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    That is fairly simple to do, all it requires is for you to run a single command straight from your chat. Make sure you are in the latest snapshot first.

    The command to aid you in this particular goal is none other than the /worldborder command. You can modify, set, shrink, or expand the border. Here is the usage:

    /worldborder <set|center|damage|warning|get> ...

    Here, we'll be focusing on the set parameter. Let's expand on that usage:

    /worldborder set [timeInSeconds]

    First, we want to set our original size of the border, which would traditionally be the smallest. From there, it would expand. To do this, we must first determine the center. There, we'll use the center parameter of the command. The center is the middle of the area where your starting region is. Normally, you would set it to the spawnpoint, or a more recognizable area, coordinates 0,0.

    /worldborder center 

    Whereas, x and z are the coordinates of your designated center of starting point.

    The command that centers the border at 0,0:
    /worldborder center 0 0

    Now, we're ready to form the starting point. SizeInBlocks is the diameter of the world border. For example, if the center is 0, 0, and the size in blocks is 2000, the border expands from -1000 to 1000. If you were to want a starting area that is 500x500, then the correct SizeInBlocks would be 500, which would stretch from -250 to 250, assuming the center is 0,0. That'll be the example for now, you can always change it to whatever you'd like. TimeInSeconds won't be touched yet.

    /worldborder set 500
    If you were to visit the edge of the border, you would see that the border indeed stretches from -250 to 250.

    We're not done yet. So far, we've created a stationary world border, it doesn't move yet. For that, we'll need another command that finally initiates the expanding process. TimeInSeconds refers to how much time, in seconds, it would take for the world border to expand into the new diameter that was set, which is set for the final region. It may sound confusing, but it's quite easy to understand. For this command, you'll be starting the world border expansion into the bigger version. For example, if you're original diameter was 500, you would probably want the new one to be twice as large, like 1000. 1000 would be your ending point, your 'new' diameter for the 'final' region.

    This would work fine, but it'll instantly move the border. We don't want immediate change, we want gradual change.

    Don't use this command: /worldborder set 1000
    To do that, we now determine how many seconds the border would take to get to that new diameter. 60 seconds implies a minute before it reaches the new diameter, but that's far too quick. We want something like, 5 hours per block. We then calculate how much total time it would take for the border to progress a block every 5 hours.

    First of all, the border is a square. Radius is half of the diameter, so the border's starting radius is 250. The border's new radius would be 500. We want to focus on the radius, as the diameter would count as two blocks, in which we only want to work with one every 5 hours. We get the difference between the old and new radius, which is evidently 250. Now we know the border must progress at 5 hours a block, for 250 blocks of change in each direction.

    Now, we need to get the basic time required for the world border to advance a single block. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes and an hour. So 60*60*5=18,000 seconds per block. Then, we multiply that with the difference we received earlier. 18,000*250=4,500,000 total seconds to reach the new diameter. That's quite a long time isn't it? So, how much time would it take in total to reach the new diameter? 4,500,000 seconds makes 75,000 minutes, which makes 1,250 hours, which makes 52 days and 2 hours, which makes 7 weeks, 3 days, and 2 hours, which makes 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days, and 2 hours, assuming the server is on 24/7 during that period.

    Over a month of gradual change for a diameter of change of 500 to 1000. From a range of -250 to 250, to -500 to 500. So, the command for this is quite simple, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't figured it out yet. Make sure to initiate this as soon as you want the border to start expanding ever-so-slowly.

    Try to figure out the command for yourself, if you cannot yet, feel free to open the spoiler below.

    /worldborder set 1000 4500000
    That is all, hope I helped!
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    posted a message on Golden Pumpkin Pie!
    This suggestion lacks creativity. You are basically giving pumpkin pie the abilities of golden apples and slapping it with gold. Golden items are highly redundant, and usually lack originality.

    Sure, you've decided to give them other abilities. However, they would be rather pointless. The base potions for all of these supersede most potion effects the golden pie may grant.

    No support.
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    Quote from Bostonian02

    I don't really see the point of this. Sure, it's pyramids and all but you don't need to have the monsters spawn with a bunch of toilet paper stuck to their bodies. I mean imagine Mojang did that to EVERY mob. Come on, this isn't Tomb Raider.

    Every mob? I highly doubt Mojang would do that, and you're creating a scenario that is improbable to exist.

    Quote from CursedGhast

    I know mummys are great plus they combine perfectly with desert temple.

    Indeed. Desert temples are currently lacking in ambiance. The only reason people visit them is for its loot.

    Quote from Bostonian02

    Just because they combine perfectly doesn't mean Mojang isn't gonna do this. If someone made a game where if there was a connection to something outside of the game, then they added the connection into the game, and then they did this with EVERY single connection out there, then that game would be HUGE and probably stink :/

    You are creating an exaggeration. Mojang, no matter what sort of hyperbole you make, will not decide to integrate every single possible connection of everything. It's just not possible; and sure, the idea of a game like that certainly sounds displeasing. However, consider the exact opposite.

    A game without said connections is also displeasing, and Minecraft favors the lacking side. Their goal would be to strive towards the middle, and this is one step in completing that missing gap.

    Quote from CursedGhast

    I am asking for only ONE change and it really isn't that much of a deal, bunnies, cats and horses have different skins nothing really that hawfull so tell me a single legit reason they shouldn't be added.

    And those things are what shape the amazing game we know today. It's truly the little things that count. Take flowers, for example. Suddenly, there are now amazing meadows of flowers behind a player's base. That creates an atmosphere, that is most aesthetically pleasing. This would just be another of those changes. Small, but powerful. There is absolutely no need for a gigantic mess of features to fill that gap; otherwise, the results would be terrible.

    Quote from Bostonian02

    I'm not "against" you. That's all up in you head bro. And the mummy thing, if you want mummies so bad then get a resource pack. And for me to support this, tone down the chance of them spawning as mummies in desert temples. With the 90% chance thing when I enter a desert temple, I'm probably gonna see just 3 mummies. Sure I'll see other mobs, but instead of zombies I get mummies. If I wanted mummies I should go play Tomb Raider, know what I'm saying? So for me to support this, tone down the percentage.

    You certainly sound like it. You seem to be bashing him, providing influence from your personal experience with suggesting to your post.

    Resource packs aren't always the solution. As you said before, people won't want to be looking at a mummy very often. Resource packs do exactly that, transform every single zombie into a mummy. That's not the goal of the suggestion; therefor, resource packs are not the solution here.

    Quote from CursedGhast

    I was going to suggest them as a different mob but them there would be the thing where someone says MINECRAFT DOESN'T NEED ANY NEW MOBS and since zombies prety much attack the same way as zombies are are as slow as them i decided they should be the same mob except with a different skin. Plus this way people can't even say this is OP.

    Well, it is true. Minecraft is not of current need of new mobs. What it needs is more ambiance, which it lacks. There are currently two ambient mobs, rabbits and bats. Albeit rabbits provide significant drops, their purpose remains creating ambiance to the solemn Minecraft world.

    However, you need to learn to take criticism. Suggest what you want at heart, and then improve based on the criticism received. Is that not what criticism is for?

    Quote from Bostonian02

    1. I wouldn't care if someone says Minecraft doesn't need a new mob
    2. If you can't take the criticism, then don't post in the suggestion page. Look at half of MY suggestions. A lot of people didn't like what I suggested, and you know what, I didn't give a crap. I took what they said was bad about my thing, and made it better to meet their needs. Like what you should do. I think it'd be a little annoying if I did was find mummies instead of zombies in a desert temple.

    1. You should. It's a way to take in criticism, to shape your suggestion for the better.
    2. That's the basic rule of everything. Don't share your opinion if you do not want to receive others'. You should care about what they say, as that is one of the crucial methods of improvement. Ask them why they don't like it, and if they give an answer, then that becomes your answer for improvement.

    Also, desert temples are not all that common anyway. The area of mob spawning inside is not that much either, as well as most people don't stick around in a desert temple after it has been raided. Really, that's not an excuse; although, I do believe rates are a tad high.

    Quote from Bostonian02

    I'm not saying I'm looking for zombies in Desert Temple. But all I'm saying is do the math. If there are 5 zombies and 90% would be mummies .90 x 5 = 4.5. That means 4 1/2 would be mummies. Only 1 real zombie. And even if you don't lower it it doesn't matter. You are making so much of a big deal just for 1 person to support you. You need to learn that not everybody is going to support your ideas. Go look at some suggestions and count how many people don't support the thread. If you find a really popular and good thread then don't act all cocky and say "I looked at 6 threads and only counted 6 hates total HAH!"

    The possibility of that circumstance is slim. It's not likely you'll see five zombies spawn at once inside a temple; rather, it'll be a mix of mobs. Even so, how would five little reskined zombies affect you in any way, excluding how they currently affect you? The difference is minimal, and only visual.

    Quote from Bostonian02

    People are gonna post like me. Not exactly what I'm saying it's that people are gonna not support and no matter what you do you will not be able to make ALL of them change their minds. So you can keep "defending" yourself but it's useless.

    No. Extremely lacking in logic there. Many people, like me, will support the suggestion. Others won't, and you can't decide for us whether or not this suggestion is decent. Also, changing the minds of people is certainly a possibility. As stated before, shape your suggestion from proper criticism given.

    I've also have a suggestion for Minecraft, a single one. I'd say it has been quite successful, don't usually receive hate comments. However, a quarter of them had not supported for clearly stated reasons: "Too OP", "Too expensive", "Doesn't fit", etc. I took that criticism at heart, and then fixed the faults in the suggestion. I managed to bring most of those people back on my side.

    Now, that suggestion has over one hundred supporters. You just have to listen to what people have to say, if you don't, people will return the favor.

    Quote from Diegreenluke

    I personally love your idea. But instead I think mummies should be a mob itself.

    I don't think so. There's a reason why most 'new mobs' posts are turned down, and if that were so, this thread would become redundant. They should remain the same, just with an added skin.

    Back to the original post. If you haven't realized if I support this suggestion or not, please keep reading. Minecraft has always lacked one of its most significant aspects that makes it beautiful: ambiance. Being alone in a world has ever been so iconic, which is brought upon the need for ambiance. Rabbits were one, bats were another, cave sounds, etc., all very nice mobs.

    If the mummy were to be a mob of its own, then it'd be just another mob. Another mob that no one needs.

    Present something that does not change gameplay itself, and all of that changes. Now, you are changing the mood, the environment. From what? From a simple reskin. Too much of it, and it becomes obsolete. That's why, for this suggestion to function well, keep it rare. 10% is frankly, too high. The desert gets riddled with mobs every night, creating an atmosphere of overused textures within the countless zombies. Tone that percentage down, to be extremely rare.

    The same would not apply to a desert temple. You rarely find them, therefor, you'll rarely see those zombies. You can however set up a zombie grinder in a temple, but then the problem is caused by player decision to do so.

    Overall, not a game changer whatsoever, and that is what makes it great. You have received my
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    posted a message on Mutton texture is rubbish
    However, art styles contradict each other. Some textures are better detailed; while others, not so much.

    This is indeed one of those problems; mutton's texture does not cooperate well with other textures, such as steak or pork.

    And then, it's where the origin of the expression comes from, "it looks like from a mod."
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    Quote from Maplepepp

    Very interesting! Too bad its just a bug

    I was actually disappointed at this. Although the bug presented amazing applications, it ruins the basic needs of having a pumpkin on a zombie's head. It's big, upside-down, and glitchy, but it's hilarious at the same time.
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    Recently, we've all come to know 14w25a-b as an infestation of bugs. Amongst the changes, were rendering rewrites. Some of these changes were consequential, as many things are not rendered correctly.

    This is an example of one of those rendering bugs. When zombies wear a pumpkin, or a jack-o-lantern, on their head, the pumpkin appears to be upside down and larger than usual.

    I know, GIANT was an exaggeration; however, it is still quite large compared to normal blocks. And this one moves, rotates, and murderers as well.

    Here is a raw command depicting the bug:

    /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:pumpkin",Count:1b}]}

    Essentially, you can recreate this bug by using this command:
    /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {CustomNameVisible:0b,CustomName:"Dinnerbone",ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:999999,Amplifier:0b,ShowParticles:0b}],Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:pumpkin",Count:1b}]}

    It's basically an upside-down zombie with invisibility wearing a pumpkin on it's head.

    EDIT: It seems that this is a recurring problem for all blocks.
    EDIT2: The bug has been fixed for 14w26c, zombies with blocks as helmets appear as they should.
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    Quote from DooDooRoonys

    Geez I must be a wizard because my predictions were right. Stone reskins, Glowstone reskin, and enemies that don't drop anything useful.

    Apparently, the aesthetic aspect of Minecraft no longer serves a purpose. These new prismarine blocks add diversity, as well as a new color to play with. If you feel so about reskins of blocks, shouldn't all blocks fit in said 'reskin' category? Stone bricks is just another reskin. Hardened clay is just another reskin. Quartz is just another reskin. The same applies with glowstone; diversity, and a way to bring upon light to our beloved homes without the horrid unpleasing presence of the glowstone blocks.

    In all of this, you just gave all your attention to the drops? So, the mob isn't special, the attack isn't special, the sounds aren't special, nothing matters except their drops. I would rather have an intuitive creative mob than a simple reskin of the squid that upon dyeing, drops diamonds.

    Get your priorities and logic straight, please.
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    posted a message on Mojang Announcement: EULA, and Servers
    Quote from JTGhawk137

    1. its mojang who should re-direct the parents to the server.

    This problem would have been avoided altogether if servers simply followed the EULA. Mojang should not be involved in a problem they did not cause; they shouldn't waste their time locating the server.

    2. How am I over reacting on the impact? You obviously don't understand the cost of a server. The server I play on has a 900$ monthly bill, and thats a small bill. Servers such as mineplex have a several thousand dollar monthly bill. The strong ones cannot adapt cause there is really no where to adapt to. Servers will start falling left and right when this is enforced, and you'll see that i'm not overreacting.

    I understand the cost of the servers. Why did the server owners decide to host a big server that they couldn't legally sustain themselves? There is plenty of room to adapt, you simply refuse to accept it. Servers wouldn't be having this problem if they followed the EULA from the beginning.
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    posted a message on Mojang Announcement: EULA, and Servers
    Quote from Alizrak

    I choose the worse time to start my little server. xP

    So, what can we sell then? Colored names? Nicknames? I was JUST about to start selling ranks and personalized weapons.

    That's the thing, you can't sell things. You would be making profit out of something you did not make, whether or not you've modified it to fit your needs.

    Please, don't start with financial issues with servers. If you can't afford to finance a server, don't run it at all.
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    I absolutely hate the way cracked stone bricks will not be obtained. It does not make any logical sense that they created the complete opposite of the cobblestone-stone smelting process.

    I would imagine that simply placing the stone bricks in the crafting table would yield cracked stone bricks.

    I realize that the process in the real world exists; cracked stone bricks should not be obtained the same way you smoothen out another stone, since they are relatively the same material.
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