first, and then run the one that sets everyone's score to 1 second, and then all the effects you'd want to apply.

    I'd preferably use the following clock for accuracy:

    I apologize, I've reviewed my previous post to only realize that I made a typo. The fixed command should be:
    /particle lava ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 0.5 20 @a[score_ItemPickup_min=1,score_ItemPickup=1]
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    posted a message on [solved] particles at player with specific item.

    Thanks anyways.

    so with scoreboards.. I guess I could check everyone´s inventory with the /clear command, and give everyone who has the item a score of 1, then use something like /particle ... @a[score=1] ? I never used scoreboards before. Am I on the right track there?

    Somewhat. You wouldn't be able to testfor an individual's inventory with the /clear command. The only plausible method of doing this is involving the use of attributes. Attributes present modifiers that are passed on to the player when he/she holds the the desired item. Then, you'd set the score amount of a certain objective to one that you are able to check.

    From there, you are able to differentiate between those who have a present score, and those who don't have a score. You would need to run this all in a clock of some sort, preferable the super fast clocks. If you want their scores to return back to 0, you'd need an extra command block to do the job. The only problem is that you would have to apply the attributes to the items, instead of testing for by name of the item.

    /give @p minecraft:diamond 1 0 {display:{Name:"Monster"},HideFlags:31,AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.knockbackResistance",Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Amount:0.0d,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:1l,UUIDMost:1l}]}

    The command above will give the nearest player a diamond named "Monster", with certain attribute modifiers. The modifier in this case will modify the knockback resistance of the player holding the item. As it does so, they are "tagged" with an attribute with a certain UUID, one you will be able to easily track. As you can see, the player will not personally be modified in ability, since the modifier does not present any actual change.

    The HideFlags tag is for hiding the hideous tags that the attribute modifiers present in the item when the mouse hovers over the item.

    Now, you are to create an objective that fits your needs, type dummy. In this case, we'll be using ItemPickup. We'll run the following command in a fast clock:
    /scoreboard players set @a ItemPickup 1 {Attributes:[{Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Base:0.0d,Modifiers:[{UUIDLeast:1l,UUIDMost:1l}]}]}

    This will set the score of anyone who has modified attribute with the specific UUID to 1. This means that it'll set the ItemPickup objective score of anyone who is holding the specific item to 1. You are now able to test for, and perform several commands with whoever is holding the item.

    Your fixed command will now be:
    /particle lava ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 0.5 20 @a[score_ItemPickup_min=1,score_ItemPickup=1]

    Of course, you are always free to change the objective name to whatever you wish.

    We aren't quite done. The system above does not automatically reset if the player is no longer holding the item. You'd have to set everyone's score to 0 constantly, so that it overwrites those who aren't holding the item anymore. Those who do happen to be holding the item will overwrite the above command, so their score will remain 1.

    /scoreboard players set @a ItemPickup 0

    Make sure the above command is closer to the point of origin than the the one that sets the score of 1! It is important that the command above runs first, and then the other one farther above.

    If you attach a comparator to /testfor command that tests for all players with a score of 1, you'll see the comparator turn on when you hold the diamond, and it should turn back off when you are no longer holding it. The diamond can be anything, and you can produce the same effect on all items with attribute modifiers. If you need any further help, feel free to ask.
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    Quote from smpmike23
    Nicely done! I like the shield concept, could prove to be quite useful.
    Quote from AutomaicMero

    Thanks! This certainly is an interesting concept, perhaps I'll integrate it in a future minigame of mine!
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    Quote from JuniperMelody

    I can't imagine what the IQ must be of the person who thinks that just standing there mining all day, day after day, is fun enough to constitute being called a game.

    I can't imagine the IQ of a person who believes that sitting around doing nothing while receiving iron is an enjoyable aspect. You've contradicted yourself.
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    Hello everyone!

    I present two contraptions, a double feature! The bazookas and shields are two distinctive contraptions that may bring enjoyment to the holder. Bazookas, with the ability to shoot explosive arrows, and shields, with the ability to protect you in the most strategic way possible!

    As I watched video after video, searching for a proper explosive arrows concept, I could not honestly find one that works like this. Unlike many other designs of explosive arrows, this one will also explode if you manage to hit a mob, or player, as well. The other ones only worked if the arrow struck the ground. Remember, this was for the videos I observed. A similar contraption may exist somewhere out there in the deep corners of the internet.

    I went a little more indepth with the shields, I did not want to present a simple item that gives you Resistance when you hold it. That is why I went with a process that bases your protection on your timing skills. To test this, we had a little PvP game, in which we used the shields and bazookas. No armor was involved, so we had to use the shields as our main source of protection. It turns out, it is plenty of fun!

    Even though the bazooka may use wither skull entities, this contraption is still compatible with the Wither Boss. The contraption is also fully customizable with the explosion power. If you wish to change how powerful the explosion is, there is a green arrow pointing to the command block that spawns the explosion. Change the '3' at the end to however powerful you'd like the explosion to be.

    There currently is a bug where explosion particles are not visible, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

    Take a look yourself!
    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z2jnlqmjbh88czp/BazookaShield.zip
    Music: Submatik - Firefly

    I'd like to give credit to Wicked Perfection Server Network for aiding me in recording.
    I did not make the discovery for the shield model, I'd like to give credit to HenryRichard1234 for a wonderful thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2574133-an-odd-snapshot-glitch-shields-anyone/page__hl__ shield#entry30727103

    NOTE: Snapshot 14w18b+ is required for the contraptions to work.
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    Quote from mclevicah

    How do you know that, have you explored a entire minecraft world?

    The achievement says explore every biome, but is it really possible?

    It is indeed very possible to explore every biome, as every world will most likely contain each biome. It is not necessary to explore every meter of a minecraft world, there is a program that allows you to do this. This program is called amidst; the program is capable of locating every single biome, strongholds, fortresses, villages, witch huts, desert temples, jungle temples, and even slime spawn chunks, right in front of your eyes. You can also take screenshots of the world with it.

    For example, here is a render of the world with the seed "Biome" with the default generator settings.

    Quote from Relyh

    Every biome will eventually generate if you keep travelling enough; however, due to a bug it is currently impossible to get this achievement.

    You can see below that they do all generate, but you should note that this screenshot encompasses a 17,000 x 10,000 block area.

    Whoops, I've been ninja'd.
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    Quote from DarkStar634

    Also, how on Earth would you obtain a negative amplifier? I thought it may already be possible like that, however the "Amplifier" tag is a byte tag. This means that the value must be between 0 and 255, in which a negative amplifier is impossible.

    It amazes me how the lack of evidence and research is evidential here. You've obviously assumed that negative effects are impossible, and went ahead and claimed to be true without experimenting yourself, an ignorant act. If you are unaware of the existence of negative amplifiers, here are two functional commands that will grant you two different potions.

    Splash Potion of Jump Withdrawal:
    Jump boost with negative amplifier, causing a decrease in jump height and a change in fall damage to fit the corruption of the effect.
    /give @p potion 1 16426 {display:{Name:"Splash Potion of Jump Withdrawal"},CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:8,Amplifier:-10,Duration:500,ShowParticles:0b}]}

    Splash Potion of Vulnerability:
    The resistance effect with negative amplifier, causing the victim in its splash radius to die to any form of damage.
    /give @p potion 1 16426 {display:{Name:"Splash Potion of Vulnerability"},CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:11,Amplifier:-100,Duration:500,ShowParticles:0b}]}

    Here is some visible data from NBT Explorer:

    It is also not that overpowered; read the mechanics and look over the expense. It may be a little, which it can be fixed with some working, but it is not that overpowered. The community is still discussing a way to better balance this enchantment since the main problem is combining it with Sharpness.

    Yes, that is a very concerning problem. If a single level grants a 20% increase of damage, a single stone sword with the enchantment of tier III can shred a single mob, or unarmored player, in two hits. One significant aspect of this suggestion is to take in mind the inventory of the player; you never know if the player will have a fire aspect sword in one and a sword with the suggest enchantment on the other. It doesn't help that the effect granted is given constantly when hit at a constant rate.

    This implies that tier V would result in a one-hit death mob or player. This isn't bad, as it would serve purely for mapmakers. However, what use does it have if we can already obtain the desired effects? That is truly a waste of time for the developers.

    Another problem concerning how overpowering the enchantment is how enchanting mechanics will transition to 1.8. The new system allows you to take a hint at the contents of the next enchants for the tool, with a price of lapis. The concerning problem is how the enchantment table is still heavily unbalanced, since a level-30 enchantment only removes 3 levels to apply the enchantments. One can instantly enchant the next item after staying in a grinder for a minute or two, in contrast to grinders in 1.7 and below which take approximately 20 minutes to reach level 30 again. Despite being "rare," the enchantment will appear frequently due to the increase of enchanting rates.

    Then again, there are anvils. If the enchantment has a repair base of 8, why bother with such a high enchanting repair cost, when you can enchant another new, unused item, and may give you additional enchantments, all for the price of 3 XP levels? I would prefer the latter. Albeit the anvil's ability to repair armor and combine enchantments, the enchanting mechanics now server a better suitable alternative to anvils if you simply want a new/repaired enchanted tool.

    Regardless of how this suggestion is implemented, it will always be overpowered if it is able to coexist with other enchantments that boost damage given.
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