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    posted a message on Please just make an Alpha world type.
    This reminds me of the no hunger option. Yeah, that one time when we didn't have hunger and everything was simpler.
    The hard core super tough survivalists didn't want the option, even though it was only techincally removing hunger for people who didn't want to worry about it.

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    posted a message on The Decoration Update
    I always wondered why Minecraft has so little decoration blocks. There are paintings, redstone lamps, signs, a few plants, and now they added plant pots and item frames. That's way too little for a game all about building.

    I think Mojang should come out with an update all about decoration. However, 1.4 will likely be The Decoration Update, since they added more dyables, item frames, flower pots, and later, placeable skulls. But I guess this should add on to the possible Decoration Update.

    My first topic:
    I liked the addition of dyable collars, to help you tell apart your doggies, and a few ideas sprouted in my head on the matter of dyables.
    My first idea was dyable sword hilts and bow handles (this was suggested by me before in a seperate thread, but I think it's too good to not tell everyone again. Also I revised it a bit), to add personalization to your weapons.
    So what you do is put your sword in a table, 2x2 or 3x3, and put a dye in there with it, along with a piece of leather. The result will be a sword, with its hilt colored the same color as the dye you crafted it with.
    Also, upon creation of this new dyed sword, a UI will come up, a simple text box, with a prompt telling you to name your sword.
    You enter your name for your weapon (Creeper Killer, Noob Slasher, Ultra Blade, the like) and now whenever you hover your cursor over your sword, it shows the name of the sword, big letters, and the letters are the same color as the hilt, and also it says your name at the bottom in small italics.
    A fun thing to do if this is implemented is going around and killing people, collecting their personalized weapons, and you would have a collection of your fallen enemies weapons, and even put them on display in item frames in a sort of trophy room.
    The same process is done for bows as well. Same exact thing, nothing else.

    My second idea was dyable item frame backgrounds. This would be a simple addition to item frames that would make item frames more customizable. I guess you simply craft an item frame, then put that item frame into a crafting table, along with a dye, that makes it so the background, instead of the standard leather orange, would be any color you'd like, be it black, white, pink, purple, etc.

    My third idea was dyable books, which would make it easier to spot specific books in your inventory or chests, and easier to organize your different books. This would make books not all look the same leather color.
    As with every dyable item, simply place a book, be it signed or unsigned, into a table with a dye, and viola, a new dyed book. I also think the name should be the color of the book, when you hover over it with your cursor as well.

    Now onto...

    Item frames made me think of other ways of displaying your items to the people.
    One idea was trophy cases and shelves. I'm not going to take the credit for coming up with this, because I know that numerous people have suggested it before, I just think this should be included in The Decoration Update.
    There would be two types of shelves, one is a trophy case. I don't really want to elaborate on the crafting recipe, just on the idea of it.
    The trophy case would be your standard 2 block high shelf, but with glass doors covering the shelves themself, for extra security.
    To place items in the case, open the doors with right click, then right click again in the part of a platform you want to place it. Then simply close the door and look at it from behind the glass in all it's glory.
    There would also be a way to lock it, a three button combo would be needed.
    The buttons would be color-coded, and upon crafting of the case, you need to enter your desired combo.
    If you don't enter your code correctly a certain number of times, the case should let out a redstone pulse, to trigger a trap you may have build around the case.
    The doors would be unable to open unless you enter your code first, of course.
    Now onto standard shelves, this is just a 2 block high item that is basically a trophy case without the elaborate code system and glass doors. You place your invaluables here. Or just place a diamond there, and lure thieves.

    Another idea was pedestals and stands, smaller, one block high showcases, in which you can place a single item. Pretty basic, just place an item and go.
    There are several types, like a stone pedestal, which would appear like your cliche white marble pedestal (unless marble in added to the game), and also need smooth stone to craft. This pedestal would have a golden (or wooden, I don't even know) nameplate that is nailed to the front, you would be prompted to enter a label for the item placed, upon placement.
    Another type is a standard wooden stand. These would be a level down from stone pedestals, and it requires much less valuable materials to craft, so if you're going for a casual look in your house, this is the stand for you.

    Another idea is armor racks, a neat object to put your armors on. If you have a shop in multiplayer, you can use these racks to display your armor, and take them off if someone wants that specific armor. If this is added, Minecraft players can finally go window shopping, and that's pretty awesome.
    Armor racks would be made of wood, and be a cross shape. There is a mod similar to this.

    Yet another idea is glass jars and boxes, to store your fish friends, and make creepy body part related decor.
    These can be used to store liquids and items that can fit.
    It's a creative way of showing off things you have in your store, an alternative to item frames.
    YOu can also have pet fish, by right clicking a water source with your glass container, then catching a fish, and then crafting the fish and the water-filled container together. Again, another great way to show off items in your store, or just simply show off items, even if you're not selling.
    Also, upon placing a body part related item (bones, rotten flesh, etc.) in a container with water in it, the water will turn a pale green. Creepy.

    That's all I have for now, I'll update this thread a little in the future, not sure if I'll do it frequently though.
    Feel free to share your decor related ideas as well, I might put them in the main post.
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    posted a message on Signs placed adjacent to one another makes bigger signs
    I'm sick of putting two signs above a two doors, and it looks like crap. For example, I try to make a sign that says "Cold Night Inn" but I want signs to fit the width of the two doors, so I place two signs, the first says 'Cold Night', the second, simply 'Inn' it looks uneven, and the part where it ends after the 't' in 'Night', it looks double-spaced.
    I wish they would join together when placed next to eachother on a wall, and also the text would be bigger, so it looks even and proper.
    This shouldn't be with signs placed on the ground.
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    posted a message on Happy Isles Indie Game
    I think there should be an all woman race. They'll have certain perks like magic increase and endurance.

    What, were you expecting something more sexist?

    Fine, +100 cooking skill plus a special slap-in-face technique which either stuns the opponent or angers him/her even more. Also doesn't get along well with other people of her race. Upon meeting a person of her race, after a few minutes of gleefully talking they will eventually break out into an all-out brawl in which no one gets defeated and it results in other races breaking them up.
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    posted a message on Endermen to build bizarre towers and archs
    Oh, endermen. They are just there, walking around. Only good for enderpearls, and nothing else.
    Well, this suggestion won't nessesarily make them more useful, but it will definately be a small touch to add more culture to the ender people.

    Endermen pick up blocks occasionally. Sometimes they set it down... that's cool right? That was a nice idea by Notch, them picking blocks up. We were all expecting a greater meaning to this habit that these endermen can't seem to break. But nothing. Notch is gone, endermen are still not creepy, and they still pick up blocks for no apparent reason.

    But, to add a human-like touch to these tall, long-armed men, I presume they should
    construct, with the blocks in their hands, bizarre, towering spires, in which they scatter everywhere.
    These spires bare no use but to add whimsy and creepiness to the land.
    Once you see these spires, you know a man of ender is around.
    They should also build strange archs, made of multiple blocks, they, too, should signify the presence of endermen.

    But if you are foolish enough to break even one block, be it dirt, cobble, or sand, of these towers or archs, the endermen who participated in the building of the constructions, all of them, will come after you and hunt you until you're dead. You see, the endermen take pride in their buildings, and even if you merely break one single block, their ender-sense will tingle and you're butt is marked for life (?). [see poll]

    A tower will vary in size, but the average is 9 or 10 blocks high. Be the height any higher than that, it may expose a possibility more than one enderman participated in the construction. So that means the higher the tower, the more dangerous it gets.
    Archs should also vary in size, not in height, but in width. The bigger the width, the more endermen who worked on it, and also the more dangerous.

    These structures will also be in the End, to add more spice to the drab, white, ender terrain. The structures itself will be made of endstone, of course.

    Towers and archs will add a new danger in the wilderness of Minecraftia. Endermen used to be just a farm animal, hunted for their pearls, but now they are proud builders, showing their skill in towering spires and wide archs across the land, and such pride will be exposed also, when their works of art (enderman standards) are destroyed.

    New Additions:
    -I think the material of the structures should be based on the biome. For plains, dirt, for deserts, sand and sandstone, and perhaps for forests even wood.
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    posted a message on Frost
    Now here's my problem with biome-specific hostiles, if we were to add a hostile to a specific biome (in this case, snow biomes), we would have to add a hostile for ALL, indeed, all of the biomes, since having only one biome-specific hostile is just odd, and unbalanced.

    I for one think this idea is silly, a bizarre and funny looking mob like this should be fixed only to other dimensions, not our Overworld, perhaps in Mr. Kaiser Corax's Niflheim ice realm, but not the Overworld.

    Now some may think otherwise, mainly because you added pictures to the main post, and you know how much the Suggestions forum loves pictures, but overall, pictures or not, it is still odd and doesn't fit in the Overworld.
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    posted a message on Endermen to build bizarre towers and archs
    @linkseyi I don't this that would be better :/

    Mainly because endermen are mysterious and dark, and if they were to start a colony or town of some sort, they wouldn't be so mysterious, for these establishments would reveal more culture and history, and in order to be mysterious, nothing about your history or culture must be known. Plus, villages would have to be on the End to, if they build them in the Overworld, and the End pretty much is just a Boss room.

    @Staonopao Thanks for the feedback.
    I also wondered why, when I first encountered the cavemen squidwards, the villagers didn't even defend themselves, be it I struck them or I damaged their buildings. I think this mechanic would be nice for the villagers, but then again I always saw them as a peaceful race, what with their robes and children, in which they wouldn't want to show them violence.

    And I agree with the structure having some sort of supernatural property, but in no means as open as healing a player or with all the fancy particles and the such.
    I would like, however, to add a magical and beautiful aspect to the structures. In the day, they are large and mysterious, but at night is where it really exposes true beauty.
    The structures will mysteriously glow, a faint glow, that of redstone torches, but still enough to see from a far distance.
    Or a sort of firefly effect, swirling around the towers and archs.

    And I also want to add an incentive for players to break the blocks of the towers, perhaps to climb it to get a valuable item or valuabe items on the top, this maybe will give a new reason to use ladders.
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    posted a message on The Desert Scarab Beetle
    I think their health should be small, but should travel in large swarms, even larger than silverfish. I imagine them being no smaller than 1/4 of a block. Alone, very weak, together, monstrous.
    The swarm will attack you, maybe 8 or 9 scarabs together, they all do half a heart, and attack slowly.
    I think they should spawn similarly to the silverfish, breaking a mimicing block, one of sandstone, or perhaps stepping on a block, tripwires that hook up to a dispenser?
    And I have an idea for a use. When killed, scarabs drop... their own carcasse. It sounds silly but it should serve useful.
    You can also make a jar, and with this jar, you can craft exactly 9 scarabs with it in the table, and come up with a throwable jar of scarabs.
    (Let's just say their not dead now)
    You can throw the jar and 9 scarabs will come out and pretty much own any monster. One use, though.
    Their bodies should be used in brewish as well, to make potions.
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    posted a message on Slight customizability to weapons (and tools)
    No, this isn't a suggestion that suggests you can add scopes to bows and an extra blade to your swords, but more of making your weapon yours, you know?

    So, what I think you should be able to add to your sword or bow are custom handles.
    If you add leather and dye beside your sword in the crafting table, the hilt of the sword becomes that color. And right after your craft your colored-hilt sword, a gui screen will appear, a small one, and it will tell you to enter a name (specifically the name of your new sword).
    So, after you name the sword, when hovered over, your sword label will read something like this:
    [let's say I colored my hilt green]

    The Noob Crusher

    (in that purple box, of course)

    This will be a way of individualizing your sword, and also adding a buff to it.
    The buffs:
    -Adds 10 extra uses (durability)
    -It's hits are stronger (adding a half a heart more damage)

    Also, in multiplayer, if you kill a player, and obtain his or her sword, it's name will still show, and it's creator too, so it shows that you killed this player (or he or she accidentally dropped and you stole it)
    Also, if you obtain another player's sword, it's buffs are doubled (so it now has twenty buffs and it adds three hearts of damage), making having a personalized sword very dangerous, since the sword you have is potentially valuable. But if the player accidentally drops it and you steal it, the buffs are not doubled.
    It would be nice having a collection of the weapons of your fallen enemies.

    All of the buffs and features swords have are pretty much the same for bows as well.
    And when you color your bow, the handle changes color (about in the middle of the bow, where you hold it.

    Now with tools, it has different buffs
    Buffs for pickaxe:
    -Adds 10 extra uses
    -5% faster mining

    Buffs for shovel:
    -Adds 10 extra uses
    -5% faster shoveling

    Buffs for hatchet:
    -Adds 10 extra uses
    -5% faster chopping

    Buffs for hoe:
    -Adds 10 extra uses
    -5% faster gardening(?)

    This, if implemented, will end the "This isn't your diamond sword I made it." conflict that rises in most servers. You can just tell the guy to drop the sword and hover over it, then, if the guy actually dyed it, it will say the original creators name. Or you can just look at the hilt color.

    So, personalization of weapons and tools in Minecraft, yes or no?

    EDIT: Buffs are abolished, people think it's overpowered. But AnonTheMouse came up with a better system:

    Quote from AnonTheMouse

    At most, I would say that customized tools should have a minor increase to enchantability, and possibly the ability to maintain enchantments when repaired. However, they should only be repairable with non-custom tools of the same type, and require that a fresh piece of leather be provided when repaired. If they maintain enchantments, they should also recover less durability from repairs.

    But if anyone has another idea on how to make another use for personalizing your sword, other than making it look awesome, please post it below.
    Also if you like this idea, show support and +1 me below.
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    posted a message on electronics in minecraft
    Aesthetic computers and tv's, perhaps, but it still doesn't fit the survivalist theme of Minecraft.
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