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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    I have a small problem, the thaumatorge backpack doesn't work. The recipy isn't working, when right clicking on the matrix, nothing happens.
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    posted a message on don't blow up creeper (hit me baby parody)
    Enjoy, and please leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed it! :biggrin.gif:

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    posted a message on More technology updates?
    Quote from MisterD70

    + Redstone tunnel blocks, for better hidden traps and wiring.
    + Clickable redstone wire orientation, to allow for more compact wiring design.
    + Redstone compact circuits, just like the repeater, for Flip-flop/Non-/Delay/AND+OR and a few others.
    + possible overlapping different colored wires on 1 block (red/blue) (finally a use for Lapis?)

    + elevators
    + teleport blocks, with assignable locations?

    Also if redstone could be placed vertically on walls, we wouldn't really need to discuss gears.

    Check out these three mods, they will most definatly improve your game if you love redstone:

    and seriously, you MUST check out this one!!!:
    Redpower rocks!
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    posted a message on Dear Mojang: The swamps are STILL ugly
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    posted a message on Minecraft DLC's?
    Quote from sunperp

    If game companies didn't have DLCs, they would simply not put out new content for existing games -- they would abandon the current games and just sell updated versions of the games or new games. I think the Madden NFL series is a good example of this. The problem isn't DLCs, it is game company abuse of DLCs.

    We used to have expantion packs, and we still do. Downloadable content as far as I have seen is simply exploits. But you have a point, sadly alot of game devs view their successful games as milking cows.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PVP was ruined by 1.0
    Quote from GoldShovel

    I also forgot to add this, it's what happens on the forums from people like you on EVERY UPDATE.

    please, tell me, what was the point of this post?

    If you disagree with OP, then post constructive and well thought out arguments instead of mocking people. It is posts like these who kills forums!

    Next time you post, think about one little sentence:

    "Will this benefit the debate in any way"


    "Is this in some way constructive".

    If not, don't post. We don't need thousands of threads destroyed by post like yours. I am not saying that you are alone, but you where the one I picked.

    Be constructive, or hold your tongue.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PVP was ruined by 1.0
    Quote from darkone264

    @goldshovel boxxy is not the queen go back to /b/ @troll if you think jeb will change pvp because you dont like it, cry more

    I don't play PVP, so this doesn't concern me. But I think OP has a point, and I don't like the fact that changes that doesn't affect most players, can ruin the game for others.

    If, on the other hand, the changes that ruined their gameplay was very beneficial for the rest, the story would be different. Here, it is not.

    My main reason with responding to this though, is becouse I am tired of all the childishness on these forums. Why is it so, that everytime someone comes with constructive critizism, 90% of the responses is in the style of "shut up whining and play the game".

    Devs like to know what people like and dislike about their game. It's valuable input for them in the development, as long as it's constructive.

    It doess not mean that they have to lissen to everything people dislike, but feedback is viewed as a resource by devs. It's up to them whether or not they want to change something, but to make changes for the better, it's good to know what people would like to change.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Top 5 Fails
    Very good vid! Faved!
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    posted a message on Tutorial: Bulding ethoslabs mobovator MUCH, MUCH faster
    Quote from Mr 005

    i can't believe etho didn't think of that.

    It's understandable. It stumbled upon it on accident, becouse I was placing my signs first, then tested it. My first try gave me streams, so I actually made my elevator the old way. Then I decided to test it out, and found it working. It wasn't before recording I figured out why the streams appaired in my first attempt, becouse I got the streams while recording.

    but when that happened, I _KNEW_ that it could work, so it was quite simple to figure out what governed it. The fact that only some of the layers had streams, contributed to me finding the solution.

    So, basicly... I was lucky. I stumbled upon it, but I really think that it is a nice find, that could save alot of people alot of work.
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    posted a message on Tutorial: Bulding ethoslabs mobovator MUCH, MUCH faster
    So, while building Ethoslabs mobovator, I stumbled upon a much quicker way of building it, really by accident. It let's you build a 4x4 tower with water, without any streams in it without having to go up and down to get water all the time.

    Enjoy people!

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    posted a message on Single track, multi-destination minecart station
    Quote from monkeyfarm

    Pretty cool.

    FYI, you need to cut the corner blocks out where the tracks turn (thats why u got damage when you went around the corner).

    Thanks! ^^ And yeah, thanks, I should have known that, silly me.
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    posted a message on Single track, multi-destination minecart station
    It might seem that I am claiming a first in the video. I am not. What I am claiming is that I thought it out my self, out of basic knowledge of logic gates.

    In retrospective, yeah, I think it has been done before. But not exactly as I have it I think.

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    posted a message on Why the hate for mob systems/grinders?
    Quote from valdark

    In that case do as you will.

    I prefer the challenge of taking on several creepers, an enderman, and a skelly with just my sword. Then again I also play on hardcore without any automated harvesting. Perhaps I am just a glutton for punishment.

    Same here, op author talking:

    Of course it's unfair in PvP, but that all comes down to server rules. No gamecode can replace admins who will fire your ass if you build something not allowed on the server.

    I've built two grinders myself. both in MP, but both open to everyone and with proper collection, the last one in a central downtown area, and it's a community spawner for when we need alot of TNT to make huge, colaboratory builds. I rarely use it myself actually, but for the other guys on my server who just have started to build Trondheims cathedral in 1-1 scale, they are very happy about the TNT they get from the grinder. I don't build estetical builds myself, so I have little to no use for it right now, but It was awsome to build.
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    posted a message on Why the hate for mob systems/grinders?
    Quote from trizzet

    The truth about EthosLab's total views: the average is, in fact, around 40k-50k per video which is very much in line with the number of subscribers he has, and while he does have some that are over 100k views that isn't true for all of them. Most of the people watching his videos have, most likely, pre-paid for Minecraft meaning there is very little reason to expect that they will be getting a refund anytime soon as you still can build many different types of complex devices in Minecraft.

    Why bring up redstone (something Mojang put into the game), to claim breaking mob grinders (something Mojang didn't put into the game) would be stupid?

    Many games do not allow players to get drops from mobs they do not kill or damage themselves as it allows for AFK gaming.

    Basically, Mob Grinders are not a feature of the game, they are a by-product of people exploiting game mechanics, and the creators of the game may change game mechanics as they deem necessary regardless of what kind of consumer blackmail the players may try, especially considering they've already paid for the game and it's unlikely they will get any kind of refund.

    I am not claiming that you are wrong in any way. In principle, there is no difference between a semi-automatic wheat farm and a mob grinder. They are built to automate things. The whole point is that for alot of players, complex buildings with functionality is what makes the game fun. That's the fact for me, roboticast, ethos, shaunstatic, docm77 (all huge youtube channels exept for me, with a lot of followers). I do think that Notch didn't think about the fact that people could make mob traps when he made the game. He had never intended them to exist.

    Then, they appaired, and he saw that their where popular. In fact, it was contributing to selling his game. Now, what would you have done? Taken them away, and at the same time cut the hand off alot of your potential costumers, or simply don't mind them, since it doesn't affect anybody who don't want to build them themselves?

    The thing is, alot of the amazing builds in minecraft are in fact by-products. It doesn't seem like the logic gates for redstone was planned either, but they fuction and people exploit that to their benefit.

    The only reason I say it is stupid is simply becouse the only thing it doess is break the game for those who do that thing, without any benefit what so ever to those who don't. Why remove something some people enjoy simply becouse you don't like that they enjoy it?

    If I where Notch, I would be baffled and impressed with my players, and I would be proud about my game engine out of the fact that it actually makes these builds possible. In my eyes, that is some achievement.

    And please, I am stating a fact. Alot of people would be very upset about mob grinders being nerfed, and alot would get angry and refuse to buy future Mojang titles. That is a fact, not a threat. I would see no reason to play minecraft if mob grinders where removed, as many others. How is expressioning that, blackmailing?
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    posted a message on Why the hate for mob systems/grinders?
    Quote from Sheltered

    You need to look at this from Mojangs perspective. If they want it to be hard or time consuming to gather a lot of gunpowder (for god knows whatever reason), then the passive mob grinders are clearly out of balance with their design goal. You can agree or disagree with that philosophy. Stand on the barricades if you wish, but try to avoid using foul language toward players of a different opinion.

    My point for making this channel was to point out that this is a stupid, stupid idea from Mojangs part. I know some people hate grinders, I couldn't care less about that. But I DO care about Mojang wanting to nerf them.

    And I think that to do so would be stupid, considering the fact that alot! of their costumers play the game simply becouse it allows them to make said systems.

    It would be the equivalent to cutting off your own hand to reach through a whole. You could get through the whole by doing so, but then you don't have a hand to grab the juicy diamond on the other side of the whole.

    If mob grinders are nerfed, I will stop playing minecraft. And I am not alone, and in addition, alot of other people will stop as well, and alot of people would stop recommending the game.

    It's never a good idea to **** on the very same people who have made you rich. That is the message in this thread. Go ahead Mojang, just **** on us, but I can assure you that it's not a good idea.

    If Mojang nerfs mob grinding, alot of people will never, ever buy another mojang game ever again. Then a minecraft clone where grinding is possible comes along, and bye bye to minecraft.

    So my point is, they can do whatever they like with the game. But removing features becouse the devs don't like it is a bad idea.
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