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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den 1.14.3 -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server, no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.

    I have not played this game for 3 years now, and would love to play it again. But most servers are full of immature kids and also mostly pay-to-win..

    Would love to play on this server, but it's such a shame there are not many playing on the server. I guess I will never play this game again.

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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.2] Wayukian pack (Magma slime & blaze previews on pg. 144) [800k+ downloads]

    Great, can't wait for 1.10 version! Best resource pack ever! so getting tired of the typical bdcraft and realistic packs out there

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    posted a message on Old Minecraft players will agree with me, Pay-to-Win servers ruins Minecraft! what do you think?
    Quote from ShelLuser»

    Interesting to see this, I used to be a mod there (long time ago, around Bux 3.0 I think). And I somewhat agree, Bux was definitely special in its own way and it didn't ask for donations in some of the intrusive ways which we see now. However, I also don't think that the things they provided were very EULA compliant either.

    I still recall: donor islands and donor worlds. The way that worked was that you donated, got your own island (for example) but then only got that for a limited period of time. Eventually it would expire, you'd lose access to your stuff and would need to donate again to regain access. Now... those periods were very reasonable and we weren't talking massive amounts of money. But in a way there was definitely a sense of "Pay to win".

    After all: on your donor world you almost had unlimited access to resources and building grounds whereas in a town this was severely limited. Therefor the better places to build and get buildings to be rated were in those donor areas. This was one of the reasons why our town of Suburbia eventually decided to move the whole town into the mayors donor world. Players got large plots (larger than in the main world), and we had more access to get our citizens to 'do' stuff.

    So yeah... Although I definitely agree with you that Buxville was a very special server with a likewise special and enjoyable community, one of a kind, it also definitely had "Pay to win" written all over it. But in a much less intrusive and more honest way than you see these days.

    Well... I know of a mature server which I currently play on. Most of the players I meet there are also mature enough, but you obviously always sometimes meet some of the more annoying ones too. When Bux decided on a map wipe I disliked that idea so much that I started to wonder what was keeping me there. It also didn't help that I had only been playing for 6 months and there was so much to do... I also wasn't aware of plugins such as world downloader. So I started wondering. After all: if you have to start all over, you can just as easily do that somewhere else.

    I ended up on Empire Minecraft which is a pretty mature server. Of course it also has its flaws and such (which server doesn't?) but generally speaking I really enjoy myself over there. It is an economy survival server, somewhat comparable to Bux, but the main difference is that they try to remain vanilla'ish. I always call it vanilla+. So, for example, if you go out into the wastelands to mine (which was the Ether on Bux) then you don't have any means of teleportation. You can't teleport home, you can't teleport to other players, etc.

    You start on an outpost and from there need to explore the area. When you're done mining you need to head back to that outpost (or another, there are 9 outposts in total) and once inside its protective area you can use /home again to get back home (or use any other teleportation commands).

    They don't know about map wipes because town is a separate world. The town world is on a flat world and everyone gets a 60x64x60 residence ("plot") which you can use to build on. Although pretty static in comparison to living in the wild it does have the advantage that your stuff is fully protected and will never get reset. That is... unless you go idle for too long.

    And if you prefer living in the wild then that's no problem either. The Frontier is a survival world which, like Town, also never resets. If you meet the requirements then you can claim an area there (3k blocks in total, 1500 blocks out from the center) and pretty much do with that as you please. In a way that is comparable (to a certain extend) to Bux' donor worlds.

    EMC isn't Bux, not by a long shot, but I find it to be just as enjoyable. The major things you may need to get used to is that vanilla based playing is key there. No mcMMO, no massive plugins to enhance gameplay, nearly none of that. It takes getting used to, but... if you do then it's also hard to let go ;)

    One thing I always liked best about EMC over Bux (but... with all due respect for Bux as well!) is that the vanilla approach never alienated me from the game. I played on a Bux a lot just like I do now on EMC and I also enjoy single player sessions from time to time. During my Bux sessions those always felt out of place to me. Because you had fall damage, you couldn't easily teleport, didn't have mcMMO, etc, etc. Easily remedied if you simply ignored all that, but yeah.

    That never happened to me on EMC.

    Maybe food for thought?

    Thanks for your comment by the way, it's nice to meet someone else who also enjoyed Bux back in the days :)

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion, I like EMC too. I played around BUX 1.0 to 2.0 when it's the most popular server, when players are always in queue to join the server and have to be in whitelist lol

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    posted a message on A Basic Guide to Optifine Entity Modelling

    I don't really need tutorial, already figured out most of the stuffs except moving the origin of a part, didn't know that it was possible! Huge thanks!

    I created all this with notepad++

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    posted a message on I need help with trigonometry, please! (Optifine CEM animations)

    Actually, nvm.. please close this thread.. spent a whole 2 hours on this .. turns out to be very simple solution

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    posted a message on I need help with trigonometry, please! (Optifine CEM animations)

    The character I'm trying to imitate:

    Looked so simple to animate at first, but I suck at math.. I might as well just forget about making realistic mob models :(

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Hi, ugh I don't want to fill this thread with my problem, but I really need help with CEM animations, I suck at trigonometry! I can't make animations which is smooth and natural.

    Please use this thread if you are good at math or at least know something which could help:


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    posted a message on I need help with trigonometry, please! (Optifine CEM animations)

    Well, I'm not sure if I should ask here or ask my math teacher.. Anyway, I can't for the life of me make walking spider-like leg animations which look natural.. I'm using Optifine CEM for this. And these are the functions I could use:

    fmod(x,y) - similar to Math.floorMod()

    I know what each of them does, I don't know how to make the walking animation smooth and natural :(

    Here see for yourself, it's depressing:

    I've looked at many spider walking animations, and still can't figure it out. Please help.

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    posted a message on [Aesthetic] Animated Player - Compatibility and Flying! [v1.5.1]

    Cmon this is like the best "mush-have" mod after Optifine, yet no one works on this for current Minecraft version! I would pay you to update this mod..

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    posted a message on What is the command to make no AI mob walk in place

    Similar to this:


    Been looking everywhere, all I got is to teleport them.. I want them to stay in one place walking

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from bLk»

    You might've forgot the quotes around "false"

    No... false/true doesn't require quotes.. anyway attach is not really necessary because it's default value is false anyway if there's a model to replace it
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    @sp614x I seem to find a bug, or is it? See screenshot below:

    I looked at everything here https://github.com/sp614x/optifine/tree/master/OptiFineDoc/doc and not sure what is wrong. Is it a bug? I can't seem to replace the model part for armor.. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with my code:

    "model": "creeper_armor.jpm",
    "part": "armor",
    "attach": false

    Another issue, can you declare custom variable in CEM animations? that would be nice

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    posted a message on How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    I play since Minecraft was free, yes, free to play on Minecraft.net ! Do you know Blocktopia? it was the best, the greatest server back then.. The good memories I have playing mini games on that server (zombies and lava survival and tnt mini games :>). I even remembered the good old Minecraft custom client, it was called WOM Client (World of Minecraft Client), the coolest thing about the old Minecraft!

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    posted a message on Old Minecraft players will agree with me, Pay-to-Win servers ruins Minecraft! what do you think?

    First, by Old, I don't mean as in age.. I just turned 20, 3-4 years absent from playing Minecraft. But I remembered the good ol days where servers used to be PLAY-to-Win, not PAY-to-Win..

    If you are an old player like me, you must've heard about Buxville, it was one of the best server, even Notch tweeted about it. I doubt many players today even know about who Notch is.. Back in the day, most servers are like Buxville.. server owners didn't simply ask for donations as if they are starving to death trying to feed their kids. And they didn't sell unfair ranks and in-game items/money.. it was taboo! why? because it's unfair for others who can't simply afford to spend daddies money for such luxury.. Even tho I did some donations, and I got cool server ranks which gave me perks to change my name, have my own world in the server, custom title, etc etc.. But the servers I donated deserved it. All the perks for donating was fair! But look at todays servers, they give out unfair perks.. such as in game commands for storages/crafting/chests or even those unfair commands which give you armor, weapon, tools, and foods.

    Back in the days, the Minecraft community used to be full of mature people. I still remember most players I played with who were 13-16 year olds, they were very mature for their age. Compared to todays players tho, way too many immatures around, such as annoying titles beside their names with flashing rainbow colors cursing at each other.. makes me want to puke, seriously. Note: I don't dislike kids.. but I think they are also to blame in ruining Minecraft.. By kids I mean those who act like little bullies, and those who's got no clues but have mommies and daddies money to spend for unfair perks in game whenever they want. These immature kids simply don't care about other players as long as they get cool perks. This is Pay-to-Win.. and the worst is most of you don't care, most of you just ignore it, like it's normal.

    Anyway, if you know a server or two with mature community in it, I don't care if it's only 20 people playing in the server, please let me know by PM or just reply to this thread. Thank you!

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from Alvoria»

    Yes, that's the same format I'm talking about.

    Which of my packs did you check? I have two. Sanity has Optifine-based animations (look at the XP, health, and hunger bars), while Mint Flavor is a lot more bare-bones and does not.

    And the question about Optifine versions still stands. It'll be easier to track down the problem if we know what versions of Minecraft, Optifine, and even Java you're running. Help us to help you.

    Also, if you don't see the animated GUI elements in Sanity then would you mind posting your session log for the game where you tried it? (Either on Pastebin and linked here, or at least within spoiler tags to make it easy to read, please.) Being able to see what's happening and if it's throwing any errors might help too.

    Ah.. didn't see that you have 2 resource packs! my bad!
    So I downloaded Sanity and looked inside to compare the animation properties with the ones on the old packs I got, and found a simple problem..

    The animation .properties files of my old packs have this line:


    instead of this line:


    Just a simple forward slash symbol! So I got them working now.. thanks!

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