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    Quote from MrBlackPotato

    I am developing a minecraft server, and am in need of help. I am looking for dedicated, and experienced minecraft players, to help develop the server and become permanent ops. If you have always wanted to be an op on a server now is your chance! If you are interested, copy the form below and leave a comment with it filled in.

    In-Game Name:aaronohoh
    Email:[email protected]
    Experience/Skills:I build a lot of big structures and I've had minecraft for a long time
    Other Info (optional) :
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    Quote from HuckMaster

    IP: huckcraft.net
    If that doesn't work, use this IP: huckcraft.dyndns.org
    This server is online 24/7, and has no whitelist.
    Website: http://huckcraft.net

    HuckCraft is a newly developed server by: HuckMaster. The main point of this server is Factions. This server is Faction and PvP based which means, you gotta team up with players on the server! Griefing and stealing is allowed in this server making it more of a thrill to users like you. No chest protection, TNT and Lava are enabled, none of that good **** is disabled, making your griefing needs more fun. Additionally, there is absolutely no chest and door protection on this server, only blocks are protected in faction land. There are a few rules you need to follow in order to have a full experience in HuckCraft and I will shortly list them below this post. The main point is to have fun, but we take our rules very seriously.

    1) We don't tolerate racism, please refrain from it. We will warn you one time, the next time is a ban.
    2) Third party clients aren't allowed, we detect them and you will be permanently banned from HuckCraft.
    3) We don't like spammers, let's refrain from it.
    4) Do not be a douchebag
    5) No multiple accounts
    *Do /rules in game if you need a reminder.

    We have some game-changing plugins HuckCraft offers you players! I will list them below:

    1. MCMMO: This plugin offers little bits of perks to players in our PvP/Mob arena! Take advantage by leveling up in HuckCraft.
    2. Factions: We have factions enabled! Team up, hide and make your base! Grief and steal other users items and fight enemy factions!
    3. iConomy: A shop is installed in HuckCraft! To check how much cash you have type: (/bal) and to sell an item for money type: example: (/sell dirt #).
    4. Anti-Cheat: We have numerous amounts of anti-cheat add ons to make your HuckCraft experience a little bit better! Hacking is a no no!

    Plugin help

    Factions (Taken from massivecraft.com)
    This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war. Use /f help for information on faction commands.
    The factions on the server have relations to each other. They can be ally, neutral or enemy. You choose your wished relation to another faction through a chat command.

    If both factions wishes ally you will be allies.
    If one faction wishes enemy you will be enemies.
    You can never hurt members or allies (friendly fire is always off).
    You can not hurt neutrals in their own territory.
    You can always hurt enemies and players without faction.
    Damage from enemies is reduced by a certain percentage in your own territory.
    Only faction members can build and destroy in their own territory. Interaction with the following items is ALLOWED:
    -Opening wooden doors
    -Using pre-placed redstone devices, such as pressure pads, levers, buttons
    -Opening chests, furnaces, and dispensers
    Interaction with the following items inside another's land is DISABLED:
    -Breaking or placing blocks
    -Killing other players (Unless they are enemied to you)
    Every player has “power”. The power can at most be 10 and at least be -10. If you die you lose 3 power. Note that it doesn’t matter at all how you die. You can be killed by an enemy or drown in sand. In either case you will lose 3 power. The power will be restored over time, but only while the player is online; while offline, their power will not regenerate. It takes 5 min for 1 power to be restored while online.

    The power of a faction is the sum of all member power. Every power grants the faction right to claim one land/chunk. You can claim land from a faction if it has to low power.
    For example:

    A faction with two healthy players, MrApe and MrCow, had a faction named SuperAnimals. The faction SuperAnimals had 20 power. This was because the members had 10 power each and 10+10 is 20. They claimed as much territory as they could (20 minecraft chunks that is). Then MrApe went and drowned in lava. As MrApe died he lost 2 power. After that he had only 8 / 10 power and the faction SuperAnimals had 18 power as 8 + 10 = 18. At this time SuperAnimals had more land than they could handle (20/18). Then their enemy Bulldozer took the chance to claim some of their land. He managed to claim 2 chunks at the border of their territory. Then he could not claim more as SuperAnimals now had (18/18) land.

    MCMMO- This is a plug-in that allows you to level up skills. Type /mcmmo to read up about the plug-in. Type /stats to see your current levels. If you want to see the benefit of each skill, type /skillname. For example, a certain skill is called "Swords". When you type /swords, it will tell you what level you are, how much EXP is needed for a new level-up, and the benefits of the swords skill.

    Economy- To use the economy, you must first become a member. To make money, you can kill monsters, sell items, or kill players. When you kill a monster it will automatically give you a set amount of money. When you kill a player you will gain 5-15% of their money. To sell items, type /sell itemname. Some items do not have an item name, so you will need to search the item ID for the item. For example, you cannot /sell stonebrick. The ID for stone brick is 98. So you will have to type /sell 98. To buy items with your hard earned money, go to the shop under spawn. To check your balance, type /bal.

    Player Arena-This plug-in allows players to fight with different classes in a pre-built arena! Type /pa to join the arena. Once in, you will have to pick a class by hitting the sign of the class name. Once you and all of your team members have chosen, hit the iron block to flag yourself as ready. Once the other team does the same, prepare for the massacre! *CAUTION* Do not take items into the PVP arena. They may be erased. Please store them before.

    Mob Arena-This allows our players to fight against endless waves of mobs in a pre-built arena. You can gain a variety of items at the end of each round, and gain money and MCMMO exp from each monster. Type /ma join to join the arena. Once in, pick a class by hitting a sign with the class name on it. Once you have chosen, hit the iron block to flag yourself as ready. As soon as everyone is ready, the arena will begin. Fight off the endless waves of fierce mobs until you die!


    HuckCraft offers a variety of perks if you help us donate to keep us alive! You can find all of the information at this link: http://huckcraft.net

    Thanks to our current donators:

    Toaster276- 30$
    Fatheadedknight- 30$
    bunehskillz- 30$
    SkylerCoon- 60$
    zak999888- 10$
    RobinJ24- 10$
    nimr0d18- 10$
    Frosty64- 10$
    golem879- 10$
    DangoBFC- 10$
    Jackofh3arts- 10$
    iTiamo- 30$
    MetaCry- 10$
    ColeWalsh- 30$
    Woody4life237- 10$
    JudahCorley- 10$
    Skittles1208- 20$
    CivCity2- 10$
    ShogunSmurf- 10$
    bobler420- 30$
    jabberyjay123- 10$
    metyankee- 10$
    bigdaddy505- 10$
    dan0801san- 10$
    Call_Me_betty- 10$
    aleksandermyr- 10$
    TeamShovel- 10$
    whaTxAMxi - 10$
    ninjasrun - 10$
    gdman00 - $20
    21gunsFTW - $10
    Johnthebaron - $10
    kiwidu - $5
    leizer2 - $10
    Appr3vii3w - $10
    Coolkid12459 - $10
    deathdog49 - $10
    monagab - $10


    Join today!
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