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    posted a message on [1.7.9] Creeper's Landing Survival| Vanilla|No Whitelist|Chestshop|Bukkit|Anti-Greif|Mature Community|
    Time Zone: us eastern
    IGN: _ThaBearJeww_
    Skype (If you have it): thabearjeww1
    Why are you interested in joining the server? because i really need a good friendly server to join without little kids griefing
    How long have you played Minecraft?3-4 years
    How often do you play? a few hours a day every day
    What are your Minecraft strengths/talents? im a very skilled builder/ world editor
    Have you been banned before and why? 1 server and it was for using /g and it was only for 1 day temp band
    What is your favorite flavor of pie? cherry
    Did any current player on the server recommend us to you? no

    im a very friendly guy and a very skilled builder and have built for many servers like crewniverse, red jungle and more like them and i have also been staff for multiple servers and i am a big fan of star wars and other nerdy stuff thats me oh and i love the question about pie i was there for like 10 minutes deciding wich was my fav and if u white list me we should skype some time trust me im a really cool guy
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    posted a message on Starting A Multiplayer Pixelmon Let's Play Series (Looking For Members)
    age: 17
    ability to skype: yes
    my skype name is _thabearjeww_ and i love pixelmon and would love to start a new recording group
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